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I sent an important package last Friday afternoon (June 1) with tracking number [protected] to Bulacan. I sent it through LBC, because I was confident that it will arrive on Saturday, just like what the LBC personnel told me since, and I quote (non-verbatim) he said, "sa Bulacan lang naman, so bukas lang andun na to". It did not arrive on Saturday, it barely arrived at the Pulilan warehouse come midnight. I called the customer service on Sunday since I was informed that it hasn't arrived yet, and they told me that there may be a volume of deliveries, but why should that be a valid excuse to leave out my package?

I called again yesterday and no package again. I am beyond frustrated since it is an important document that I have to pass for a visa application. They said that I called "too late", but how is that even my problem, when I waited a whole day for them to deliver the package, but still nothing? I called again today, and I was informed that it is noted as something that should be delivered today. I am writing in complaint not because it was late, but because the whole situation has given me so much anxiety, on top of my phone call anxiety. LBC and everything that just happened did not help with my mental health and my anxiety and I am hoping that you can fix this. It is not easy for a person like me, who has a phone call anxiety on top of anxiety in general, to do follow-ups day after day, waiting for ANY update at all only to find out that my package still has not moved from where it was left. I am not blaming anybody, I am saying, please fix what needs to be fixed. Don't leave out packages and deem it unimportant, because one package left means a life ruined for some.

Jun 04, 2018

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