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Letgo / Apple Watch

Omar Elgaouni on Nov 19, 2017
I sold my Apple Watch for $300 and the guy took my Apple Watch and ran away. I tried following him, but i was too slow. His username was Charlie Ruth and when i tried contacting him again, his account was unavailable. I needed that money to pay my rent and now I may get evicted. Is there...

Letgo / IPhone 7 plus, black color

Tania Miah on Nov 19, 2017
Hi, I just recently went to go buy a phone from a person but they scammed me and took my money. It was $250. The person I bought from was named Jessica. She was African American, had dark lipstick on and there were other variety of stuff that she sold like a laptop, etc. Anyways the phone...

Letgo / false advertising of scooter

gaiety on Nov 18, 2017
I purchased an electric scooter from mr. Robert Taylor on 10 /22. I arranged a friend to go with me to pick it up from mr. Taylor I paid $750 for this scooter I repeatedly asked him was anything wrong and he stated no he had had a stroke and his balance wasn't good so that's why he wa...

Letgo / Lobster pot piece

Charlie Rogers on Nov 16, 2017
I was try Gn to sell a buoy and lobster pot piece I found on the beach and it wouldn't let me. I was unable to find out why. It said that I violated the agreement but when I went to find out why it didn't say anything. I just want to know why I was unable to put this item on letgo. It'...

Letgo / Repeatedly lead discarded post a free items

uneikusernaim on Nov 16, 2017
I'm trying to give away free Mary Kay consultant items. The Letgo posting was discarded as a supposed violation of terms and conditions back-to-back probably 12 to 15 times. LETGO - Explain why this is happening. Do not reply with a generic terms and conditions violation response. Give me...

Letgo / theft

Toni Olivares on Nov 14, 2017
You have a user by the name of Mr NiceGuy in Knoxville that is paying with counterfeit bills. My daughter sold him a PS4 with games and a controller today 11/14/2017. When she went to the bank thats when they discovered the money wasnt real. Please investigate and remove this person from...

Letgo / a user named david

Evangeline Siliva on Nov 14, 2017
Hello, I would like to report an offensive user. Please have him removed immediately. His name is David. I have a screenshot of what he said if you need it. This type of behavior is unnecessary and I think it is absurd that he said that and immediately blocked me because he did not want me to...

Letgo / bought a device that was stolen

Craig Hassiem on Nov 14, 2017
bought a iphone 7 I desperately needed a new phone and found one on let go and with the guy named tyler his username on letgo is tyler b. I met him he stated phone wasn't stolen and I bought it and now the phone is blacklisted and im not able to use the device and im not able to use the...

Letgo / tablet

Naydarling on Nov 14, 2017
I bought a Amazon Fire tablet from a Brittany Hamilton here on Largo and I never could get it to register. I called Amazon to find out why and they said it was reported stolen. I am upset that she sold me a stolen item and I would like her to get into trouble for her action. I met her and...

Letgo / possible scam

Jeane O’Donnell on Nov 14, 2017
Customer wanted an item and was willing to pay extra to have the item held. She ask for me to text her to set up everything. She proceeds to tell me I would receive a certified check and then I could pay the mover from that money when merchandise was picked up by her mover. Someone explained thi...

Letgo / it won't let me send something

Micah Alan baum on Nov 13, 2017
I am selling a car and I really want to sell it but somebody texted me asking if it was available. (At the bottom it said be extra careful when exchanging emails and phone numbers and stuff) anyways I tried to text them back and it just keeps saying message not sent with a x next to it. I...

Letgo / postal code / location

bootsherelle on Nov 13, 2017
Hello from Ontario, Canada...At your request, some time ago, when i complained about this situation, you suggested i call Canada Post re postal code... I called my Canada Post about my location a few days ago about my address showing up on your site as Hamilton, not Hamilton Township...

Letgo / selling my product

Dionne Oakley on Nov 13, 2017
I have posted several items for sell and they keep being discarded! My photos are clear, just as clear as the other sellers so I don't understand why my post are discarded. I had someone trying to make an offer on a dress but it was marked "no longer available" why??? This is very...

Letgo / selling items on letgo.com

jmhillsiii on Nov 12, 2017
They deleted my adds randomly calling them duplicates. I was in the process of moving so my time was very limited and I needed to sell items quickly. I created an add for a couch then another for a loveseat. they deleted my add for the couch saying it was a duplicate. I then recreated the...

Letgo / deleted review by letgo of sold item.

Stephufnagel on Nov 12, 2017
I updated a review of a user that bought from me. Matthew. What he did to me was true. Please refer to our chat session for further information. Why did this review get deleted!? He promised to bring my china back and did not. He is not trustworthy and people should know this. Why delete it...

Letgo / the ease of a stranger using your email to sell stuff.

Selin Akman on Nov 12, 2017
This is not the first time this has happened; this is my first time complaining because it is becoming ridiculous. Letgo should require verification before sending notifications & allowing the sale of items from that account. Again, someone is using my email (Selin. Akman2@gmail) to sell...

Letgo / https://app.letgo.com/k8mk/enrbukh8xh - samsung 4k uhd smart tv 2016 posted by ambernbo green

dana pogue on Nov 12, 2017
This is one of many post this individual has for sale and possibly other things already sold. I can't believe this person hasn't been flagged and investigated. Besides this TV, go through the rest of the items for sale and take a good look around at each picture and tell me if...

Letgo / automobile sales

Bernard Edwards on Nov 11, 2017
There is a Nissan Dealership Salesperson flooding the Letgo Site with their new and used automobile inventory. One ad after another. This is very annoying to us that are searching for used cars from individuals. Would you please get back to me on this policy. bge@windstream.net. Thank...

Letgo / the allowance of minor children being allowed to sell their property on let go without parental consent

Yvette Dorsey on Nov 11, 2017
My twelve year old grandson has created an online account with this company without my permission. He has been selling his belongings, such as his gaming systems for a lower fraction of the cost to actually purchase them. My complaint is that, because he is a minor, why isn't your website...

Letgo / paid $1.99 for five items to move up on sellers priority but never got the service.

karl sanders on Nov 8, 2017
I paid $1.99 to upgrade your service for five items ( total of $10.00) but never got the upgrade. I used your email about five hours before it expired to make you aware of it and asked for my money back. but no response . In fact I could not even find any of my products after scrolling for...

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