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LA Fitness / membership cancellation

4015 N.E. 58th St.Seattle, WA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 206 634-3906
I went into the LA Fitness (Seattle /Aurora location) to cancel my membership in late September. They said they could not cancel it at that moment, but that I would have to submit a cancellation form (which they gave me) to their head office by snail mail. I objected and asked why I could not cancel immediately in person. They said it was their policy. I sent in the form and received no confirmation. When my Master Card bill arrived, I noticed that there was another charge dated October 4th. I decided to let it go, thinking that it took awhile to process the cancellation. In November, I checked my Master Card account online and saw that they had charged me again in November. I called the local office to complain and they said my cancellation had been post marked in mid October and because of some 20 day rule I was charged in November, but would not be charged again. On November 10th, I received an email stating that my cancellation had been received on November 5th. This time I called the head office and was told that my cancellation letter had been post marked on November 5th, the approximate day of my phone call to the local office. I told the rep that was a lie. She said they had a copy of my postmarked envelope and asked if I had sent my cancellation letter certified to prove that I had sent it in earlier. I said no, but if they could send me a copy of the postmarked envelope I would not contest the charge. She said she could not do that. I said that I would refuse to pay the charge and would file a complaint with M/C.


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  28th of Oct, 2009
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I agree.

In my case I handed over a letter to the General Manager of a LA FITNESS facility in Piscataway in New Jersey (David) in August 2009 and he said he will take care of it and it will take a month to stop the payment deduction from the credit card.

To my surprise when I was going thru the detailed statement recently, they have still been deducting moneys from my credit card till now inspite of the fact that I have not used the Club services for more than a year.

And they have done this to me who has helped them get many members and organised ROAD SHOWS for them in the community.

Their General Manager (David) has left them since past many months and now there is no way to prove my situation.

And this is happening to me who is now a County Committee Man in Edison NJ, think what must be happening to the general public.

Hope businesses have a fair approach.

  28th of Oct, 2009
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Pls correct the typo error in my last posting.

I submitted the letter to David in AUGUST 2008 and not 2009.

  14th of Nov, 2009
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I totally agree. I came into the club and spoke with 3 membership employees and specifically asked for help in 1) deciphering my contract and and 2) making sure I paid via Mastercard my last payment for a trainer package. All 3 of these guys confirmed that I was indeed finished paying this off. I confirmed several times with them that I would not be billed in November for this payment. And they all answered "yes." NOT one of them said I needed the 'cancellation' confirmation form off their computer NOR that I had to mail it in certified mail to the company. IF they had I would certainly had done that. When I saw another charge in November I came in upset that this had happened and then and only then did the person at the front desk tell me that I had to have this 'Cancellation' confirmation form from them and he said "I suggest you send it certified mail. " I later found out it HAD TO be mailed Certified mail. When I called the main LA fitness office and explained what had happened, they assured me that the manager, Jeremiah Johnson, the trainer membership manager would give me an refund. When I finally was able to get a hold of him and told him what happened, it basically called me a liar, that I hadn't talked to anyone because "they would surely have told me what I needed to do to cancel the membership." Finally, after trying to get a word in, he basically talked at me for 3 minutes, I came to find out that because I didn't specifically mention the 'magic word' "cancellation" the membership guys were under no obligation to tell me I need their special form to cancel and how to do it. Avoid this LA Fitness, and definitely avoid Jeremiah Johnson, he is a scammer and a con artist. I had thought about renewing with my trainer at LA Fitness, but after this, no way!
  30th of Dec, 2009
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Same issue here...they say no contract and no cancellation fee when you sign up but in reality there is a fee because they will charge you for about 3 months of membership after you cancelled because apparently thats " How long it takes to processes the paper work". Its a lie and they should be sued for it.
  22nd of Jul, 2010
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Always read LA Fitness contact in detail. I opt for the personal training sessions with them. The sales guy said that you can cancel/hold the account any time, but now I hear that I have to continue for the entire one year term. If I cancel I have to pay the 50% of the remaining session fees which would be in thousands. Again if I hold, I can do it for couple of months, but the contract end date would be extended accordingly. So there is no cancelation without huge cancelation fees, which they will not tell you anytime. Read the contract many times and don’t do the mistake I have made in a hurry. Getting good shape is every body’s dream, but I don’t like the fact that some people are using this normal spirit to do nasty money making business.
  22nd of Jul, 2010
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This very thing happened to me last year. I cancelled my membership, and a month later was charged again. This happened for months, and when I contacted them about reimbursing me for the charges, they said that there was no way to check whether or not I had been using the club in the months after I had cancelled. I asked how that was even possible, technology being as advanced as it is, and their response was that when they log in to check your account, it registers as if I had checked in. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and the gal (who was actually pretty understanding) said that it's not possible to speak to a supervisor. That, in fact, if I attempted to contact the corporate office, that my call would be routed back to my home gym. Additionally, I wasn't even a member of LA Fitness. Originally, the gym was a Pure Fitness, and it was bought out by LA. So, they didn't even give us a contract to read, it was just taken over by them. One day I came in, and it was a completely different gym. They only asked if I wanted to continue to be a member. My trainer was still there, so I stayed. He left LA shortly thereafter, and I followed him to 24-hour, which is when I decided to cancel. I'm not sure how LA can get away with such sneaky business practices.
  16th of Dec, 2010
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LA Fitness tells you the "ONLY" way you can cancel your membership is for you to physically go into the gym and they will print off cancellation forms, which you will have to mail out yourself. I sent my cancellations forms almost 2 weeks prior to having them take out the monthly gym fees. I felt this gave them enough time to cancel at its entirety BUT that didn't happen. I was so aggravated with the run arounds. I finally was able to get names/emails/numbers of individuals at LA Fitness headquarters who can make sure your membership is cancelled. I do have to say "Orlando Gonzalez" was extremely professional and very cordial. He immediately reassured my memberships would be cancelled AND he would make sure I was reimbursed for the monthly fee they had just taken out. Here is the information: Orlando Gonzalez (949) 255-7277 orlandgog@lafitness.com and Aylin Medina (pronounced Eileen) (949) 255-7330 aylinm@lafitness.com
  5th of Jan, 2011
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  18th of May, 2011
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I was a member of an LA Fitness in NJ for about a year. I have no complaints about the club itself. The facilites were always reasonably clean, the machines in working order and there were enough of them. I didn't take any classes or use a trainer. A gym is a gym. Some are a little nicer than others but you get what you pay for.

