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Amway Complaints & Reviews

Jul 08, 2019

Sanita Maxi & Ultra Thin — sanitary cotton stick on my underwear, difficult to take off

After used it, when I took off the sanitary cotton, the plastic stick on my underwear. I use this product i...

AMWAYpyramid scheme

Pictures speak a thousand words.

The sale of the products is supposed to be the business model...
But when most of the products have a profit margin of less than 20% (please see pictures) it's hard to make a sustainable profit...

especially when most of these products can be found in the grocery store. leaving this company and it's "Approved Provider" was the most freeing thing I've ever done.

pyramid scheme
pyramid scheme
pyramid scheme

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    Amway.in — undelivered products

    I am an Indian. Amway product distributor. I have ordered on 30.09.2016 and I was informed the order no and...

    Bone Health With Ipriflavone Food Supplement By Nutrilitedate of expiry

    i have taken a nutrilite food supplement product for bone health named-BONE HEALTH WITH IPRIFLAVONE MANUFACTURED BY ACCESS BUSINESS GROUP LLC, BEUNA PARK, CA 90621 USA (NUTRILITE)AND IMPORTED BY
    BATCH NO.IS-1193A2/E
    1025375 AMWAYtm
    i have given all available coding numbers on the product pack.help me know its date of manufacturing

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      The complaint has been investigated and
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      ORLANDO AMWAY CENTERracist rude employees, security jerks, discriminate against minorities awful

      the amway arena has A LOT of RACIST rude employees working there who discriminate against female minorities and minorities. me and a friend went and we are both minorities...literally the ENTIRE time we got...hassled, haggled...anywhere we went...the stupid idiots racist jerks working there...were watching us the WHOLE time anywhere we went. even a racist n*gger black a**hole working there came to chastize me just for standing near a place at a concert. the BLACK people there are racist too...rude arrogant trash like the kind of crap people you find in the horrid city of orlando. this black loser jerk came and yelled at me just while I was trying ot find my seat...i mean how dare he?? RUDE..MEAN...n*gger trash basically... i mean at that place you can't even peacefully try to find your seat without a racist n*gger that works there some black a**hole on a powertrip old ### coming and yelling at you just for standing...terrible sick people...

      I saw white people go through ticket areas and no one cared, the moment we went, people were grabbing us and asking for our tickets...they were SO discriminatory. then, when we were leaving...TWO RACIST WHITE MALES...stopped us near the traffic...one a**hole racist cracker piece of crap...told us "walk this way"...though i saw SEVERAL others walk through there...we did then ANOTHER ugly racist white loser...he was a short weird ### who looked like he was 16...said YOU CANT WALK THIS WAY...we said why?? he said...you have to walk BACK and go through THERE...he was LYING. he said it to another couple just because he said it to us however...they were WHITE and he only did it because he had JUST did it to us. then, i turned around to watch how racist this horrible piece of sh*t ugly white creep was...and i saw TONS of white girls walking through there and he let them GO with NO PROBLEM...i was like...what a freaking RACIST JERK??? i mean seriously...he forced us to walk ALL the way back and then CROSS The street...however...he let TONS of white girls half naked walk through with NO PROBLEM...and anyone WHITE walk through... that loser was a stupid piece of sh*t. He did this on purpose just to discriminate against us and give us a hard time...

      the AMWAY arena has RACIST JERKS WORKING THERE who discriminate against FEMALE MINORITIES...and i dont mean black people...that place is infested with RUDE n*ggers who are RACIST towards female minorities...its a horrible place...the idiots jerks workign there are MEAN rude...watch and literally follow around female minorities. ive been there before too...and i had the same problem. i was waiting for my friend who was in the bathroom and one nasty white trash [censored] worker there was STARING at me as if i was doing something wrong...i mean i was waiting on a friend??? she was just WATCHING me...as if she had a reason to be...it was stupid and weird...the trash they hire to work there...sub human crap people are the most racist jerks you can find...beware of the trash idiot losers that work at the terrible place...it's a nightmare of racist sick people that mistreat female minorities and minorities in general and kiss a** of white people...racist TRASH...

