Longs Drugspharmacy

S Nov 16, 2017

This incident occurred at Longs Drug Store #9955
848 Ala Lilikoi St. Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

At 11am on November 16, 2017 I went to pick up a refill that was called in on November 15 and was scheduled to be picked up on November 15. Upon my arrival, it was not ready and I was also told my the Pharmacy Tech Rhonda that she had nothing to do with that. I then requested to speak to a manager. The manager Candace informed me that there system was down on November 13, which had nothing to do with service being provided today. I was told to stand in an even longer line and she would get to me after standing in line already.
Upon me reaching the counter once again I was told that my prescription would be ready in 15 minutes. I waited for 2 hours and it was still not complete when I came back to the counter and was told that it had not even been worked on. This is absolutely ridiculous and poor customer service to say the least. There was no remorse shown or any care for the customer whatsoever.
To make it even worse, When I finally did receive my prescription it was not the prescription that I called in. The RX # did not match what I previously had. The manager Candace then proceeds to ask me do I want the prescription or not. I feel like this is very rude and my health was not taken in to consideration and I was made to feel that I was wrong because I wanted a further explanation on why my medications didn't match.
I have been to this location multiple occasions and I was disturbed and disappointed at the service that I received from the Longs Drug Pharmacy Team! I would love to speak to someone in regards to this matter.


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