My complaint is about their cancellation policy. I understand that they want to make it as hard as possible so that they keep collecting your money. At their low membership fees that is a big part of how they make money. So, I am willing to jump through a few hoops to cancel in order to save a few bucks on fees. However the lengths they go to are almost comical.

First you have to download the form to cancel. Ok, not too bad. However their system doesn't support Mac! I had to go find another computer to print it out. Fill it out, as instructed and send it in. As the web site suggested I sent it registered/signature required. Knowing how they work I would have done this anyway. Well, two months later I get a call from them saying my credit card had expired and they needed it up dated because I owed them two months membership. I told them that I had cancelled. The woman on the phone tried everything she could think of to explain why it hadn't been processed;

- It may have gotten lost in the mail. I told her I had a reciept. Incredibly she reiterated that it might have gotten lost in the mail. I explained I had a reciept. She stammered that she meant it might have gotten lost in their internal mail. I explaind that that was not my problem. They had signed for it. As far as I was concerned they had it.
- Maybe I sent it the wrong way. You have to fill out the form fold it over and tape it shut. She explained that I must have put it in an envelop. If you do that apparently the monkeys that handle their mail are not able to sort it. I assured her, that knowing how they work, I had followed instructions to the letter.

She said I needed to show them the receipt. Unfortunately it was in my office so I had to wait until the next day. I call back and get some guy. he pulls up the account and notes that the account was cancelled as of yesterday. I still want credit. He says I'll have to bring in the reciept. I tell him there is not an LA Fitness near where I am. I don't have time to do that. Why can't I give him the tracking number and he can look on the USPS web site? Oh, we don't have internet access here. Oh thats right, the internet hasn't reached Irvine CA yet! According to him they can only access the LA Fitness web site. Then whats the point of the computer on everyone's desk? Ok, I'll email it. Oh we don't have email. Very retro they are. Lets try some 20th century technology: I'll fax it. He says I can't fax anything outside of the 714 area code. It takes a second to process this. I say, very slowly, I am faxing it to you. He says I know, but our fax is only local and will only accept faxes from 714! I asked if he understood how the phone system worked. Silence. Finally he transfered me to someone else. They finally took care of it. Of course I'll be checking my bills.

So, as far as gyms go it isn't bad but be prepared to fight them if you want to cancel.

One last thing: negotiate if you do sign up. I got them down from the $150 or so "initiation" fee to $110. My buddy went in a week later and simply said I'm not paying it and got them down to $60.00 and a reduced monthly. I think mine was $25 as was his.
  4th of Apr, 2012
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i have been in the same situation, i cancelled my training member ship two months ago and still LA fitness is deducting the amount $240 from my account, and i have the cancelation confirmation email . when i informed at the my local GYM they said there is some changes in job and they don't know who is doing what at the corporate office and i have to wait for a week or so. Now today i see there is another deduction from my acct for $240. I don't understand how can these people suck the money and sleep peacefully . The best thing to do specially from LA fitness point is do not join the gym or else make the payment in cash or month to month else even if your dead LA fitness will charge you for working out at there GYM. LA fitness management sucks, i guess some dumb assess monkeys are sitting at financial dept
  11th of Feb, 2013
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I totally agree, my family and I have been with LA Fitness for the pass 2 months and we agree that the gym (facility ways) its great, the trainers are great, but the administration its TERRIBLE, they tell you one thing and after you sing up they come with something else, we specific ASKED if we can cancel the training at any time, the reason why its because one of us have a mental issues and he may need to get out from that agreement, beside that I told the Manager the same day that we sing up, my wife run out of job and we just want to try, at this point the Manager said to us ( sure you can try and see, and if you don't like it you can cancel at any time ) .
Today after almost 2 months we never got our diet change (they suppose change it after 2 week and then after 1 month) we also suppose to get a monthly assessment (check our weight, and measurements, ect.) and that never happened ...at this point we are F#@#@#@#...they take no time to take our money ($320 monthly) we ask to cancel the training and they said NO YOU CAN'T ...they are sooo sneaky and they lie to you just to get you in, after your are in, they don't care, they also try to take more money that they what suppose to take, also the told us that the monthly payment its $89 Dollars and after a month they come up and charge us $101 Dollars ...this its really stressful...we jut try to get healthy and take out some stress by going to the gym, now all this its killing us ...

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