LongHorn Steakhouseour longhorn has become too horrible for us

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Good day. My name is Lisa Burnett. I am from Augusta Georgia, I'm 59 and not really hard to please. My husband owns a bar and grill, so I am usually very understanding when it comes to eating out. Just recently moved near the Washington Rd store. This location greets you with the most toxic and nasty smell as you enter the building. Not sure what it is but partially caused by drinks in the carpet and draft beer smells. Hard to want to eat if you have a decent nose. Second time the smell was so bad I tried to get my husband to leave, but he was right that it wasn't so bad if you moved away from the front door. That was when the roach crawled across the bench behind my husband. No problem, we killed it. Waited until no one was around and I very quietly told the server about it. She replied, oh we have been having a huge problem... Yuk. Then next time bad smell and my husbands ribeye was 10x tougher than my sirloin. Asked him can we please stop coming here now? This place is just awful. He said yes. Then Christmas my sister gives us a 50.00 gift card. Yesterday at 3:30 we went there one more time because of the gift. For once the smell was not so bad as it was warm and the door was open, however we were told that there would be a 15 to 20 wait as they only had 3 servers.. Couldn't have been more than 6 tables being served. I just turned around and walked out. Now. We still have 50 dollar gift card to a place we cant be served at 3 in the afternoon, if you overlook the horrible smell and roaches. I know one thing. If we got a review about our place like this one... I would be horrified... Hope you are. Also, are there any other places we can use this card? I don't even feel right regifting it.. I hate that my sister spent good money on a gift we simply don't have the patience, bug spray or nose for. BTW the hostess' have always been rude surly and downright cranky.. We ended up at Texas Roadhouse and everything about this place kicked Longhorn's butt.

Jan 13, 2017
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