Lord & Taylorfraudulent debit card authorization holds

I placed two orders with Lord and Taylor totaling $329.21. They authorized a hold for funds of $462.54 on my checking account. I made numerous calls to customer service. The first 3 times, they refused to let me speak to a supervisor.

When I finally spoke to a supervisor, she told me it is "company policy" to authorize holds on checking account funds in excess of what was authorized by the customer. I had to explain to her multiple times that although it may be company policy, it was also illegal.

They refused to remove the unauthorized charges telling me that they would "drop off" in 5 days. I'm a disabled man living on Social Security and because of these fraudulent holds made by Lord and Taylor, I cannot pay my rent on time and may be kicked out of my apartment as a result. I intend to file criminal charges for bank and wire fraud as well as a civil suit.

Lord & Taylor
Lord & Taylor
Lord & Taylor

Dec 03, 2018

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