SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / tracking # lw624213355cn

Sep 17, 2019

DHGate.comWig product order # [protected] I haven't received my merchandise yet and it shows that it has been delivered. It shows a date that my merchandise was delivered on September 9th of 2019 and I haven't received nothing. It also wants me to approve delivery. What delivery am I approving if I... / order number [protected]

Sep 17, 2019

Dear sir/madam, I Received the watch and it was not in working condition, I contacted the seller immediately, through chat who is declining to accept my complaint, I have the chat evidence between myself and the seller, I would like a replacement or a refund please can you intervene I... / electric guitar

Sep 14, 2019

DHGate.comThe seller gave me the wrong tracking number. The guitar was delivered to and received in Conroe, TX. It's been a month since I ordered it. I tried to open a dispute but was told that the guitar would be delivered. No tracking information given. I tried the seller, but store no longer... / order

Sep 11, 2019

DHGate.comI requested for a refund which was declined by the seller despite the fact that my order still hasn't been processed as shown from our chat which can be seen by the image attached below. I no longer wish to buy from this seller as I find everything unprofessional and very dodgy. I would... / customer mix up.

Sep 09, 2019

DHGate.comI had a limitation placed on my account for order number [protected] which was subsequently charged back This is an order I did not make. I did not pay for it with my bank card and the name of the person they address emails sent to me is not me. There is no evidence of this purchase in my... / craftsman tool set

Sep 08, 2019

DHGate.comthey sent them to the wrong address twice The seller is not responding The customer service no help They sent me the wrong tracking number -[protected]-LT921860472CN Second tracking number [protected]-LS034671813CN One of my Padgett went to Kansas City the other baggage went to Michigan... / Faulty light fitting

Aug 27, 2019

DHGate order number [protected] I purchased a pendant light from DHGate on 11.09.2018 for US $255.25. The item we have received was damaged and not as described. We opened a dispute with DHGate. DHGate ruled that we will get a full refund of the purchase price if we return the item to the... / apple watch

Aug 21, 2019

DHGate.comI ordered this watch and when it arrived it did not work. The seller agreed to the refund and gave me the address to return it to. I returned the item but the seller never received it. It finally got returned to me 3 months later. I then reached out to customer service to contact the... / failure to send package and refund me.

Aug 13, 2019

DHGate.comIn May I ordered a nail kit. The seller failed to send it but still messaged me trying to say it was delivered when obviously wasn't. Then he was making up a bunch of stuff not making since so I started to message dhgate July 1st when they said I got my refund and I DID NOT. Since July 1st...

[Resolved] / product not received. no buyer protection.

Aug 12, 2019

Order NO:[protected]. Item never received. Customer service told me to contact the seller. I tried to do this, but the seller didn't respond. CS said they'd try to contact the seller for me, but that this was all they could do. Buyer protection is non-existent. Where buyer protection fail...

[Resolved] DHGate / payment verification pending

Aug 07, 2019

DHGateDear Sir, I have not received payment confirmation for my order [protected] till now.Usually, I receive same within 5-10min after my transaction but today it's been more than 7hours.Also, please note that funds has already been deducted from my account. Some minutes before doing the...

[Resolved] / the seller

Aug 07, 2019

So I don't know if the seller is offline or something but I go into his so-called store and it doesn't appear it says it's not real and I'm afraid I did get scammed really disappointed I thought it would be better. it says it's shipping and all its way but the seller hasn't contacts me but...

[Resolved] / to bags I order

Aug 06, 2019

I order 2 bags they reach out and they had one so I need change color and tracking do not exist I reach out several times and no response Yunshneg I said yes I receive it to wright a review to let them know this is fraud becuase if you shipped it why you cannot give me correct...

[Resolved] / dyson hair dryer supersonic or wave all fake and sellers giving fake tracking or shipping token item

Jul 26, 2019

Scam sellers named AvonAvon, dnydysonfryer, and wangjuan013. Please everyone beware of buying anything on dhgate. I have attempted now 8 orders at trying to buy a dyson supersonic and dyson wave styler. Several sellers gave fake tracking numbers, with someone else's name and address other...

