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LA Fitness / personnel

1 Moriches RdLake Grove, NY, United States Review updated:

I have never met a ruder bunch of people in my entire life at a health club. The snotty girl at the front desk gave me a face when I presented her with a free pass and barked at me "I need a license". I was standing there with my 3 year old and it was a very cold day out, but I went back to my car to get my license. When I came back she smirked at me again and said "if you want to use the kids club it's $3.00" (that information would have been helpful when I went out to the car earlier). The girls watching the children seemed inattentive. One of which was very unfriendly to both myself and my child. I mentioned to the manager that the front desk girl was very unfriendly. As I walked out she approached me as if she was ready to fight me and said in a very, almost angry voice "I'm sorry if you thought I was rude@!" I would not join that club if someone put a gun to my head! There are a lot better options in that neighborhood...and for what they're asking for a membership they need to work on people skills.

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  • Ja
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    I totally agree with you Mary! Just tonight, 9-25-09 when I was leaving the LA Fitness I go to, unfortunately, the girl at the front desk turned the lights out in the showers when we were in the showers because she wants to go!! Everytime she works till closing she's very rude to all of us turning the lights out because she 'doesn't get paid past 10:00pm!' as she rudely reminded me tonight in front of three other members. She had reemed out a new member, I had just talked to the guy, from India going to a bible college nearby very nice person, minutes earlier telling him this girl is very rude and will get angry if we are not out exactly at 10:00pm. Low and behold she showed how RUDE she REALLY CAN BE! She was verbally hostile to the poor guy, telling him that we are supposed to be OUT at 10pm! NOT 10:05, NOT 10:10, 10:00! We could all hear her very angry remarks. The man is VERY humble and seemed almost apologetic and very meek when being reprimanded for nothing! I then walked out, ready to leave, as she stood outside the mens lockerroom, and told her she had best watch how she talks to people. She became verbally argumentative and hostile saying 'We don't get paid after 10pm!' I said, that's not my problem. I pay your payroll. Then she started arguing with me angrily saying, 'No you don't!' which I couldn't even believe she said that let alone started arguing with me! I said, 'See, now you're arguing with me, ' where she replied, 'Iif you don't like it call my manager! I said, 'I'll be calling someone but it won't be your manager.' The other members heard the whole thing. The man that was talked to in a hostile way turned around looking at me smiling. He heard the whole conversation. I will NOT be talked to like that or EVER be treated like that by some smart mouth young girl that just wants to get out and drink and have sex with me on a Friday night! She is very rude everytime she's on duty turning out the lights either before or exactly at 10pm and talks nasty to people because SHE wants to go out and party! She's a college girl who could care less about us and who's only goal is to party! It's too late on a Friday to call the headquarters of LA Fitness but I WILL be calling them Monday! I figure if she's telling me to talk to her manager he's part of this nastiness also! The person I believe is the manager walks around the gym eyeing up women then approaching any of them that he thinks is good looking trying to hit on them one way or the other. He never talks to male members, only female. He uses it for a 'pickup' spot as do other personal trainers. One of them has a relationship with one and they moved in together... Most of the peronal trainers stand around eyeing up women the entire time they are on the floor either acting like they are training people or just standing around. All they do is stare at women. Some of the trainers are very lacidazical seemingly uncaring about their job doing it like a robot half asleep, one in particular is a blonde overweight personal trainer. I heard in the past, last year I guess, some of them were fired for calling members fat to their faces...? Who in the world would say degrading things like that, at least if they are professional, to a persons face who is trying their best to get in shape?? That's humiliating, degrading and very hurtful to someone that I'm sure already feels bad enough about their self image and that is WHY they are there in the FIRST place! One person who was working there cleaning told me the one personal trainer who sits near the door is having sex with two women that go there. Some sort of love triangle going on. I was ALWAYS told and taught NOT to have relationships with people you work with, not saying it doesn't happen but this place is used for a pickup joint for the STAFF and MANAGER! This same person said there are other things going on like that also. He just mentioned that one. This person that mentioned this is also a homosexual. I have nothing against them, I don't approve of them whatsoever but I have nothing against this man or any of the many that go there but there is another that works at the front desk. Several times, lately, I've seen both of them waiting till members