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Hi folks,

I am looking for information about your product LG Watch Sport W281.

I found out, there are several versions of the watch W280a, W280v and W281.

I have different LG products: TV, washing machine, phone and the LG G watch, which does not work anymore.

The pin contacts are corroded - one of them. So I found out about the LG Watch Sport in search of a new smartwatch.
Unfortunately, I live in German yand you do not sell the product in Germany.

Since I consider this watch to be the most perfect of any watch on the market,

I have to get it from South Korea. Therefore I have to make sure that the watch will works in german mobile network,

(I think the W281 works in the german mobile network - right?)

and whether it has an EU Declaration of Conformity and / or a CE mark so that I can import it into the EU.

All this information, the german LG customer service was unable to deliver. The Korean customer service I could not reach,

because the Korean LG site is not in English ...

So I landed after a long search here. I hope to get the necessary informations from you.

My email address is: [protected]

I would be very happy about a quick answer.

You just do not make it easy for customers to buy your products ..

Best regards

Konstantin Konstantinidis

May 28, 2018

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