Longs Drugspharmacy

C Nov 21, 2017

My name is clayton b valentine. I called longs waianae at 11:08 am nov 21 2017 to ask a few questions about filling a medication that was an increase in dose. That isn't important. The lady that answered the phone was speaking so softly that I couldnt understand what she was saying. So I don't know her name but she was extremely rude to me about the situation as if it was painstaking to do less than a minute worth off work. I was told my medication was scheduled to be picked up on the 22nd. But I need it yesterday. Which is when your policy, my insurance and my doctor would have allowed me to have it. All I said was it was an increase in dosage so I should be able to pick it up fact the pharmacist that I dropped the paper off to in the first place told me that I would be able to pick it up today. That's fine. But to get the [censor] run around from two other people and be spoken to like my call is just a pain in there [censor] is an outrage. Im infuriated.

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