LBC Express / mistake of an lbc staff

Makati City, PH

To whom it may concern:

This is to inform your office of the incident that gave discomfort to me as the sender and to the consignee as well.

The tracking number is [protected]. I am lorna agustino maglangit, the sender and the consignee as I wrote, it was ermark/sheryl maglangit cena and not metro retail store as it was written in the official receipt (Or). Please see attached xerox copies (Exhibit 1 & 2).

I sent my package last nov. 18, 2016 at 2:04p. M.In the lbc outlet at cityland herrera tower, rufino cor. Valero st. , salcedo village, bel-air, makati city. It was ms. Danalyn bragais, lbc staff who processed my transaction. When she handed me the or to affix my signature, she did not tell me to check the details if those were correct. I did not check the details because I trusted her that she will encode the name of the consignee correctly and the address is not a problem because the instruction was for pick-up at the lbc main outlet in panabo city. I been sending packages to my son ermark maglangit cena almost every week during the months of october 2016 and november 2016. I did not encounter any problems until last november 19, 2016 when my son ermark went to the lbc outlet to pick up the package.

I did not notice that the consignee’s name in the or was not the same to the one I wrote in the form I filled-up in the receiver’s name. Ermark went to the panabo city lbc outlet in poblacion last nov. 19, 2016 at 5:30p. M. To inquire about the package if it arrive. I did not text him the tracking number because I did not remember where I kept the or. I just told him to give his name as the consignee. The lbc staff in panabo city knew him as their regular costumer that always pick up his package in the lbc outlet. When he asked if his package arrived, the concerned lbc staff at panabo city told him that there was none in his name as the consignee when they tracked the package in the system. My son informed me thru text that the package did not yet arrived in panabo city. I searched for the or and I was able to recover it. Using the tracking number I found out that it arrived in panabo city lbc main outlet on nov. 19, 2016 at 3:30p. M. I was disturbed why the panabo city lbc staff did not give the package to my son when in fact it was already in their position.

At 6:30p. M. On november 19, 2016, I called up the lbc team leader in panabo city and that was the time I knew the reason why they did not give the package to my son because the consignee’s name was not ermark/sheryl maglangit cena but the consignee’s name was metro retail store as written in the or. I felt furious and told the lbc team leader in panabo city to release the package to my son as soon as possible even if their office was already closed. The contents of the package included food items and needed to be refrigerated as soon as possible. The lbc team leader called my son to pick up the package even if they were already closed. Ermark went to their office and got the package. I knew it was not the mistake of the lbc staff at panabo city but, it was the mistake of ms. Bragais, the lbc staff in herrera tower who processed my transaction.

Last monday, november 21, 2016 at 5:00p. M. I went to lbc outlet in cityland herrera tower to confront ms. Bragais about the mistake she did. Her reason to me why metro retail store was written in the consignee’s name in the or was a system error. Before going to the outlet I called up 2 customer service representative to ask if the mistake committed by ms. Bragais was a system error or a personal error. Both csr told me that it was not a system error. Ms. Bragais lied to me in her reason in committing the mistake. I also noticed that on that same day another costumer was complaining another mistake committed by ms. Bragais. The or of the lady costumer was also incorrect, the sender’s name was written in the consignee’s place and the consignee’s name was written in the sender’s place. Good for that woman that she was able to check her or and made corrections before signing the or. That same incident confirmed my thought that ms. Bragais is a careless lbc staff.

In this connection, I would like to ask for a disciplinary action for ms. Bragais so that the next time she will process any transactions she would be careful not to commit mistakes in typing the names of the consignee, the sender and the addresses of both. If she will commit the same mistake in the future, I would recommend that you may give her due penalty or may terminate her because carelessness would bring mistrust to your clientele.

Thank you so much and hoping for your favorable and immediate action on this concern.

More power to your team.

Lorna a. Maglangit

Nov 21, 2016

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