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Lowe's, a large credit card service (working through GE) does not allow customers to pay in advance through any type of recurring payment or automatic payment method. This is done to increase revenue. Lowes does not allow online automatic or even allow one to submit recurring payments through a bank through ebills. As they accept online payments, they have all the information needed and the capability to allow the scheduling of automatic payments but refuse to do so. This increases revenue through late fees and interest also charged on deferred-interest promotional periods. This is disgusting, unethical business practice.

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  • Ra
      Dec 02, 2012

    There is nothing ethical about the banking or credit industry these days. And any GE credit line is to be totally avoided. They've mastered all the methods for making your payments late - one way or another. Never ever deal with them.

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  • Ti
      Dec 06, 2012

    Are you really incapable of paying a bill that isn't set up to pay automatically? Seriously?

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  • Sg
      Dec 13, 2012

    Tired_of_Stupid: It appears you're the stupid one when you can't see what the point of the post is. It is NOT about ability to pay a bill that is not automatic. As said, It's common practice now and all the information needed is already given by the customer and they do have the capability.
    Say 20 years ago one of the largest hardware chains decided not to except MAIL and required it to be hand-delivered to the store to make it more inconvenient and thus get more money. It's the same thing. Yes, when I have everything set up autopay, (about 20 different payments) it's annoying when this one company won't, but the point is the REASONING!! If you want to make a relative comment on the post why don't you all comment to that - what's the REASON in them doing this. If anything... it's AT LEAST poor customer service. And yes, definately their ethics are called in to question as well...

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  • Ge
      Dec 17, 2012

    Lol - You're right on that one. Couldn't help but look also, every things negative until the last one – actually a comment that doesn't sound like he's a complete ###! Looks like you had an effect on him! Oh wait, I'm probably a stalker now too…

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  • Fl
      Sep 06, 2017

    @geogeog not sure who you're talking to. but, are you complaining about negative posts on a complaint board? lol.

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