Les Schwab / brake job

Springfield, United States

Les Schwab moment

I have had pretty good luck with Les Schwab. I needed new window wipers and they kept trying different ones until I got some that gave the best coverage. Then there was the time that my tire was flat and they fixed it for free. During the winter months my front breaks were squealing and so I took it in to Les Schwab. It only happened first thing in the morning and I was assured that overnight moisture was the cause of the problem. Sure enough once they dried out everything was fine. They did take a look at my brakes and stated everything was fine. Then about 5-6 months later the squealing came back continuously. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital so my wife took the car in. She took it to a different Les Schwab which was located close to the hospital. They informed her that the two front brake pads were down to metal on metal and needed to be replaced. They also informed her that in order to get a warranty on the replacement that they would also have to replace the calipers. This amounted to $341 whereas replacing only the pads should have run about $100-150. From [protected] I was in the hospital 11 times (averaging $75, 000 a pop). I am currently on disability retirement making $764 a month. My wife is a caregiver making $10 an hour with lousy medical benefits. She currently has stomach issues but because we live from paycheck to paycheck she is unable to see a physician for her problem. I may also lose my right leg if my current condition doesn't heal properly. I am not complaining about my condition but feel that the Les Schwab located on Harlow St. in Springfield, Oregon took advantage of a situation. The Les Schwab located on West 11th in Eugene, Oregon has always been helpful. I only wished that my wife had gone there.

Aug 18, 2014

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