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-Misty Tardiff
ORDER NUMBER [protected]

This is my first experience ordering prescription glasses online. Unfortunately this experience has been extremely frustrating. I ordered prescription glasses two weeks ago. When I ordered, I paid (partially with insurance. I sent in my prescription immediately and I also input my optometrist's contact information. I have heard absolutely nothing in regards to my order. No confirmation of order received email. No calls or emails to ask questions. I called the customer service line. After being on hold for 20 minutes I decided to send an email instead. I sent an e-mail last Thursday expressing my concern about not getting updates or confirmation about my order. On Monday I received an email saying they would be happy to answer questions when I call. Once again I call and this time I'm able to speak with a representative. First she tells me she can't even find my order. Then she tells me that they sent two e-mails to me requesting my optometrist's number because the one I provided was a non working number. I immediately checked my spam folder because I received no email whatsoever. I was never emailed. I then double checked the number I provided to my optometrist. It was correct. I called to verify and had no problem reaching my doctor.

I am so disappointed and confused as to what is going on. The worst part about it is I want to request a refund but if it doesn't get back to my insurance company in time, I am going to completely miss out on my annual prescription glasses coverage since it is December. I would hope that if I request a refund they will at least honor the insurance coverage as well.


Dec 10, 2018

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