Leon's / needed a box spring that measured under 53 inches wide.

Thunder Bay Ontario, United States

We purchased an antique bed and were in need of a box spring no wider than 53 inches. Tim the sales associate was amazing. We found one that measured 52 1/2 inches. We are aware that there are variances in measurements, so notes were placed all over our file about the need for the measurement. Tim measured the box spring to be loaded on the truck for delivery the night before. The box spring arrived and was too big so we refused it. ( never mind the delivery window of 5 hours and they showed up 2 hours after that window!) I spoke with Tim that evening he said to come in the following day and he will look after it. When I arrived I was treated so rudely. I was told I had to repurchase the box spring through another associate. I asked if someone could just re-measure the one that we returned. After 20 min the lady returned and said they won't measure it, that it is the measurement they said it was the night before. The didn't measure it my husband did who is not a carpenter by any means. I asked if I could purchase the floor model. After verifying with a Jeff Megahan the product manager, I was told I could at full price, as is, no refunds or exchanges and too bad if it didn't fit. So Jeff (who never introduced himself to me), the associate and I walked over to the display to re-measure. I was not introduced to Jeff so had no idea who he was. He measure the box spring and said it was 53 inches. I said I was frustrated that I purchased this box spring on the pretense that it would be under the 53 inches. I told him that Tim who was not there on that day had measured one in the warehouse and it was under the 53. Jeff told me that he was not sending anyone back there to look. I said so you are not willing to help me at all? His reply Nope, I don't have the man power. I stated all I askedfor was for someone to re-measure the returned one. He walked away from me without saying another word. The associate then went back to re-measure and it turns out it was under 53 inches. This whole process took 3 hours! When I repurchased the box spring I was told" This is it, no refunds or exchanges, if it didn't fit than tough!. I left my name and number with a very lovely lady behind the counter for the store manager to call me. I told her how upset I was, and that I had never been treated so poorly before. She even thought the way I was spoken to was unacceptable. It has been 3 working days since the incident and I have yet to hear from the store manager. I am informing you of the situation and letting you know you will never receive my business again. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. I intend to use this to my full advantage should I continue to have no response form you are the store here. Christina Bake Thunder Bay Ontario.

Oct 17, 2017

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