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My husband and I purchased our first home together and were very excited to get the opportunity to buy our furniture from Leons. We purchased over $4000 in furniture and we still needed to purchase more but we thought we would purchase at a later date. We purchased all of our stuff at end of December and our house closing was in March. We placed two orders that day as we needed one sooner as it was going to another location. The sales representative went to another location so when we called to check up on the mattress that was suppose to be delivered in two weeks, no one helped us. Instead they gave us the number to the location that the sales representative had gone. It is not our fault that someone has left but it is their responsibility to ensure that all leons customers that shop at that location have received their products. IT IS CALLED TAKING OWNERSHIP. After numerous calling, we finally got it over 4 weeks later. We were fortunate that we got to price match the rest of our furniture towards end of January when it was save the tax event, so we are suppose to receive just over $500 back, which warning, you only receive on furniture not the tax on the protection for the furniture. They never told us that the refund would not be processed till after delivery, we called back a week later and they said "we cannot refund back the price match until after delivery", which makes no sense as you had to pay upfront so why would we have to wait on getting our own money back. So the customer service rep on the phone said if you come in we will process for you just we can't do it without you, we said okay. We got busy and the visa that we had placed the actual order on was changed, so I called them back and said it won't be the same visa but can we come in and get it processed, they said sure, they placed a note on the account so that if someone checked the day we came in, it would be understandable. My husband went in after work in rush hour, spent half hour to get there and they kept telling him there is no refund as they kept only looking at the mattress invoice. It is common sense for any representative to do their due diligence. DON'T WASTE A CUSTOMERS TIME! CHECK EVERYTHING! My husband was there for an hour dealing with this and nothing was done so he decided to come back. I called right after and the girl on the phone was like oh ya I see the comment on the invoice, we didn't notice it before! The supervisor will do right now, just give me your new card number, gave it! I decided not to speak to manager as I let it go again in good gesture, this was March 2nd, today is March 9th and the refund was never processed. Called them today to find out why after a week I didn't get, she says oh apparently they tired to do on your old visa card but they will do right now if I give them my card number! This was the last straw! When I had called and provided everything and comment was put on invoice why was it still not processed? Why is it that I have to call again? When I asked to speak to manager, I was placed on hold and then transferred and after two rings, the customer rep picked up again and said the manager is on the phone with a customer! Now, it could be possible that she was on the phone with a customer or it could be that she did not want to deal with it as for them this is nothing! For a customer, they have spent money on material and on service. We can get furniture for cheaper from other places but we went to leons for their service and for the fact that we believed we wouldn't have to deal with too much hassle! APPARENTLY we were wrong. BASED ON OUR EXPERIENCE THIS TIME, WE DON'T WANT TO COME TO LEONS AGAIN. If not compensation for what we have gone through, we should at least receive a proper apologize for the hassle we had to go through in just two months!

We are not complaining about the furniture, the customer service is our biggest issue for a company so big!

Mar 09, 2017

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