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Peterborough, ON, Canada Review updated:

I went to buy 2 leather sofas and 2 night stands and an end table at Leon's thinking it was one of the"higher end " furniture stores. Not ... I bought 2 leather sofas that were delivered to me, placed close against a wall and thought nothing of it. When the delivery guys left I took a very close look at my furniture and noticed that on the back of the sofa ($1000.00) was a panel that was completely off!! I looked further to see that approx. 15 staples, yes staples, were off Can you believe they use staples on a $1000.00 sofa???? So i called and all they would do was come and re-staple it up.My 3 year old could have done that. Well that is the good part of my nightmare at Leon's. I also ordered a $300.00 end table that, of course couldn't be delivered for 1- 2 weeks I was told. 4 weeks go by no end table. I call Leon's and they say it won't be in until June!!! That's 3 months after I ordered it!!! So I decide to call in mid- April to see if any have come in by some miracle and low and behold I am told that Ashley furniture has them in stock now. Wow what luck!! They say to me on the phone that because I Waited so long they will assemble for me for free!!! I had no idea that it came unassembled. So they come in my front door with this big black end table and I immediately see 2 big nicks right on the front of the table not to mention it was covered in 3 inches of thick dust all over it !! I was pissed off. I refused it, of course, then called the store and wanted to hear what their excuse was for sending me trash. Guess what?? I got 3 different answers from 3 different people until it was finally 'ADMITTED" by the manager that they sent me a floor model!!! What a nerve. Do they make this a common practice of sending out USED furniture as new??? If they think people are going to fall for this kind of deceit they have another thing coming. Check your furniture carefully and when you buy something go to the store the next day and see if it is still on display cause it may be the floor model that you just purchased for the price of new furniture.Oh yeah, by the way, Ashley still says they won't be available until June so the salesperson lied 3 times to me . Also ask them to bring the box that it came in cause you know what??I believe my couch is possibly a floor model also!! Guess I won't to going back to people like that again and I hope all you people out there don't let them take you for a fool like they tried with me.

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      23rd of Apr, 2012

    Dear Ms. Diamond,

    I am sorry to hear about the negative shopping experience at Leon's. I've spoken with our customer service manager and he tells me the situation regarding the end table has been resolved and that we are giving you a $50.00 gift certificate and that you will be re-selecting to something else. I apologize for any inconvenience you experienced . I can assure you that this is an isolated incident and corrective action has been taken to ensure this does not happen again.

    Regarding the sofa that was serviced. If you are not satisfied with the service that was provided I can send our service manager to your home to make sure it has been fixed properly. Please contact our service department if you would like them to review the work that has been done.


    Tom Reburn Jr.
    General Manager
    Leon's Furniture: Peterborough

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