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Lg 5811 Dishwasher / sump dead/no help from lg

1 Lynn, MA, United States Review updated:

Where do I start? First off my experience with LG corporation has caused me to shout it out loud to avoid this company at all costs and don't be fooled by their clever advertisments and flashy looking products. The quaility is not there. The customer service is not there and the compasion towards the consumer is non-exisitant. The story starts off with a purchase of a new LG dishwasher 5811 in April 2006 (installed and in use by July of the same year due to renovation). From July 06 to April 08 the DW seemed to operate good. It was quiet and seemed to clean pretty well. We had noticed strainge noises and occasional leaks that we assumed were from wet dishes being placed inside the machine. Later we would find out that this make had LOTS of problems. In late April 08 the machine stopped working and an "LE" code came up on the display. We contacted the "GE Warrenty" people who had our 4 year ESP extended warrenty thru Home Depot. On May 8th a service tech took a look at the machine and stated that the motor is "gone". May 24th another tech returned to install the new motor and stated that no seals were ordered. He went online to "LG to order a "sump assembly" and found that this part is no longer made due to a manufacturer defect. I was told that the first 6 months of 2006 model 5811 were ALL bad sump issues. Basicly what I was told is that there IS no sump part for my machine because it was internally redesigned and no such part exists. Funny because LG never sent along a recall notice to my home. The tech in turned stated that LG will probably replace the dishwasher. I received a call on the 27th from the tech stating that LG will replace the machine due to the unavailable part. This is where a good company would have ended this story, but we are talking about the LG corporation. Between June 2nd and June 14th 3 separate faxes were sent to different numbers provided by LG. On June 14th I spoke with Nacretia Lawton [protected] in Alabama that a 4th. fax was sent and what was the problem. I had to contact tem to get confirmation of receipt of the paperwork. She stated to me that they needed 24 to 48 hours on a "resolution" in the case of my dead dishwasher. On June 17th Ms Layton called and stated they will do a "pro-rated buyback" and not replace it. Now let me put this in prospective: $700 dishwasher dead in 21 months of use on a machine that they KNEW is faulty and defective and they want the consumer to shoulder the expense...ahh no. After having a long conversation with Ms Layton from LG and her supervisor it was obvious that a pro-rated buyback was the only way LG was going to resolve this. I felt that their offer of $560 was not acceptable when you take into accout the cost of the machine $700, the cost of delivery $50, the cost of the extended warrenty that by the way dies with the machine $89, and the cost of the plummer to install rate of $65 per hour then you can understand why $560 is not accepatble on LG junk. Now in the meantime wit alot of interenet research I found I was not alone. Hundreds of simular stories with people getting screwd by LG. I decided afer reading some of these to stop at the place wher I bought all of my appliances Home Depot. After copying all of the internet complaints and carefully recording in writing my conversations with LG I brought my case to the manager of HD. He was really listening to what I had to say which is more than what LG was doing. He said he would have a result within 12 hours. In the meantime, Ms. Lawton from LG calls and states on my machine that SHE needs an answer by 5 pm that day or SHE is closing the case. So, remeber they needed "24 to 48 hours" to make a descision on what THEY were going to do. Now they want me to give mine in less that 3 hours. Well, I placed a call to the supervisor and put her on notice that i needed more time. In the meantime a day goes by and the mgr at Home Depot is telling me to contact Ms. Layton because they will replace the machine one for one. I get home and call her and she denies ever speaking with anyone from Home Depot. A call was placed back to the mgr of HD and he is confussed about the whole situation. I told hime that maybe better luck with the warrenty people was the way to go. I then receive a call on my answering machine that if I didn't contact them "today by 5 pm" that she was canceling my case and this time she was mean about it. I heard from Home Depot that they will replace the machine with a GE version and this would be the end to it. I appologize fro the length of the letter but the only thing I can suggest if you own one of these LG dishwashers is to get rid of it fast...junk junk junk! I found pleading my case in person at HomeDepot to be the best way to resolve it. Remember the squeeky wheel gets the don't give up...thats what they expect from us.

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  • Do
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I completely agree with you. Our LG dishwasher is the worst piece of garbage. It cost us quite a bit, does not actually clean the dishes well, and has always leaked. Poor design. We also have an LG refridgerator that the light has malfunctioned, melting the housing and making our groceries warm. This is a "known issue" and people can get service for this from LG. But you expect appliances to have a basic level of function. LG should stick with phones. We have been unhappy with both of our major LG appliance purchases. We made an impulse buy and are very sorry we did not check the reviews.