DHGate / charged without sending my order

Jul 20, 2019

I placed an order with DHgate, com on July 6.2019 for New Model High Quality 40K Ultrasonic liposuction Cavitation 8 Pad LLLT Laser lipo Laser Slimming Machine Vacuum RF Skin Care and paid $191, 62 USD On July 12, 2019 I got email that indicated according the carrier my order was delivered...

[Resolved] / dress

Jul 16, 2019

Hello, I purchase a dress, from you ..I gave you measurements also .. dress come back to small .. I asking for the information send back to you with a refund..order number..[protected].. please someone can get back to me soon.. the dress is cut to small.. material to thick ..I have a... / jacket

Jul 13, 2019

DHGate.comI ordered a jacket off the website and received an empty package that is way too small to fit a jacket inside. Is this a scam or something? The contents of the package claims to have 1 Jacket, #Red, M Order Number: [protected] Order Time: Jun 26, 2019 19:35 Seller: Spring168 I tried to contact them about it but they're unavailable at the moment.

[Resolved] / do not buy anything from dhgate

Jul 13, 2019

I didn't even want to give DHGATE one star but I had to select at least one star in order to post my review! This place is a scam! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from this company! I was ensured that a dress that I ordered would me here by July 4th BEFORE I ordered my dress! Promotionspace (a DHGATE...

[Resolved] / I bought a sex doll

Jul 10, 2019

Me Louis dustan Abbott of 259 Ryan rd cullman ala 35057 bought a sex doll it was not what I want when it got here it was not the right one it was all wrong I bought a japness robot sex doll metal skeletion black hair white when it got here it was old infateble doll black hair white it all... / returned product to seller as it was broken, the seller refuses to clearance and get it/refund me

Jul 09, 2019

I bought a machine for DHgate company Ausdruck Store and after 2 weeks a tecnhical problem has been arrised. They immediatelly send me a new handle part which I waited for a month and it was broken. The seller agreed to send the...

[Resolved] / $192.82 parka purchased on my debit bank card never delivered by june, 30 2019..

Jul 08, 2019

DHGate.comI have a copy of your transaction of payment for a parka, black, full fox fur collar 2019. You were paid $192.83 and I never got the parka I ordered 4 of the same parka and got a refund for three only!!! I want my parka now. I paid for it. Why is this so complicated. Your on-line service...

[Resolved] / that you guys only need to take out one payment of 187.03

Jul 05, 2019

I have accidentally order the same dress twice I only need one dress I got one that I ordered and you guys have over drawn my bank account and I put money back in to the negative balance and made it postive and I only release one payment not two payments and I have asked for a refund from...

[Resolved] / order [protected] placed 13th april. item code [protected]

Jun 26, 2019

Subject PO#[protected] On 13th April, 2019 I ordered and paid for a Dyson Hairdryer US$108.99 (US$133.31 with delivery) Aust $209.88. I have emailed information many times but never ever received a reply. I telephoned the Sydney delivery company many, many times but only received recorded...

[Resolved] / guitar

Jun 20, 2019

Ordered online and paid for 29th March 2019. Excuse after excuse for non-delivery. I demanded a refund which was agreed six weeks ago and its all gone dead. No guitar and no refund, Hence the route I am now taking to ensure no one else gets scammed as I have been for a considerable sum of...

[Resolved] / credit card charged and no order confirmation

Jun 16, 2019

DHGate.comI purchased a pair of shoes ("Fasion SB Stefan Janoski") but i did not receive a confirmation email and there is no sign of the order on my account, however my credit card has been charged and there is still no sign of my order after 4 days. I would like a refund or for the item i ordered to be sent. Payment was processed on Wednesday 12 June NZT.

[Resolved] / not received

Jun 15, 2019

They send an email about my order that has been delivered and completed. I never received anything. Tracking number was false. Wrong item and wrong address DHL confirmation. No response on disputes or messages I send. With all the technology in place how can they get away with this? How to...

[Resolved] / scammed by dhgate

Jun 13, 2019

DHGate.comI bought a dyson blow dryer and my order was shipped to New Jersey, I live in TX! I had proof of delivery with some guys signature and the seller wouldn't respond. DH Gate would not refund my order until 6 days, then they processed it saying me and the seller reached an agreement?? No we...

