LetGo / let go accounts

Some let go accounts always ask to be contacted by there email, only because they can't or they don't check there let go app. This worries me because half of the app have accounts that ask only to be contacted by email. When you do contact them they always tell you this short story they say there selling there item because there going to the army and that there leaving from Nebraska long story short they always say the same thing don't fall for it don't even bother to text them from there email they are scammers and hackers trying to get a hold of your account and your private emails. They are mostly found in the motor section of the let go app. This is a big security issue that the let go company or app most take care of with great response the need to take care of this to stop frauds if your reading this plz don't let your self be tricked thanks for reading

Mar 09, 2017

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