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LetGo / Customer service

Joshua Shane Williams on Jun 24, 2017
Nigel and a Bryan in the Houston Texas location called me to go ahead and give me a credit for the iPad that I scammed from me. During this conversation Nigel asked for my social which he then proceeded to mock me by saying, "what an idiot, I get on the phone say I'm a manager then you...

LetGo / iPhone was stolen that I was trying to sell

Griffin Kemp on Jun 23, 2017
Tried to sell my old iPhone and it was stolen by the guy i was selling it to. He gave me fake money and took off with my phone. He took out the SIM card and I didn't realize it was fake until I opened the bills to see they had fake writing on them. I would appreciate a call from someone at...

LetGo / Ruffy888

Jean Mueller on Jun 23, 2017
Fraudulent activity.Answered my ad for IPad mini 2.Said he wished to buy my IPad mini.Said he would uses PayPal, got email from "PayPal"checked and it was fraudulent.I was selling an IPad mini and he contacted me about buying it for his girlfriend.He told me to check my spam email for a...

LetGo / Scammers running wild

Irania Moran on Jun 23, 2017
Hi, so I was selling a small black and silver Lenovo laptop since I needed the money to pay off the rest of my rent or else I would get kicked out. I signed onto let go due to hearing good things about it and it was much safer than Craigslist. I instantly got people who were scammers who...

LetGo / Jayco Eagle Winnebago/ Rita Shannon/ Scam

Gail T Brantley on Jun 22, 2017
I found a 2000 Jayco Eagle motorhome for sale in the Savannah, Georgia area letgo. I responded on June 19, 2017 and Rita Shannon asked for my email address saying she posted it for her sister who would contact me by email soon. I was contacted by Sarah Walker, sarah.walker48@aol.com, 3018...

LetGo / Person/ Elizabeth reidy/chabela Elizabeth

Chasten Church on Jun 22, 2017
She is telling everyone on letgo that she low income and has very little when she trying to finish her other side of house plus has more in her house then a person should have its degrading to america that she should be allowed to continue plus she has her fb on public so the public also...

LetGo / Is a person scamming

Chinolatino on Jun 21, 2017
He puts a phone for sale for $260 you send the payment for to 260 in he'll block you in let go and then he goes to the next day or two and post the item again 260 she asked you for your email your name for your address he sent you a text with some bogus phone number 7708007136 this is the...

LetGo / Review to be remove

Maryjane Flynn on Jun 21, 2017
on my account 'POkiri' reviewed on my account a very inaccurate negative comment. He states that my responses were slow, I'm untrustworthy and we chatted over a long inquiry; however I messaged him June 20th and this sale was resolved in less than 24 hours. That's not a long response time...

LetGo / Liliana Navarro/ Apple Watch

Emily Vickers on Jun 21, 2017
I tried to buy an Apple Watch series 2 from them, and they were totally good. Met up, and I bought it. Then I took it to the Apple Store to have it checked out and they told me it was only a series 1. I texted them to meet so we could exchange back and when her husband replied, he was very...

LetGo / Illegal distribution in electronics

Varik on Jun 21, 2017
I was searching for Sega Genesis systems and kept coming across people selling "softmod" systems containing "backups" or "roms". Some even for games that are still on the market. Selling this product is piracy and illegal, which, especially for games that are still on the market, can bring...

LetGo / complaint about letgo discrimination against disabled war vet

REG BULLDOG#1 on Jun 20, 2017
My name is Reginald Drummond I'm a 48 year old disabled war vet I served for the United States Marine Corps from 1988 to 1992 serve two and a half years in combat in Iraq in the Gulf War came home injured lucky to be able to walk so here's my problem I'm sitting in my attorney's office...

LetGo / money due to me being kept

Roe Mehu on Jun 19, 2017
Carly Rae and I agreed on a price for a headboard. We've communicate all day (see my chats). I arrived, She says she lives upstairs and wouldn't be able to help me carry the item. She failed to mention that earlier that she lived at the top floor. She dismantles it in the hallway. I...

LetGo / payment

WalterBaxt on Jun 19, 2017
Does it make sense to tell consumers that the safest way to.make a teansaction is through meeting with cash only? I think that is the idiotic tip i have ever received. Rather than making an online transaction feature through something like paypal you promote induividuals to meet in an undocumented location. This is a major flaw in your software system

LetGo / a false review I was given

Melissa Doane Jones on Jun 19, 2017
I'm going to try to make this short. For five days I worked with this "lady". She asked me to negotiate ( she tells me that doesn't mean to drop my prices) So I negotiate. Then I don't hear from her for awhile so I left a review because she was bring so flaky by having me drop prices and...

LetGo / car : bmw — x5-2006-3.01 awd suv

Guichard Chery on Jun 18, 2017
It happened on May 28, 2017 : I sent $1500 for the price that car was listed and another $1500 for shipment. I have not received any car and any refund. I want to report that letgo scam member identified with the listing as : ( Car ) 2006 -- BMW-X5 - 3.0 or precisely as ashleymcbride098@gmail.com I have...

LetGo / regarding a review on me

Linda Booth on Jun 18, 2017
Someone by the name Trina Spears posted to my site a review...which was not a good review. I do not know this person and have not done a business deal with her or a sale. Could you please find out more about this issue and then remove it from my site . My reviews are very important to me...

LetGo / michael khors purse

Anna Womack on Jun 18, 2017
I Bought this purse from the MK website for $400 but it is flagging it as a duplicate and I know for a fact is not a duplicate I need to sell this to pay for my bankruptcy and I need it to sell fast please help me resolve my problem. I am trying to sell a bunch of name brand items but if...

LetGo / need history of a transaction, urgent

Agent007sloan on Jun 17, 2017
My son son sold an Xbox on let go in Vallejo, some point later he was kidnapped after they invited him in and said if your mom is a rat he would be violently molested. He does has several personations but still lives I was told. I can't remember the date or address, for what I'm about to...

LetGo / pallets

Susan Scott on Jun 16, 2017
I met a lady the other day about pallets I was giving away. The meeting didn't go well. She was very rude and said i swore at her in her review of me. It was a lie. She blocked me and I blocked her but I forgot I had my address in the conversation. I would like to have it deleted. I wasn't...

LetGo / reporting buyer fraud

Antonia Valencia on Jun 16, 2017
Sam newell is asking that I text to discuss better. I sent a text. I received the following message: I will love to send you a certified check for my payment and you will have it within 4 days, and I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your money. I need you to...

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