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        • 12
          12345678xxxxxxxx Mar 06, 2015

          While the above negative complaint was passionate (lol) and the racial slurs were offensive... I BELIEVE EVERY WORD OF IT!! I suspect it's not just black women - it's women in general. My personal experience with the security staff was similar. I found the security staff to be completely ineffective and rude during my interactions with them at a Magic game. I had a security problem and security staff refused to help us. I am not able to go into detail because of pending litigation, but I can tell you they should ALL BE FIRED!!! When the security staff finally responded they were rude and treated us with contempt. The "floor managers" as well as the uniformed staff are completely for appearance. They stand around and do nothing and treat the female spectators like SH***! And to the smart a*s who told the Angela522 to call "Rev Al" ... with that attitude you should be working for them too - you'll fit right in. The truth is still the truth - Amway security staff are absolutely rude and obnoxious.

          0 Votes
        • Kemps Apr 13, 2013
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I think that you might be a little to sensitive about this and need to stop ranting. Really, do you think that your lies will work to make a facility that serves the minority community as this one does would be racist? I really find that offensive. If it's so bad then cal Rev Al and he will make it right by shaking down the Amway Center for a bribe as he usually does when he need fast cash.

          0 Votes

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        Amway Financial??? — Collection Harassment/Fraud/Scam?

        I have been getting calls from an unknown phone number for a couple of days now. One day a message was left...

        AMWAY — Scam

        I was approached by an amway "IBO" in college and they had so much enthusiasm and really made it seem like I...

        AMWAY EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE — parcel on hold

        ORDER NUMBER: SWC/ WFD /2011(MALAYSIA). Parcel Ref Code: UK450Z. Tracking Number: [protected] Attn:.. ...

        AMWAY — Cheated by taking Rs.2.5 Lacs

        I had come to know Ashok Sharma from Amway and was also lured into the business of Amway through him. During...

        AMWAY — Bad quality products

        As a former Amway distributor and user. Its not true to say that amway products were of good quality. Often...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        AMWAY — Amway Cheating consumers

        Hi, I am highly ofended and disturbed after talking to one of the customer care executive @ Amway today. I...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Mona Vie, Nu Skin, ACN, Amway and thousands of othersPyramid Schemes

        April 22, 2011

        Many of my friends have been victimized by multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes, and I might have been were it not for the knowledge I’ve gained from the web site of Dr. Jon M. Taylor of Consumer Awareness Institute. I implore you to read his reports, and especially his new eBook which can be downloaded free of charge from his web site at www.mlm-thetruth.com.

        The Case for and against Multi-level Marketing is a summary of research and reporting by top independent analysts. Dr. Taylor presents compelling evidence that tens of millions of MLM victims lose a total of tens of billions of dollars every year.

        I believe it’s essential to get this information out to consumers, since law enforcement is essentially asleep on this issue. For example, the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer watchdog, is yielding to the Direct Selling Association, the chief MLM lobbyist, to exempt MLM companies from having to disclose information to prospects that would help them make an informed decision about participating.

        Consumer advocates, media reporters, and law enforcement agencies have long wrestled with questions about the legitimacy of network or multi-level marketing (MLM). Common questions include: Does anyone actually profit from these schemes, and if so, whom? Are MLM companies (MLMs) legal, or are they skirting the law in most cases? Are MLM products – often “pills, potions, and lotions” – overpriced and merely a front for investing in a disguised pyramid scheme? And are some MLMs more legitimate than others?

        Fortunately, the misinformation promoted aggressively by the DSA and the MLM industry is being counteracted by consumer advocates who have founded non-profit organizations to do independent research and to provide guidance to assist consumers in making informed decisions about MLM participation. A leading consumer advocate in this field is Dr. Jon Taylor, whose research is based on analyses of over 350 MLMs and 15 years of worldwide feedback to his Consumer Awareness Institute. Dr. Taylor has just completed a new e-book summarizing thousands of pages of research and reporting by independent analysts and research firms. The book The Case for and against Multi-level Marketing – and numerous reports to guide consumers, attorneys, and educators can be downloaded free of charge from his web site www.mlm-thetruth.com


        James Davison

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          AMWAY — is not a scam

          okay so my sister is making thousands a week from amway. it is really not a scam, if u put hard detication...

