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Second time within a year asking for help and 'Roger', kitchen cabinets, at Madison Heights, Michigan store. Both times I treated as if I was inconvenience. The inventory showed 2 left, I which I could understand it would be like a needle Inca hey stack, but at times the inventory items are in fact at store, just a matter of taking a quick look, even in possible other locations in store. Out of frustration checked other stores and they all had 2 in stock. He told me to go to those stores and they might be there. Now, two in stock in all store locations way across town, I said I can go there and and see when he couldn't even search, get out of his chair and help me find them - why in the world would I go to other store if two were in stock. Ridiculous and rude and disrespectful.

Mar 13, 2017

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