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I ordered several electronics and gadgets over two years ago from this Company for my boy and they NEVER sent it! I had asked them to put the money back into my account they never did- I said, either way, send me my order or refund my money. During this time I had been busy with my investments that it required me to travel every three months so I never checked if it was put in and they never did, they just 'forgotten'. This time I have a bit more free time and I asked them to put the money back and they are offering me a coupon. I dont want a coupon, I want my money back and that's a problem.
This company is a scam- if you are an American be careful! I will make time to write the Better Business Beureau abut this and file a complaint once and for all. If you are an American and knows a way to stop this company from scamming into our country please let me know, because that is what I am going to try to do, stop this company from doing what they do. One thing I did that's right was to keep all their emails to prove their scam. Be careful buying online people!

Mar 13, 2013
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  • Na
      Dec 29, 2009

    Want to throw your money away real fast and get frustrated at the same time? Order something from Lightinthebox (dot com)! They are a Chinese company that lures internet shoppers with fantastic deals. I had to gamble with them because I couldn't find a video door phone anywhere at a decent price. My first hesitation was having to use my PayPal account. Stupid me. But for $140 (compared to $500 elsewhere), I bit the bullet. They put emphasis on pre-sales promises, so you feel good until you commit your money.

    Product that arrived didn't even have a U.S. compatible plug. It took weeks of delayed email back and forth to clear that one little mistake they made. It took more weeks for them to ship an adapter. It took still more weeks of slow, delayed, annoyingly bottom priority email that they hardly read or understand to get a tracking number for the adapter. Sorry but they got your money already. You get the slowest parcel post mail without tracking. In the meantime, they repeatedly send you the refund form to fill out because that's they first reaction. Or maybe they're so used to it. But you won't get your $40 shipping cost refunded. And you have to pay your own $40 shipping to send the item back. And they won't refund until they get back their crappy item.

    Lo and behold, the rinky *** power adapter arrives. It's the cheapest plastic thingy ever. And still, the device does not work. It compares to a pop-up toy that comes out of a gumball machine. So yes I have to consider shipping it back at my cost because there's no warranty.

    I'm a loser. I gambled, and I lost.

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  •   Jan 17, 2010

    Dear NasH78, would first like to take the time to apologize for the unpleasant experiences that you have had while shopping with us. Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback and comments, as we truly appreciate any opportunity to improve.

    As there was no order number included in the complaint, would it be possible for you to provide more details? Please email [protected] with your order number and contact information and we will begin the process of looking into your complaint.

    Again, we are very sorry about the device not functioning as expected, and sincerely hope that we can fix this problem for you in some way.

    Kind Regards,


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  • Da
      Mar 18, 2012

    I think this is either a bad customer or a company trying to dicredit a good company. I dont work for lightinthebox nor do i gain any benifit from this post other than dispelling the false claim. They are not a scam, .. in fact they are highly reputable. I live in vancouver canada qnd i have purchased several items ..some expensive and never been trated poorly nor been un happy with anything i recieved. Their products actualy make me mad.l mad at the fact that i can buy such good quality items when local stores charge so much.. listen its simple.. its like magicjack.. how come mj is $1.60/month when your phone company or cable company charges $50/month.. now you understand why the bad press. Their scared..
    Lightinthebox is a good company with great stuff at fantastic prices. I tryly trust them.
    Fyi.. i bought speakers a car deck and a bunch of other stuff.. im going to continue to buy from them.. your loss if you belive the lie that they are a scam

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  • Ri
      Apr 24, 2012

    How about this one? Ordered some shoes at £16 plus £8 shipping. When UPS called, they required an additional £16 for delivery - we pointed out that the invoice already mentioned £8 for "chinaups" and thus we had already paid. No use! I agree - this company stinks!

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  • My mother bought a dress from them and she was dissatisfied with the way it fit, the color was ugly, etc...
    The hassle of returning was overwhelming, sending pictures, measurements, etc... Finally she had to spend $50 to return the dress & now they will only refund half her money not including shipping. She even contacted her credit card company & after they fought the charges, there was nothing they could do either. She is now out $200. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IF IT'S BEING SHIPPED DIRECTLY FRIM CHINA!!! Stick to reputable companies in the USA where you know you can return. My 75 year old mother was SCAMMED big time. STAY AWAY from Light in the Box!!!

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  • Da
      Aug 29, 2012

    I tried light in the box, and my Tablet came to me and work for all of 1 Hour! I spend $209.00 and still 3 months later have not been refunded or even replaced. I now only deal directly with american suppliers. If I were you try LWGADGETS.COM - I have order from there about 4 times now never had a problem. they are U.S. based. I haven't had a problem yet, and I ACTUALLY got a real Warranty on my Tablet. The warranty from will cost you between $40.00 to $60.00 for return shipping with a turn around time of about 40 days. What kind of warranty is that? That is major B.S... So I stick with LWGADGETS.COM for now on!

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  • M7
      Sep 17, 2012

    Always pay the extra 2 dollars for the added shipping insurance when you deal with this company.I have bought bathroom faucets from them with no problem- but i would not advise ordering clothing because you will not get your shipping refunded if they do not fit andthey have to be sent back.
    Now If you live in the UK be prepared for high added custom taxes.I think you are OK if you live in the U.S.
    I always check Ali Express for the same item, this is a comapny from China where the buyer is totally protected.The seller does not get paid until you receive and inspected the package.Most everything is free shipping and there are no added custom taxes:)

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  • Kh
      Nov 08, 2012

    The No Refund Policy is completely a SCAM! If the item is not worn or damage, why would the item not allow for refund, they say its tailored made, which is such a stupid excuse.

