Logan's Roadhousesteaks

I have, in the past been a frequent client of Logan's Roadhouse in Memphis, Spring Hill and Murfreesboro TN. I know they have no capability of producing a good "Pittsburgh" steak due to the grilling capabilities, however in most cases they try to, with pepper, make a pretty tasty steak. Recently, in Spring Hill I ordered a "Pittsburgh" logan's rib eye. The waiter came out with a 1/2"piece of steak that was barely brown on one side. I returned the steak giving them a chance to correct the problem. Sometime later he came out with the same steak overly well done. I was with a party of 8 and therefore elected to accept it, however did not eat a bite. This is to inform you that, in the future, I will no longer be a customer at Logan's Roadhouse. I put Logan's steaks in the same category with Ryan's, Olympic or similar"steak house"restaurants. I think a 1/2" piece of steak would be great for breakfast, but not for dinner.

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