leave then locking the door behind them and doing who knows WHAT in the gym with no one around! One Saturday I left and noticed them staying there. I had to get some things at two stores nearby and noticed, almost an hour or so later, they were still there... I realize people workout after hours that are employed there, they can anyway, but the way they both acted when I was walking out was like they were surprised I was stil there, the one, it shocked him as he turned around and I was trying to walk past him out the door like I scared him like he thought everyone was out because they were going to do things... Personally, it's disgusting to me and an abuse of privileges. If you are going to do those sorts of things, homosexual acts, then go it in the privacy, not in a public gym everyone else has to use. I can't imagine that these actions are approved of by the management of LA Fitness either! This girl, I spoke about above, one time was standing with the blonde, Lori, who is at the front desk all the time during the day. I'm not sure her role there but one time, not long ago, I was on my way walking toward the door to leave and saw a man who has had unfortunate things happen to him, lost his car, his job, rides a bike and isn't apparantly up to their standards of what they must think a human being should be as they were talking about him after he walked past them. I could see them get close together and say things then laugh after he walked past. They were talking downgradingly about this poor man. He needs friends NOT people talking nasty behind his back ESPECIALLY the STAF[censored] As I walked past them Lori said, as they were giggling about him, 'What, we didn't do anything!' in a joking manner, referring to making fun of the poor man that had just walked past. Then as I was walking through the parking lot right after the overweight blonde personal trainer was behind me. I made a comment about the man how he brings in gallons of water, not making fun of him at all but just commenting that he can get water out of the water fountain as he rides bike and it's a burden hauling a gallon jug of water there. The blonde personal trainer said, 'Yeh, he's strange!'... I wasn't saying that, I was only commenting on an obvious thing he could correct as anyone else would when they see something someone is doing which they could make easier for themselves. The staff is very nasty there and seem to think they can say and do whatever they feel like and it's always hurtful conduct! Again, I WILL be reporting the entire club to the headquarters Monday... Oh, before I finish they also have issues with the lockerroom bathrooms/showers and pool areas. They put smooth tile in the entire areas then when it gets wet, which it is wet all the time obviously, you can slip and fall! I've seen so many people fall on that. They put these holey mats down all over the place just wide enough to walk on because of that which hurt your feet. Instead of roughing up the tiles or putting rougher tiles in they do something like this. Again, I've seen numerous people slip and fall around a corner near the jacuzzi/pool area right in front of my face. There is a handicapped woman that goes there, unfortunately, and she can't drive over these mats. They get caught up in her electric wheelchair. She said one time it actually ruined it. She had to buy another wheel chair which they cost ALOT of money! It is like a wheel chair that a quadrapalegic would use. She is not totally handicapped but has trouble walking. I told her she should complain. She said, 'What good would it do?!' I feel her pain... It's terrible to see a club that's SOLE business is it's MEMBERS to ABUSE and have a CARELESS attitude TOWARD THEM! I worked customer service for years in my life, previously, and saw the same attitude in many of the reps I had to, unfortunately, work around and handle the poor customers they talked nasty too when they called back very upset then to report it to the supervisor who in turn did the SAME THING to customers!!! See, this is WHY I am going above the manager as it's obvious, when she said to call her manager, they BOTH talk nasty about members and run them down behind their backs!! I will copy this c0mment I just typed and put it on a word document and print it out for future reference.

  • Ia
      6th of Jul, 2012
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    I have been a member of LA Fitness for past 2 years. my primary location is located in Houston, TX and i have never had any complaints, the people who work there are very nice and friendly, no matter how long we stay, even if ts past closing time.. im visiting my family in Connecticut, and i thought it would be a good idea to go to Newington, CT location. big mistake! i have never meet more rude people in my life! the moment we walked into the building the girl at the font desk did not want to scan my card, not to mention she didnt even greet us. it was the worst customer service i have ever encountered. 10 minutes before closing time the girl at the front desk turned off the lights! while i was changing! when i asked the girl at the desk why she turned off the lights she rudely answered its automatic and that they do that in all the locations! are you serious?! i can assure you i am never going back there again and same goes for my family! its crazy that a company like LA fitness would allow such behavior!

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