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Tampa, FL, United States
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My landlady wanted to order a stove from Lowes rather than a local company. I went to the store (April 30th) on her behalf to obtain information as to sales price, delivery times etc. Was told If she ordered on the phone by Tuesday we could have it delivered Weds. or Thursday of the first week of May.

Landlady called and gave me information as to her order never stated anything about them having to order item as I was never told that either and it would take 7-10 days to order it to the store.

I called store on Monday, May 8th to determine status. Was told is was not in as yet I explained how we were never told it had to be ordered, did they have a estimated date? The person whose name I did not get because they don't state who they are when they answer the department phone, stated it should be in Tuesday evening for delivery on Weds. I stated I had a Drs appt, he stated they "they" will call me with a 2 hour window> I said if I am not available are they going to put it on the truck and drive around with it all day?? He kept repeating they (whomever they are) will call with a 2 hour window. Ok, Never said when, what day whatever. Never said well I can re-schedule for you, nope never offered that option which would have been more logical and customer service oriented. So I rescheduled my appts expecting a call from "they" advising of delivery so I could tell them ok to come ahead. I called delivery desk they had no record. Transferred to appliances, got same person once again. He still apparently hates his job as he was so rude. Said HE cancelled delivery but never told me he did that or was going to do that. Said cuz I stated I had a appt. on Weds., but never was agreed upon to reschedule or even talked about. He just did this on his own. Would have been nice if he said well lets see what day works for both of us, not what works for Lowes. Then he was yelling at me, do you spend all day at the Drs? (None of his business) then he said if I called then cable company I would have to wait all day, really?? what does that have to do with my delivery. So now he has it scheduled for Thursday, of which I wont be around have an appt which could take most of the day. So Now I don't know when the stove will be delivered. He apparently does what he wants and does not work nice with others. If he dislikes his job so much then go find something else, don't yell at customers!! I will NOT EVER set foot in the door of any of your stores in the future. Lowes does not exist to me and if I have to go to ACE and get customer service or another appliance store I will do so, but Lowes needs to train their people what customer service really is...and referral, forget that!!

Order #[protected] Christine Koelsch [protected]
I am the tenant awaiting delivery as landlord is in Washington State

May 10, 2017

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