          Amway.com/QuixtarAmbots and Scams!

          I have been reading a lot of the Amway/Quixtar complaints on this board and every single IBO response sounds exactly the same! It's like they have all been trained to have every response ready VERBATIM. Not one person has missed a beat. The scam is so obvious that the questions are too, so I guess it's best to have a response ready.

          I had a friend who contacted me, we went to dinner and I'm telling you, I thought she and I were building a friendship for life! She and our other very good friend were going to help me move, wanted to spend time with my kids, get to know my husband etc. etc. Turns out that was a lie. It was just to get me to come to these meetings. Her first question? Could I use some extra money/like an opportunity to make money etc. I knew I couldn't say no, because everybody does. But the second I heard that question: RED flag. It's the first lead in to the "wonderful world" of Amway. Even stranger...nobody would tell me what the name of the business was. NOBODY. I went to a meeting where I was greeted with smiles and best friend forever hugs, but nobody would say what the heck we were supposed to be selling or doing? Just the same rhetoric of dreams and hopes and teamwork etc. Not that these are bad things, but they encouraged all of these young college students that an education is not needed. Don't go learn from professors now how to make a little when you can use all your time to make a lot. Everyone who is successful dropped out of college...great lesson.

          It's like the only thing they actually have to offer is motivational crap about change your life, be a star, you are special. It was really creepy. CREEPY! They were all wide-eyed with anticipation, and definitely acting the "fake it til you make it" because they have made nothing, but they sure do feel fulfilled and special. Nobody would answer my questions and they all started bowing down to this person who was in their "upline" or what not. They just kept referring me to some online video or telling me to talk to this person or that person. "Oh, I can't explain it like they can!" or some version of this line was the only response I ever got.

          I attended a business meeting and a group meeting, I even ordered an expensive piece of ### jewelry to support her, however I politely declined, fully expecting our "strong" friendship would remain in tact. I was wrong. Every person abandoned me. They are too tunneled into some hopeful success in dropping out of college and doing something that they don't understand and can't talk about. They are losing friends, family and everyone around them who is not a part of this bizarre world. I didn't say anything negative, I just thought they would figure out soon enough and we could carry on. But they are too far gone to notice anything in the real world anymore.

          My husband mentioned something about "Scamway" on facebook which resulted in one IBO (my friends' boyfriend) messaging him repeatedly trying to convince him of this and that. Some college drop out (or at drop out to be) telling an extremely talented, well educated, business-minded 10-year-his-senior grown man what's what. Freaks! The second you say anything about it they don't agree with, they freak out. I mean, literally swarm all over you talking about being number one, going on a cruise, living the dream and other metaphors that make no sense. NOBODY CARES about your fake success! And trust me, the last person on earth who you could ever trick into thinking this was ever a legitimate organization or business structure is my husband.

          This organization and it's participants are the EPITOME of CREEPINESS. No wonder the FTC won't support this operation, they have been investigated numerous times, sued, settled, bankrupted and started all over again with a brand new face on the same old bull ### for the tiniest handful of freaks "earning" anything by ###ting their way over others. If you want to work for yourself, find a real business with a real plan, or try to come up with something for yourself. What the people in this business do to their people and the people around them is wrong.

          P.S. I'm sure, without a doubt, I can predict every word some nutty IBO will say in response to what I have here...CREEPY!!!

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            • Kk
              kkmcd Feb 08, 2011
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I did Amway in Canada years ago and your summary is exactly what I was told. Someone from my church contacted me and wanted to help me as well and to help me succeed and they had you going all over the place for these stupid meetings and you are getting poor and they were getting rich. When you can't recruit people to go to these stupid meetings then they stop contacting you. So after a period of time I quit going to their meetings and got what little refund I could from that business kit.

