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To whom it may concern,
I obtained a membership with you guys earlier this year and was pressured into the contract. I do however know regardless of the pressure that I received for obtaining a membership and personal trainer that I am obligated to make a final payment if I cancel the contract. I purchased a member ship for myself, Vicki Reagan and two children. It turned out that Vicki or the children never came to the club so I canceled. I also only went to the club about 8 times, and twice with a personal trainer. After I paid for a personal trainer the customer service I received from the club was beyond poor. The personal trainers were never able to schedule me, and I switched to 3 different trainers in a matter of 1 week. Nevertheless I felt like the service and experience I had with the LA Fitness in Rowlett Tx was unsatisfactory. I then went to the club to cancel my contract and they said I could not cancel, but I would have to send a cancelation request in the mail. First of all that is unheard of. What type of customer service is that when you send a cancelation request through the mail and hope that it is received on time so you are not obligated to make another months full payment? So nevertheless my contract finally was cancelled and I was awaiting the final bill. So on 7/20 I was charge an amount of $240 and $490, which I thought was my final payment due to the buyout of personal trainer contract of 50%. I then realized another $240 was withdrawn from my account on 08/15. I imeditatley contacted customer service and they explained to me that my personal trainer contract was never canceled. This made me beyond angry to realize that a corporation can operate like this. I mean it does not make anysense for me to continue to pay for a personal trainer each month if I do not have a membership. The customer service agent then told me that it is 2 seperate contracts which of course no one cared to tell me. So in order to cancel my request I would need to pay an additional $500. So this means I have not been a member of the club for over 4 months, and if I was to pay a cancelation fee, you guys would charge me a total of $1470 for the past 4 months. This is more then my 12 month contract!!! In no way is this 50% of my contract. I assure you guys have made your money off me, but I want you to see how unfair your policy is and there is nothing I can do about it but write a letter, that will probably be tossed in the trash. As a customer, I made a commitment to you that If I cancel I will make my payments. Well guess what, you guys received all your payments on time, and continued to take excessive amounts from my account. The customer service agent refused to go back to the date that I canceled the membership and credit me back with the overpayment amount I made on my contract. So basically I have 2 options. 1 is to cancel the personal trainer membership that common sense should tell you to cancel on the date I canceled my membership. I then will have a $500 fee that For early termination of contract which I feel I have already paid over the last 4 months. Option 2 is to close my checking account so you guys do not have access to withdrawl funds. If I do this, then more then likely I will get a bill in the mail that I probably will refuse to pay. Then it will show up on my credit report as a collection and we would be fighting this out for months. What I am asking you guys to do is look again at the date I canceled, realize the money you guys took from me over the past 4 months is more then 50% of early termination fee for personal training. Cancel my account with no further billing. As I said before you guys more than just made money off me, You have encouraged me to let everyone I know who is interested in a Gym membership never to go to your club. I know being a huge corporation, it really does not matter if you have an unhappy customer as long as you made your money. I am just asking you to think of the equality in this, is this fair, is this moral? I unlike most people canceled my contract the way I was told, and I allowed you guys to withdrawl funds from my checking account. I put my full trust in LA fitness, and made payments when I could have walked away. Knoq through my honesty and the commitment I made to LA Fitness, I expect you guys to do the same, and refund to me what is rightfully mine. I would like a phone call, or further explanation, but like I said the customer service I received from you guys, It is very doubtful, I will have a response. Thanks again for your time, and Hope whoever is reading this, can put themselves in a customers shoes and do what is right. Please contact Micah Semmler at [protected]

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