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LensCrafters / they have the worst costumer service

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Well I had my new glasses handed to me March 21st, not even 2 weeks later my glasses are spotty and it seems as if the glare resistant stuff had chipped off. I go in and a manager gives me this BS of a story saying that I scratched it and it is my problem yada yada yada... So I call corporate and yes you may ask what day today is and it is April 24th and they call me and tell me to go get new lenses and this is after calling like twice a week... What BS... The management is rude and no one knows what to do... I will NEVER and I mean NEVER buy another pair of glasses there so long as I live.

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  • Qu
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I think what you should do is contact your state Attorney General and ask his office to investigate LensCrafters. Explain your story in a concise letter to the AG. You would be surprised at the numer of complaints against LensCrafters that are all over the Internet.

    LensCrafters is clearly a company that is begging to be investigated.

  • Sa
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    I am also DONE with LensCrafters. I purchased a pair of Maui Jim perscription sunglasses from the Newport Beach store and they came back with the wrong lenses, single vision instead of progressive. I was at lake Havasau all summer and when I got back I took then to the store and was told they wouldnt be able to fix them because it was past thier thirty day guarantee. I explained it was thier mistake not mine and was then told by the manager they couldn't do anything. They said it would be cheaper just to get a new pair, so like most consumers I gave in and ordered a new pair and also a new perscription non-sunglass that would tint, so I wouldn't have to change glasses in the car. (My order totalled over $1200) Well I used my old glasses for the next two months until I tried on the NEW ones and guess what- Transition Lenses don't darken while in your vehicle, you have to be in direct sunlight.
    I then went to a REAL eye doctor and found that Maui Jim has a one year warranty on perscription lenses and I never had to spend the $1200 at Lenscrafters after all to try and accomplish my needs. LENSCRAFTER'S solution... we will send the first pair and have the right lenses put in at no charge to you, I wanted the cost of the first pair refunded and that AGAIN could not be done.LOOKS LIKE IT'S TIME FOR SMALL CLAIMS COURT.
    It's SAD they don't even respect thier own customers, I hope thier out of business soon

  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    Ok, let me get something straight. You want the anti-glare coating, but more than likely purchased the base anti-glare, or the invisible, you get them, but won't fork over just a few more dollars for proper lens cloths and cleaners, which on both counts makes you cheap. You could also be classified as lazy, as for if you were too cheap to buy the proper lens cleaning materials, but also didn't want to come into the store when you needed your glasses cleaned. Alas, your extreme combination of laziness and cheapness caused you to resort to using your T-shirt and windex, more than likely, which you were warned about upon dispense of the product. How dare Lenscrafters not replace your lenses free of cost when you were informed of the exact way your lenses needed to be cared for. Here's a similar story that may help you understand how you may have been in the wrong, if you can comprehend the relation: You buy a brand new BMW from a dealership and after the car is driven, it gets dirty, warranting a trip to the car wash. Oh, but car washes are so expensive, you're bound to save a few dollars and wash the car yourself. The man at the dealership didn't explain to you how to wash your car (which happens in real life because everyone knows what can scratch the paint on your car and car salesmen assume you know what to use. Once again, keep in mind Lenscrafters tells you what you can and can not use). You see a major build up of dirt in one spot of the car, so you think that the only thing to bust through the filth is sandpaper. You make sure to use it just enough to get the layer of dirt off, wash it, let it dry...OH NO! You now have a matte finish to the location of where the dirt once was. You drive to the dealership and talk to the salesman again, tell him that the finish should've stayed on forever, no matter what the car was exposed to, and ask for another one. The salesman then laughs at you hysterically. Just because you messed something up, well-knowing what would happen to it if you didn't take basic care of it, you expect Lenscrafters to replace them free of charge. They had every right to turn you away, but you could've replaced them at 50% of the cost. Where else can you get that, with the same quality product?

    You were negligent and don't like when you're told you're negligent. And for that mental disability, I weep for you. I hope you can soon join the real world where people take responsibility for their wrongdoing.

    I've seen so many people saying that the Attorney General should do something and how they have a valid lawsuit. If this was true, you wouldn't be ### on this website, but rolling around in your court winning, which Lenscrafters tries to crawl out of bankruptcy.

    As for you, Sam Sawyer: The optician in which sold you the transition lenses should've told you that these lenses will not darken in the car. If not, that's too bad, but you should've noticed this quickly, and brought them in just as quickly to obtain a refund. For the first pair, I'm sure while you were out of town an entire summer, you didn't bother with finding another Lenscrafters in which would solve your situation actually within warranty. While you were partying it up, you didn't want to solve your problems until the trip had ended, knowing good and well that you would be out of warranty. I also want to know about your REAL doctor. Since Lenscrafters obviously hires fake, unlicensed doctors. I also think you are a bit confused in the role this doctor played in the purchase of your frames. A doctor of optometry's job is to diagnose eye problems and correct them. They're not on the retail floor saying, "Oh this look cute on you!" They have a degree and don't engage in these activities. That's what opticians are for.

    So good job, Jackson. You did an awesome job ### about something in which was your fault and acquired something for free. The managers followed protocol and if a customer is mad enough, they'll end up calling corporate and no matter whose fault it may be, you will get something out of it. Perhaps you should've spent less time ### corporate, and more time learning grammar. I would like to introduce to you, the comma.

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