              1 Votes
            • Re
              Really? Aug 15, 2010

              This is the best summary of Amway/Quixtar I have ever read! I too had a "friend" want to help me succeed. What a bunch of crap.

              I cannot wait to read the canned Amway response to this well written document.

              1 Votes

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Amway GlobalBad service

            My friend was selling Amway so I went to the little presentation. There was another rep there that gave me a small sample of make-up to try out. She told me to take it home and see what I thought. I told my friend I didn’t like and probably wouldn’t buy. About a week later the other rep called me and asked for her make-up sample back! I told her I was confused because I thought the sample was for me to keep. She informed me that all samples are shared. I told that make-up was not supposed to be shared. She continued to send me texts telling me to give her the sample back. I told I would but I was always going to call the company. She then proceeded to be extremely rude. When I told her I would send the make-up back to the company and not her because I did not want to deal with her she told me, “You’re getting the rudeness you deserve. You mess with my company, you mess with me.” I’m sorry…what? How am I the one messing with a company? It’s never good business practice to pass around USED make-up samples with their USED brushes. Gross!

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              • Ra
                Ravenmoon96 Jun 06, 2011

                My Schwan's rep got me and my husband to go to a meeting and now he won't return emails or calls in response to my declining to become part of his "group" through LTD in Norfolk, VA. It is sad that people seem to flip out - but then again I guess they have to take their anger out on the people smart enough to see a pyramid scheme when they see one; bottom line is if the business or people cannot provide you with a copy of the FTC document of disclosure for their part then they are likely an even bigger scam and want you to buy "educational tools" to help you succeed in the business. RUN!

                0 Votes
              • Uc
                uclemons Apr 21, 2011

                She went the wrong way about doing things, a sample is never shared between clients. It is for personal use for that person.

                0 Votes
              • An
                andrewamador74 Oct 03, 2010

                I too sell from Amway. I apologize that she was rude to you. Please keep in mind that she is only a rep for what product she sells. The quality of the product does not change because of the seller. Many times I buy from McDonalds from burgers to bottle water. However, I do come across people who are plainly rude and mean. The cooperate cannot change the way their employees act, but they can reprimand them and/or terminate them. On the contrary, the rep you spoke with is her own boss. She is the cooperate. If you remember her rep number and name, call Amway to report her. They will instruct you what to do.

                0 Votes
              • St
                StephanieP3 Sep 30, 2010

                I'm so sorry this happened to you! I am a business owner through the World Wide Group, and I sell Amway products. Not everyone who sells Amway does so through the same company, like I said mine is through WWG. I would never treat someone like that and neither would any of my association. I hope this doesn't tarnish your thoughts of Amway in general, a lot of the products are great. Again, I'm so sorry that person was so rude to you! You are right, makeup should not be shared!

                0 Votes

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              AMWAYCoorg Resorts & Holidays

              Every experience at Club Mahindra has been a memorable one. From the tucking to giving bath to elephants we got more than expected. Adding to that, the food is delicious with the wide variety of dishes, even every meal has been a satisfying one.
              The most important is all the staff. They are even so courteous and willing to make the guest comfortable, by being friendly & helpful. Not only handful of them, but literally each one of them putting a great location and excellent resorts together, this stay will always be remembered.

              -Mr Prabhakar S, Mumbai

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Amway Finance Group — Loan Scams

                Well here is another complaint about a loan scam that I just went through. I consider myself as a person that...

                Alicor, Quixtar, Amway, Britt World Wide or BWW — Looting peoples money and Brainwashing them

                I would like to know that there are many people in and around San Jose who are making others life miserable...

                Amway/Quickstar — Cheating people

                On weekend while we went shopping, my husband and I met this person by name Ram Yellamanchi. He started a...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Amway.com / Quixtar — Brainwashing techniques they use, which strongly resemble those used by religious cults

                When I realized my husband would never be able to bring himself to do the things they asked in order to...

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