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after buying $6000 orth of furniture; Leons was set to delivery but couldnt commit to a soild date or time. after several attemps to delivery my stuff came however, one piece was damaged and need to be replaced. after several more times to deliever the replacement; when they came and replaced my damaged piece they ending up damaging my hard wood floors. I attempted to resovle it with Leaons but they delicined to do so without reason.

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I would like them to repair my floor or discount me on the products that i bought and i'll repair the damaged floor myself

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  • Ee
      Jan 22, 2013

    I had a similar situation. I will not purchase anything from Leon's anymore and the driver’s attitudes was so bad too. I think they need good/professional customer service because when I called them they were keep on transferring the calls after waiting more than three weeks still I had to wait another 10hrs to get my stuffs because they made a mistake while they were packing it, Especially I don’t like “North York, Ontario Location” customer service. They need to hire good people who are there to acknowledge their fault or say at lease sorry.

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  • Aw
      Jan 26, 2013

    I purchased a mattress and mattress cover from Leon's in South Edmonton on Jan 7th, and scheduled delivery for Jan 14th. I took the 14th off work to be at home for the delivery, and all they delivered was the cover, no mattress. So I called to see what the deal was and I was told that it wouldn't be in stock until the 20th. I asked why they set up the delivery if the mattress wasn't in stock and she said the salesperson should have known this. So I rescheduled the delivery for Jan 26th (today). No calls, no delivery. So I called again and this time I'm told that there was no delivery scheduled and the mattress still is NOT IN STOCK!!!, it's expected by "the end of the month". I said "you know what? This is pathetic, I ordered this mattress 3 weeks ago, and I was told I would have it 2 weeks ago. I'm tired of this, I just want my money back. So they refunded my money and I'm back where I started, shopping for a mattress. Thank you so much Leon's for your awesome service, expert salespeople and fast effective delivery service. Not!! -sincerely A.W.

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