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  • 4r
      Dec 14, 2012

    Thank you for that information you gave above about LWGADGETS.COM - I was able to check out their website and store in the Plymouth meeting mall and i must say great knowledgeable staff. I purchased a Net-book and a few accessories, The Pink I phone cable did not work from the start, so I called them up and Leo, who i guess is a manager or something sent me a complete set of pink wall charger, car charger, & cable. I was never not able to get a hold of him either.

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  • Ho
      Dec 18, 2012

    Horrible experience!!

    I purchased my item on December 4th to use them as a dropshipper (as they advertise). It is now December 19th and the item STILL has not been shipped and MY customer is irate, when I inquired they insisted on me providing them with a scanned copy of my credit card despite the fact that I paid via Paypal!! I explain this to them, and AGAIN they respond insisting on a scanned copy of my credit card or they will not ship my item. I will not be scammed of my credit card info! I have put in a Paypal claim and will not stop until I get my money back. I do not believe half of these reviews, and 100% believe these are employees writing them, just go look around the internet - and notice how they are patrolling all the review sites. Whenever someone writes a bad review new 'Fabulous' ones appear within hours to up their ratings. Proceed with caution!!" Stop doing damage control by responding to our complaints on review sites! We've already put in our tickets and THAT was your chance to make it right! Not when we publicly out you!

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  • An
      Mar 13, 2013

    I agree with you- I'm from San Francisco and I travel back and forth to Europe for my investments and I too was scammed by this company . I asked repeatedly to send me my order and to at least give me my money back and they never did, two years later I am offered a freakin COUPON! without any compensation- I tried ordering again and hoping this time they will make it easier and just send me my new order but it was another waste of my time.
    I am researching a way to stop this people from scamming into my country and shut down their business once and for all.

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  • Li
      Mar 14, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for shopping with us and telling us about your experience. Please send us your order number, so that Customer Service can find you in our system. In the meantime, you can open a Customer Service ticket and you will be able to check the progress of your request by accessing My Tickets on our website. Follow this link to view the ticket center:, and our customer service team will help you there.

    Thank you,


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  • Pa
      Dec 10, 2013

    ive purchased an item for Christmas present it sad guaranteed processing time less than 24 hours. its a tattoo kit for a Christmas present I paid for it on the 6th of dec and they are saying it won't be shipped till dec 24... I don't know how a clock works were there from but 24 hours is only one day... the it says 3 to 5 days shipping I guess that means 3 to 5 months... they refuse to give me a number to call them back at I guess that is normal poor business .. I now read nothing but complaints about them.. id like to thank light in the box for probably ruining a sons Christmas that he has waited all your for this tattoo equipment... I will NEVER buy or recommend anyone to you EVER..

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  • Mi
      Dec 13, 2013

    I knew I had a bad feeling about them. Hmmm Thanks to all for the clarification.

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  • Tr
      Apr 29, 2014

    I dont know for sure if it is a scam just yet. I placed my order a little over a week ago and everytime I check my order, it says "processing". I must admit, the customer service is terrible. All I ask is, "When will my order shipped?" Now that I am seeing these reviews, I think I may contact PayPal ASAP and just get my money back. I will definitely be contacting my credit card and just avoid doing business with them ever again!!

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  • Da
      Jul 30, 2014

    Light In the Box is using Dance America Inc Copyright images. They are not authorized to do so. Dance America items are manufactured in the USA. I have been unable to contact anyone at Light in the Box - no phone, no email, no chat available to assist me. Dance America will be contacting a lawyer in regards to this. Please do not purchase any items using Dance America Inc images! This merchandise will not arrive as pictured and the images are stolen!

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  • Li
      Nov 05, 2014

    I have just began to get into selling online but haven't bought any items as of yet. After inquiring about quotes, my mailbox has been flooded with mail from every Chinese wholesaler company there is. Thing is, I only contacted one. Now if that don't send up a red flag. So I google reviews of them all. Seems like all of the Chinese wholesale are scammers from the reviews I've read about them. I doubt if I'll proceed with my online venture, at least not with any Chinese wholesaler or any wholesaler outside of the U.S. My suggestion to all U.S. citizens is to boycott everyone of the foreign wholesalers. Yep., cut them all off completely. The way I see it is they can make a lot of money dealing with U.S. customers fairly and honestly. That apparently isn't an option for them. Cutting them off completely would definitely put them in the position of making "NO" profit from the U.S. Perhaps then they will all realize they are screwing up a good thing.

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  • Ca
      Dec 14, 2014

    Aside from how long it takes to receive my order which I was not pleased with (dresses) the quality and fitting, I received a bill from DHL for customs duty. It was a mistake that I made not realizing that this is an out of the US website. It is extremely difficult to get hold of this business. What a waste of time and money spent on this website. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE.

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  • Pa
      Mar 28, 2015

    THEFTS!!! Light in the box should be shut down - I am a artist I paint abstracts, these people have STOLEN hundreds of my images of my paintings off my website and placed those images on theirs up on display and are selling FAKE paintings that look like mine. Do not buy these so called oil paintings most of the pictures of art you see on their site are stolen images from other artist this is a CRIME / copyright all the way across the board! I wouldn't be surprised if they are using toxic poisonous paint to make them. I believe they take a stolen image blow it up as a print as big as they can and slap some paint on the areas of the print trying to make it alike as the original i am sure it looks like crap !

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