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Lens Crafters / atrocious customer service

1 Warrington, PA, United States

I am writing because of the atrocious customer service I received at the Warrington, PA location. I ordered a pair of eyeglasses on July 30th and was told that the glasses would be ready in ten days. The kind saleswoman even stamped my receipt with the expected date: August 9th. So I waited.

And waited. August 17th rolled around, and I still hadn’t received a phone call, so I went into the store to find out what the holdup was. I was told that the frames had not yet arrived, and that someone would ascertain the problem and call me. So I went home and waited.

And Waited. On August 24th, a whole week later, I still had not received a phone call . I paid another visit to Lenscrafters. This time, I was told that someone had failed to call “central” to find out what the problem was, but not to worry- they would call “central” immediately. So I took a seat and waited. After about ten minutes a man appeared, conferred with the saleswoman, and told me that the frames were being shipped express and that I could expect my glasses soon. Hooray.

Today is August 30th, a whole month after I originally ordered my glasses. This afternoon, I made my final visit to Lenscrafters. Not only were my glasses still not ready, but the supervisor was unapologetic and downright rude. He offered absolutely no explanation as to why it took so long. When I requested that he call my insurance company to ensure that they would get their money back as well, he had the gall to refuse. When I pressed him, he said “ I can do it, but it’s a courtesy. You’re just trying to give me a hard time.”

Really? Courtesy? I don’t think a single employee at that place even knows the definition of the word “courtesy”. A phone call to let me know that my frames would be late. That would have been courteous. Suggesting I choose another frame. That would have been courteous. Offering me a discount, offering to call my insurance company, and apologizing for the delay. That would have been courteous. I didn’t get any courtesy. I got laziness and disrespect.

For the past month I have suffered near-constant headaches because my eyes are too sensitive for the contact lenses that I have been forced to wear. I’m fairly certain that I will never be able to bring myself to spend money at a Lenscrafters again. My family and friends, having heard about the horrible customer service for the past month, will likely also abstain from ever setting foot in a Lenscrafters again.

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