LBC Expressdelivery pending by employee known by this the number [protected].

Delivery pending of my package. May 12 around 6-6:30pm yesterday. That said employee of lbc called me and he said he cant deliver my package because he cant contact my number. Then I said : why u cant deliver the packages. There an existing address in my information. And then he said sir tommorow I will. Then now that I call him he said "sir sa monday nalng kase hindi tayo nag kaintindihan kung gusto nyo pick upin nyo nlng" tama po ba yun napaka unprofessional n tao gusto pic upin ko wala rin nmn sinabi n branch. Eto po ung tracking number ng shipment ko [protected]. E2 po ung number ng tao nyo po [protected] I search on the facebook for that said cp number and the name is jobs givera. Thanks I am looking forward for this report.
Lbc dont need an employee like that.

May 13, 2017

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