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On October 16, 2008 I went into Lowes, located at 2250 Lake Washington Blvd, West Sacramento, CA to see if they could match the paint to what I have in my living room, which is beige and spoke with an associate in the Paint Dept.. I was assured he could match the paint. After taking the paint home and painting the wall I was trying to match I noticed the color wasn’t even close to the rest of the living room. I took the paint back to the store and again I was told by a different associate the color that had been mixed was wrong and that he could however mix the correct color. I again took the paint home and again painted the wall and again the paint was not only wrong, but further away from the color I was trying to match than the first can. I again took the paint back to the store and again was assured that they could match the color and again they couldn’t. After painting the same wall three times with no success from Lowes I decided to go to Kelly-Moore in West Sacramento. They matched the paint perfectly the first and I am very happy with the results, but not with Lowe’s, not only because of all the work they had me doing in painting the same wall over and over, but the attitude of the store manager when I explained the problem. I went back into the store October 26th at approximately 6:P.M. and asked to speak with the store manager. I was greeted by a young man and I explained the problem I had experienced with the paint and told him that since I had spent so many hours painting the same wall over and over because of the inability of Lowe’s staff to match the color after being assured they could I felt I should be compensated for my time. He asked me what I had in mind. I told him I was also there to pick up a new fireplace screen I had order and I showed him the receipt of $231.66 and asked him if he could adjust the price. His reply was just a flat, “NO”. I then said, “then I could cancel my order and go over to Home Depot and purchase the fireplace screen from them couldn’t I?” His reply was, “THAT’S RIGHT.” Being unhappy with his attitude I then asked the name and address of Lowe’s C.E.O. and he told me he didn’t know who that was, but gave me the main offices phone number. Well, I didn’t cancel the order for the fire place screen although I felt the store manager didn’t care if I did or not.

I sent a letter to Robert Niblock, Lowe's C.E.O. and his office didn't have the courtesy to reply. Instead they notified the store and told them to call me, which they did. While I was at work two phone messages were left on my home answering machine. One message was from the store manager and the other from their district manager. Both leaving the same message, "THEY WOULD CALL ME BACK REGARDING MY COMPLAINT." They never called back. After waiting a considerable time I sent another letter to Lowe's C.E.O. and again I received the same messages on my recorder.

Now I have cancelled my Credit Card with Lowe's Companies and I will never set foot in one of their stores again. My friends and neighbors all saw what Lowe's put me through and the feel the same way.

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  • Ro
      28th of Feb, 2009

    My husband and I went to Lowe's and purchased a Whirlpool upright freezer on 2/14/09. We were asked to buy the 4 year extended warranty and it sounded like a good deal so we agreed. They said it would be delivered in the morning which they never came until afternoon. I went grocery shopping on the next day as I was going in for surgery the 20th. I bought a lot of things to freeze so I would have it on hand.

    2/17/09 I noticed that some things in the freezer were thawed so I set the freezer to the coldest temp. By morning everything was thawed and warm. I called Lowe's and they said they would send out a technician the next business day 2/19/09 to replace the freezer because it wasn't even a week old and it was defective. When I had asked about the refund for the spoiled food they say they do not have to pay for the food loss which was a little under $300.00 because they replaced the freezer and that nulled the extended warranty. I am entitled to a refund!!! And after reading about others not receiving their free delivery charge refund I am guessing I will never see mine either! I will never buy from that store again and spread the word to others so they don't get ripped off as I did.

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  • Ha
      21st of Apr, 2009

    yes i couldnt agree more, i actually work at lowes and let me tell you LOWES, is all about getting your money and then ### you basicaly
    they want you to get the credit cards, and this is the reason why, for one it causes people to come in and buy ### regardless of the fact you dont need these things, and further more the interest, now lowes only approves people with the best credit because they know people will pay these fines and surcharges, thats for the people who actually catch it and not like the honest people that just pay the bill
    anyway i could go on all day about the shady ### this company does if your interested in more info email me at [protected] i will tell you all about it, even how to totally rip them off lol

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  • Bi
      17th of Oct, 2010

    So, let me get this straight. You told the paint desk guy what color you wanted, which you could only do by picking out a color slip 'yourself' and handing it to him. He matched the color of exactly what you presented him. He had to add the proper tint to the paint to come out in the 'color you requested', which again, is the only way they will specially mix a paint for you is by your specifications, they show it to you (so you can match it up to the paint card you selected to be made, and you would have to either say "yes that is my color" or "no that is not my color". You obviously accepted it and paid for it and now you're angry because "YOU" did not take the time and effort to locate what color and tint that you really needed, you just had paint made that you thought was right. Well Lowe's has a policy, which is explained when you buy it, that they won't take back (refund) any paint that is tinted, like yours. You screwed up, they even attempted to make it right and you feel you should be compensated??? I agree you should be compensated, for maybe disability compensation for your lack of common sense and for therapy to dispel your sense of entitlement. I work for Lowe's and used to work for Home Depot, neither of them would allow you to be compensated for your ignorance. You are the type of customer that businesses dislike. The customer is not always right, and you can certainly take your money elsewhere. But Lowe's and Home Depot communicate about customers like you, which we will just call problem people. Problem people end up being blacklisted from us and our competitors because you are full of [censor] and not worth our time and attention. Maybe if you were not an idiot int the first place, you wouldn't have had this color mix up in the first place, but you just probably guessed at the color and told the paint department associate that you were sure. If we are to hear about you from a competitor, you won't get service in either store. We have a right to refuse service to anybody at anytime for any or no reason. We are private property too, if you don't like it then leave. Feel like screaming or cursing me, go ahead? Then we call Loss Prevention and they will ask you one time to leave, if you don't leave on your own immediately, you WILL go to jail for trespassing, even if you do get in your car and get away, we already have all of your information and your license plate number with any of our basic 58 CCTV cameras. If two people told you to leave and you still don't go, you will sit in jail a bit longer for criminal trespassing.
    On the other hand, if WE screw up, then by all means we will fix it and make it right at our own expense, but this [censor] entitlement you feel like you should be compensated is [censor]. Where do you work? I would like to make a complaint about YOU for WASTING MY TIME and feel that I should be compensated for my troubles.

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  • Ca
      18th of Jun, 2011

    Here Here Big Babysitter!!! I couldn't have said it better mysel[censored]

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