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Letgo / I phone app

Clare weiner on Mar 26, 2017
I just downloaded your app on my iPhone. However, I did not realize I was going to have to pay for the app. I thought the app was free. Please advise me of what I need to do to get a credit. I much prefer to speak with someone rather than email or text. Having said that, my email addre...

Letgo / Computer

Covergirl23 on Mar 25, 2017
I got ripped out of 500 dollars from Kyle who sold me a computer that doesn't work and then artery is not working at all. I asked several times if it had battery issues and he assured me that it didn't. He won't answer me at all nor give me my money back. I've tried reaching him and trying...

Letgo / A review under review

Cameron Hall on Mar 24, 2017
I have a negative review that I would like to edit to a positive one. The buyers name is Joe, our transaction has been completed with his purchase of several items. I put the review under review so it is frozen from any updates. We agreed once I change my review he will change his to a...

Letgo / Let go staff suspending my account for no reason and will not respond

Alexa86 on Mar 23, 2017
I have been a long time seller and attempted to login to my account and it says my account is under review. I have contacted and requested reason why my account is under review and not allowed to login. I am constantly receiving emails stating people are messaging me about my items for...

Letgo / Scammers

Corbinj on Mar 23, 2017
You really need to get these scammers who are posting vehicles for sale under control. It is completely obvious as I have emailed them and got them to send me an invoice that I could pay via Amazon gift cards. Please get control of this. I am flagging these every single day. They are very...

Letgo / Rude seller

Diego Ayala on Mar 23, 2017
I wanted to buy a product from some dude. He said he had it, bothered me many times to go get it, till I finally did. He didnt have the product, and kept harrassing me to buy other products, and then got mad that i wouldnt answer and posted a negative review on my page, and even admitted...

Letgo / Shoes

Timothy Bennett on Mar 23, 2017
I sold a pair of shoes for $220 I received fake money I didn't know and I paid at my work with it and now they are trying to fire me saying I knew it was fake and I feel my job doesn't believe me I need to get in contact with the buyer to let the police know so I don't loose my job. I...

Letgo / Silver collectible coins

Thomas Burkert on Mar 23, 2017
I purchased 55 supposed antique silver coins from the 1800's and come to find out they are all counterfeit coins, 100%. The seller is no longer responding: Seller: "TC" from Hawthorn, CA Title of listing: 1800 antique silver coins Price paid: $775 I would appreciate any and all help or...

Letgo / Washing machine

Trisha brown on Mar 23, 2017
Bought a washer from Tom in Marcy NY and I was with a Sims card to use it. He said that if you get aggravated you can connect the two wire in the inside and it will work. Called him and told him that it's reading bad card and he said he would bring a new one to my house never came. Don't answer the phone from my number. He scammed me do not buy washer

Letgo / I sent money but the man scammed me.

Sammy Sosa on Mar 22, 2017
I met this man (Andrew Tweed) off of the app letgo. We made an agreement of him to send the iphone when i send the money. So i sent the money and he didn't follow through with the agreement. The police told me to contact yall to see if yall can do something anout the froud. I want the...

Letgo / 2007 chevy silverado

Mayme on Mar 21, 2017
Yes we did the same thing buying this truck. We where told to go and buy 4 $500.00 Amazon gift card's. With cash and take a picture of the back of the card and sales receipt. Than we where asked to send another $800.00 (2 $400.00). To cover shipping from Topeka Kansas to our address. We...

Letgo / Bad Review

Dana17 on Mar 20, 2017
I received a bad review from a person, Jim Hartman, who did not understand English. I explained the item he was contacting me about was already sold and the one I had in the store was not for sale. Letgo is "suppose" to be reviewing it. All the while it still shows on my account. Any...

Letgo / New security safe

HeyYou2! on Mar 19, 2017
Hello, I arranged pick up at 730PM of a brand new 1.23 cu ft Sentry Safe (combination lock) that was sealed in box with banding with Letgo app user (Isaiah Sanders) for $60. When I arrived at the provided address to get the safe, I asked for the box to be opened and I was assured it wa...

Letgo / Knives

sdavid95559@yahoo.com on Mar 19, 2017
Everytime i Post a knife it gets removed I was wandering if it's just my knives sence there are about fifteen knifes posted on your site that's been there for over a week.are they paying to have them posted or are they relationship to someone working for your company.I don't think it'...

Letgo / 2012 can am atv being sold by beginethas@gmail.com. Unethical behaviour

Ed Peason on Mar 18, 2017
Selling a 2012 Can Am Atv. which is listed on Letgo under several cities of location Columbus OH Fort Worth Texas ETC ETC. I contacted the seller by email they wanted payment thru EBAY transaction. I told them I want to meet in person and pay cash. They came back and told me it is in a...

Letgo / Seller was unresponsive and suspicious

Matthew Cobb on Mar 18, 2017
I recently tried to purchase an item from a Letgo user, but it didn't look like their account was verified through Facebook. There messages seemed very legitimate, but unfortunately this person was a no show for our first meeting time. They gave us a time and place to meet and never once...

Letgo / Changing countries

parleies on Mar 17, 2017
hello - my account says my profile is correct - Washingtonville, NY but whenever I go onto my account it wont let me view any item other than in Canada. whenever I try to change the view item or put in a different address, it just stays frozen and only keeps the Canadian posts visible. I have...

Letgo / Poor review

Kenny Wade on Mar 17, 2017
Good afternoon. I was dealing with a guy on your app and asking questions about his product and trying to make a deal with him when he told me I was wasting his time and we were done, so I said to the man "what a joke". He proceeded to block me and than gave me a poor review saying I wa...

Letgo / 2001 toyota tacoma truck

Jackson s thomas on Mar 16, 2017
I responded to an ad on your website and talking to the seller through email.After it was all set and we proceeded with deal, he/she was using eBay motors as the shipper.It was a truck that I was buying and I my first payment of $1520, the seller said that I have to pay for shipping...

Letgo / Selling

janice magalas on Mar 16, 2017
I have an account with Letgo, but do not have a smart phone or such...I have a home phone, and a PC how can I sell an item, and chat, or even set up selling and buying without the download that does not seem to work on my home computer? My phone number is 863-6937-7650 if someone can...

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