Lowes / Stainmaster / carpet

Easton MD, United States

I had a terrible experience dealing with the Lowes in Easton, MD flooring department. My wife and I went into Lowe's on 7/2/15 to order 865 ft2 of carpet for a home we recently purchased. The salesman talk up the stainmaster carpet special over in-stock carpet and said from order to install would take 20-30 days. After 10 days from ordering we still had not been measured. I called once and finally had to stop into the store. After almost two weeks we finally got measured on 7/14/15. When the guy shows up to measure he did not have the one tool a person needs to measure... a tape measure! I had to let him use one of my tape measures. Talk about instilling confidence! After being measured I was informed it would be a minimum of 10 days to get special ordered carpet and then another 10 days to schedule install once it was delivered. We will be significantly more than 30 days. The final straw that caused me to cancel my order was that when they called me to give me the price estimate, I was informed I needed to come and pick different carpet, because the carpet we picked was not part of the promotion. What? In the store and on it states "free installation with ANY stainmaster carpet purchase". The carpet we selected was a stainmaster product. If it was not such a pain to lift the $600 of tile I purchased I would return it also. Being a small town, I still have to shop at Lowe's but not for my big ticket orders.

Jul 16, 2015

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