  • Ch
      17th of Jan, 2009
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    I bought a 5811 dishwasher, before I went to work for an appliance repair service and learned about LG. As an apprentice repair person, I went to an LG workshop where the LG representative appologetically described the problems they have in communicating with the manufacturers in Korea and Mexico. (I used to think they were a european product!) She also repeatedly stated "Well, we've told them about that problem too but...". Apparently nothing changes at LG. They just keep shipping us more crap and there are enough uneducated people out there who buy their products that they survive.

    We've had service people look at all the dishwasher's problems and I have worked on it. I'm at the point where I believe it to be a circuit board problem and we won't spend any more money on this piece of junk. Even when new, it never worked well.

    Folks, we need to quit buying "inexpensive" products from China, Mexico, India, Korea, and wherever. After it breaks once or twice and the actual cost is really 2 or 3 times what the sticker price was, are we really saving money? Pass the word. It's time to go back to a "BUY AMERICAN" attitude.

  • Ji
      27th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought a brand new LG dishwasher 2 months ago. It has never cleaned the dishes adequately. Dishes come out as if they have never been washed. LG has been out 4 times and they claim nothing is wrong. There only resolution they offer is to send another service person out but tell me if they find nothing wrong they will charge me. Thi company has no concept of customer service. LG Sucks!

  • Gr
      6th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks for all of the info. We purchased the LG 5811 in August '05 for a rennovation as well. I really liked the dishwasher as it was quiet and seemed to clean well. Last month I started getting the error code for bad water supply or intake valve failure. We checked the water supply and it was fine. We replaced the intake valvue ($26) but it didn't fix it. After reading this, I think I'll just replace with another brand. I was going to purchase an LG flat panel tv, but thanks to your comments I'll stay away from LG.

  • Ve
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought an LG 5811 dishwasher in November 2006. Within the first month, they had to replace the motor. Now I find that there is a leak in my basement. It's the dishwasher. Something with the hose. I had to pay a plumber to tell me where my leak was coming from. Then I had a repairman come out to fix it. He said it was the hose. Then it took over a week to get the part to fix it. In the meantime, I've made a claim to my insurance to see if there was any water damage. They have put industrial fans in my kitchen and basement and a humidifer to dry out my floors. I never had any clue that the DW was leaking until I found water in my basement. My insurance co. is going try and get LG to pay back my deductible. We'll see.

    Stay away from LG dishwashers. I have an LG refrigerator and so far, so good.
    I will never buy an LG applicance again.

  • Cr
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I purchased a lds5811 also 2 years ago. Same thing le code. Lg says there is no upgrade or recall on the motor. They say because it has a black face and not stainless its a different motor???? Come on..what a joke. I have bought several LG items, but they did not care. Stay away...

  • Vi
      31st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I purchased an LDS5811ST dishwasher in December of 06. In September of 08 the sump assembly failed. While the part was replace under warrentee labor to install was $150. IN October of 2009 the sump assembly once again failed, since it was no longer under warrantee the estimated repair price was $460.00. This piece of garbage now resides at the curb waiting to be hauled off to the dumps. Stay clear of LG producsts, this is not a consumer friendly company.

  • Lt
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    We bought an LG dishwasher and refrigerator. Have had the service rep out at least 10 times.. The diswasher is the worse... Wiring harness melted, computer chip malfunctions cycling problems, would shut off between wash and rinse cycle, motor went, pump went, etc, etc, etc... Finally took it to the dump where it belonged and bought another from a different manufacturer.. Ice Maker in Refrigerator will make ice sometimes, other times it won't... If you press "crushed ice" your get cubes, if you press "cubes" you get nothing... Ice-dam builds up constantly behind ice tray... Ever two weeks have to get in the freezer with warm water to get it loose... Freezer door cracked for some unknown reason... Would not recommend LG Appliances to anyone, they are truly pieces of S**T...

  • Dw
      26th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    LG dishwashers are JUNK if you are thinking of buying one get ready to start washing your dishes by hand

  • Vi
      15th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    Worst dishwasher I ever owned. Not even a year old and have had multiple service calls. LG service is horrible. They improperly re-installed the dishwasher after many multiple repairs and when my daughter was unloading dishes from the dishwasher, the whole thing came out of the cabinet snapping the mounting brackets and chipping the laminate counter and breaking dishes. They claim they were not responsible, DO NOT BUY ANY LG PRODUCTS!!!

  • An
      11th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    The lg dishwasher are crap. I've replaced the heating element 4 times. Which I had to pay for the parts and labor.

  • An
      11th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    I bought a lg dishwasher model number LDF6810ST and had so many problems with the dishwasher on the heating element. I had to replace it 4 times. The first time it was under warranty but the last 3 I had to pay the parts and labor. Never buy LG products again.

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