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Lastman's Bad Boy / Fridge

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I purchased a number of items at Bad Boy and none of them has stood the test of time (2 years ago). The leather on the sofa is cracked and worn, 2 chairs have already broken, the marble table has become badly discolored and the all 8 door shelves have snapped off, and the wooden slats on my daughters bed - 60% of them have snapped and are unusable. One could conclude that I'm hard on my furniture and that's what happened, but oddly enough all my other furniture which I've owned anywhere from 5 to over 10 years an did NOT buy at Bad Boy is all in fine shape. Aside from the poor quality of the furniture, I've had a frustrating experience with their SOLID GOLD warranty, which is anything but solid gold. When I purchased the furniture, they also sold me the warranty. I don't typically buy warranty's because they don't tend to cover the things that are most likely to break but when this sales person was selling me the warranty, he was adamant that the warranty covered EVERYTHING. I even asked about handles on a fridge snapping off (because that's happened to me before) and he said absolutely! Handles, shelves, all hardware was covered. So I purchased the warranty (my fault for not actually reading the fine print and believing they had integrity in their sales practices). When I tried to have the shelves replaced (the ones that snapped off the doors of the fridge - there were 8 shelves and all of them have snapped off) through their warranty, the girl on the phone told me that these aren't covered. When I told her that the sales person had told me everything was covered, she said told me that this was a problem they were having regularly - that the store's sales people were pushing the warranty and telling customers that it covered everything. I asked to speak to her manager and she said the manager would need to call me back. Needless to say, I never got a call back. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about Bad Boys and the stores response was that I could call some phone number to have the shelves replaced but they won't cover it. The store that I purchased everything at, including the warranty was the Bad Boys in Kitchener, Ontario. I haven't bothered to try claiming anything else on the warrantys for the other furniture because they don't honor thir waranties and I'm tired of fighting them. I would strongly recommend to anyone lookin to buy from Bad Boys to think again and go somewhere else.

Jan 6, 2016
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  • Ia
      21st of Sep, 2016
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    I have been having an issue with my extended warranty (Solid Gold) which was bought from Bad Boy in Mississauga when I purchased my fridge back in December 2012. I have been without a working fridge for more than 17 days. On September 6th, 2016 my husband called the number provided for service on the extended warranty, they advised him it will take up to 48 hours to have a technician called to service the fridge. No one called or showed up on Thursday September 8th, 2016. We both called on Friday September 9th, 2016 and they advised again someone will call to make arrangements to visit the house. Once again, no one showed up. Called again on Saturday, only to learn the office is closed on weekends. Called again on Monday 12th September, 2016 extremely frustrated, The technician showed up on Tuesday 13th September, 2016 to say he needs to order the part for the fridge and it will take up to two weeks. Who is responsible for my lost food and being without a fridge for more than 17 days? I guess NOOOBODY!!! I have sent the Operations Manager (Ms. Donna Kennedy) numerous emails on my situation and to this day Wednesday 21st September, 2016, there has been no acknowledgement. Absolutely no pride in there Customer Service. I strongly advised to not take the extended warranty offered through Bad Boy. I am continuing my fight for compensation and I will take it to the President if I have too.

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