[Resolved] / a dress

Jun 04, 2019

DHGate.comI ordered a dress from them I opened a dispute and I responded and now they telling me I didnt respond I sent them screen shots and they still telling me I didnt respond they want to refund me only half of what I paid for I want full amount dress was nothing like described said it has a...

DHGate / wrong merchandise, and it 4th rate

May 07, 2019

Thieves!! Thieves!!! There was no doubt what I ordered, it was printed in huge text on the enclosed order slip. I got something entirely different, thief seller claimed i'd approved it. Dhgate's customer service agreed with their thief. What I got was fourth-rate junk, I sent pictures confirming...

[Resolved] / my order has not arrived!!!

May 06, 2019

I ordered 12 masks (order:[protected]) on 11.04.2019 for €3, 57 each for a total of €42, 94. Package:Ll153017062CN I have not received my order!!! I have already paid!! Please give me some information. I need to know why I have waited almost a month. If you cannot provide my order I would...

[Resolved] / sneakers to be either replaced or refunded. arrived to me not as shown on site

Apr 23, 2019

So I have done everything that I was told to and I have yet received a new pair of sneakers for my son or a refund. Now what do I do?? Also the phone number that they supply is not to DHGate. This is ridiculous. I bought these now over a month ago and the day after I received the sneaker...

[Resolved] / product not as shown

Apr 11, 2019

DHGate.comI purchased a black pair of yeezys 350 BOOST. I received them on March 29, 2019 and instantly sent an email to the seller which is luishen01 reference a defect in one of the shoes. I emailed again on March 30, 2019 reference a defect of one of the shoes and both times I requested a return...

[Resolved] / [censored]an10

Mar 29, 2019

I received my Banksy T shirt a few weeks ago, I ordered a ladies XL but the one I received is very small and fits a five year old. I contacted the seller straight away. It took a while for a reply, they asked for a photo of the item to which I sent but now there not replying. This is order...

[Resolved] / my personal information

Mar 28, 2019

I placed several orders last week with DH Gate. The security division needed my credit card information to process my orders. The very next day I'm getting phone calls non stop from Chinese people over sea's.I have no idea what to do about this? They are the only company out of...

[Resolved] / i'm being robbed and dhgate is not answering

Mar 20, 2019

DHGate.comI bought an item from DHgate (PO#[protected]), had problems, opened a after-sale dispute and agreed in the solution, but, nothing happens. The seller talked to me until I close the dispute and now I don't have the item, my money, the returns costs and on top of all, I've already sent several...

Ftiier / wrong delivery of goods, not what I ordered

Mar 17, 2019

FtiierYou have paid this supplier moneys for a wrong delivery I have messaged this suppler 3 times over a period 13 days without a response from them. Ftiier glasses. Ordered yellow with black bottoms jawbreaker sunglasses received white with black bottom. When I placed the order I specified...

[Resolved] / smart watches

Mar 15, 2019

Hi I ordered 3 different lots of smart watches of 3 different sellers. None of the pedometers work on any of the different types of watches and I have tried a couple that don't work at all. I have contacted the sellers 1 is not responding and the another is telling me it will take 2 month...

[Resolved] / apple watch wrist band

Feb 28, 2019

I placed order on 12/17/18 for Apple Watch123 wristband from seller cgb201711. I contacted seller on 1/09/19 because order hadn't left Customs. Seller responded that he will go to Post Office to check order. After the 3rd day, I still hadnt received a response from seller, so I emailed...

[Resolved] / phone ordered... not received

Feb 08, 2019

I have ordered a Global Version Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1 6GB 128GB POCO F1 Snapdragon 845 6.18" Full Screen 20MP Front Camera LiquidCool Smartphone it was ordered on the 24/12 2018 Order NO:[protected] Tracking number: LM423392495CN. It has not arrived I also ordered a phone case at the same...

[Resolved] / [protected]

Jan 17, 2019

Since 3 days all my payements are blocked for security reasons! Nobody answer me and my credit card is debited! Dhgate has blocked 4 orders for security reasons without reasons!!! I am a good customer and I ordered many items and I recieved it! They don't answer me anywhere! I don't know what...