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LG Electronics Washer/Dryer / poor quality products and customer service

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December 2005 I purchased a front loading LG washer/dryer combo from a local Best Buy. The washer has given fair performance, but the dryer is pure junk. I have the second dryer now after three service calls, with time off from work for these calls, and wrangling with the inept, don't care about the customer, customer service rep;s who work for LG. The first dryer had defective rollers right out of the box. No amount of new rollers in the previous, or the present dryer will remedy this problem. LG will give you the same old song and dance every time you call, " it's a warranty issue". Believe me this is my first and LAST LG purchase. Poorest quality products exceeded only by poorer customer service. Stir clear of LG.

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  • Ch
      17th of Jan, 2007
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    I bought a LG frontal washing and drying machine with steam option on September 2006 and the selling point of the machine was that it's quiet, but rater then being quiet it's making loud noise and the water is leeking from the front door. Call 3 times for a service repair from a repair company affiliate with LG, keep saying the same thing, it's because of the house for the loud noises and because I didn't clean the door each time I use it... even one little hair can cause the liking problem. Come on....REALLY POOR costumer services and poor quality machine. When we bought the machine they say after 3 time of service repair they will change a brand new, not true ,they try to say that the problem is not the machine but it's because of you.

  • Pa
      19th of Feb, 2007
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    I purchased an LG washer and dryer in Dec 2003 with a service agreement. The dryer was installed by best buy incorrectly and we had to wait weeks to get the correct part for the gas hook up. In the fall of 2005 my washer broke. The repairman was from a company best buy subcontracted to because they didn't have anyone in their employment at the time. He didn't show up the first day, came the next day, didn't know how to fix it, was going to have to research it and get back to me. He did not. Many phone calls later to best buy finally put me in contact with the company they had subcontracted with. Ultimately it was fixed over 6 weeks after it broke. (By the way, it broke because it was delivered to us brand new with a piece missing.

    In Nov. 2007 by dryer broke. Again, the same subcontracting company came out, fixed one problem and ordered a part for another problem. . The part never came. I was told to call back in a few days several times, its on back order, etc...... By January I called Best Buy because there the intermittent heating problem was worsening as were the dials to set the type of drying and time etc. . They now had their own technician assigned to my area so they weren't using the subcontracted company) who came and said he could not find a problem with intermittent heating, (hence the word intermittent) but was ordering two boards now as there was intermittent problems with starting and stopping the machine and getting the correct settings to stay after programmed.

    To make a very long story short, the first subcontracting company had a credit hold on them by LG because they did not pay their bills per Best Buy. For over two months the company did not tell me this. Now Best Buy Service itself, to this date - 8 days later has no record of the parts being ordered from last Tuesday , does not know why they weren't ordered, is unable to contact the service man who was at my house last week and is unable to put me in touch with supervisors I have spoken with unless I have their extension because "this is a big place and there are lots of supervisors here". I cannot speak to the supervisors bosses, they will contact me with-in 48 hours, (Yeah right) and lastly they can send the service man back to my house tomorrow. He will call me between 7-9 am to tell me what time he is coming, but they can't actually ask him if he ordered the part.

    Is this insane.

    Lesson - don't buy LG products, don't' buy from Best Buy and don't bother with service contract from Best Buy - they're a rip.

  • Su
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    The washer there is no way to pause the machine while someone has a shower. The pause button only works for a short short period of time. There is now way to determine what cycle the machine is in, so when you need to switch it off, then you need to restart the load. The bleach compartment is questionable.

    The dryer it produces wrinkled clothing. There is no automatic cool down on the machine. This means that the user must manually adjust the temp or remove clothes when they are damp to hang to dry. I would expect more from such an expensive machine.

  • Xo
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    Just bought an LG washer and dryer June, 2009. The dryer doesn't dry well at all, even with one pair of jeans and time added. The washer broke down after 4 days (used correctly). I am haggling with returning the product to store. I am not sure if any new washer and dryer will be of good quality.

  • Ti
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    I haven't had any problems with either unit, other than the bad smell in the washing machine.

  • Lg
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Stay away from LG products at all cost. I purchased a LG electric dryer DLE5955G and it has never worked. IT does not dry at all. I contacted LG and they sent D & D appliances out to fix it. D & D replaced the "heat pak, " the dryer then worked for about three minutes. By time it stopped working D & D was long gone and had no concern whatsoever. I contacted both LG and Best Buy (original purchase, ) neither was helpful. I spoke at length to Keith Jones at LG, what a turkey!!! I am shocked that people buy from this company. I hope we get the word out and get them to either sell better products, fix their broken products or go out of business.


  • Fr
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    Purchased a LG dishwasher less than 1 year ago. Machine stopped working. Three weeks later, continuous phone calls/messages to LG and 4 SERVICE CALLS dishwasher still inoperable! However, since techs came to "fix" machine, it is now worse!! VERY DANGEROUS since the first tech broke the brackets that hold the machine to the cabinet so now machine FALLS OUT when door is opened!!! If I try to use it, the initial problem of leaving soap residue- not water spots (I wish) and also now LOUD, I mean EXTREMELY LOUD, awful noise when it "operates".

    Now, it is still under LG warranty but they refuse to replace it with a new one until they determine they can't fix it!????
    Motor replaced twice, new wiring harness, new control panel... WHAT IS LEFT?

    Spoke to supervisor after supervisor til I reached head supervisor, Daniel Harwell. After three consecutive days of calling, he still has not returned any calls. Today I was again told he was "out of the office but you can email.." and was given a GENERIC MAILBOX!?!
    I have completely wasted my time and energy with this problem for over 3 WEEKS! Not to mention, 5 teenagers and a lot of dirty dishes that has had to be hand washed!!

    The worst customer service on any product I have ever owned! I agree with LGTERRIBLE- STAY AWAY FROM LG CRAP!!!
    To make matters worse, they don't give a crap about their customers.

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