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Do Dec 08, 2018 San Antonio, TX Review updated:

This guy's name is Theo Mouawad and he is definition of gym douchebag that goes to LA Fitness on Babcock Rd in San Antonio TX.

The thing is Theo Mouawad lives off his mommy and daddy and they pay for everything so he goes running around from gym to gym tryng to impress hood rats and other guys in an effort to convince himself he is something other than a douchebag with no accomplishments in life.

Theo Mouawad is always trying to take pictures in front of other peoples cars so he can front. I actually had to shoo him away from my car when he was trying to take a picture in front of it so he could pretend like it was his to get some clout.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX

This guy is one of those failures in life who think she is going to make it big on social media (hey you joke, get behind all the other millions of dummies who think the same thing).

In reality everything he has is actually paid for by his mommy. This guy is a broke bum who goes to the gym because going to the gym is an easy way people can feel good about themselves with minimal effort.

This guy doesnt have a damn life outside of the gym. Thats why he goes in there so much because he doesnt have any actual achievements in life so the gym is his identity.

Everyone knows at least one annoying douchebag at your gym who is like this and when called out will claim someone is "hating". Its the only thing they can say.

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  • Ag
      Dec 17, 2018

    This guy Kendrick Wilson goes to LA Fitness on Huebner too and was caught getting down with some guy in the sauna.

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  • Dg
      Dec 25, 2018

    Yep, I know this guy. He is always acting out and acting like a tool at LA Fitness that is at 5803 Babcock Rd. So is this one guy named Joseph. This guy Joseph is a bum too who works at HEB and lives off his parents, but tries to act like he is ballin.

    The guy walks into LA Fitness at 5803 Babcock Rd. like if he is a bodybuilder, in reality he probably weighs 150LBS and just follows other guys around pretending to work in with them so he can get a good look at their azzz. He wears the same stupid looking glasses like Theo Mouawad above, those oversized rapist looking glasses to try and make himself look like he is in on some kind of trend.

    This guy has been seen in the locker room staring at guys out of the shower.

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  • Ya
      Dec 27, 2018

    We have known Theo Mouawad and his family since before he came here to America. He was always a person who tried to get attention and never really amounted to much. Now that he is here in America he tries to pretend like he is something he isnt.

    The only reason Theo Mouawad even has a roof over his head is because he lives off his family. He has a bad reputation even with us and we come from same country.

    Theo Mouawad is a fake dishonest person and makes people from my country look like stupid uneducated idiots. Here is him getting a free meal on someone elses dime. Theo Mouawad has mental issues.

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  •   Jan 10, 2019

    @YaSharmouta As opposed to a TRUE dishonest person?

    And if he has mental issues, diagnosed or not, you should just stay away from him. Be glad he has mental issues and still lives with people. Many who are diagnosed are not only alone without some sort of nursemaid or ... wait for it... PARENTS!!!

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  • Pf
      Jan 10, 2019

    Yes, Theo Mouawad also goes to other gyms in the area and is constantly admiring himself like a complete douchebag. Him and that guy above named Joseph were caught red handed yanking each other off in the locker room near the showers.

    The reason they got caught is because after working out me and my friend went back there to grab our gear and we heard a groaning coming from near the showers. We were like WTF and then we went back there to look and saw them bent over naked and Theo Mouawad basically begged for my friend to pretend like he didnt see anything.

    What most people dont realize is the kind of dick yanking that goes on in the locker rooms at gyms. This is why guys are back there taking their shirts off and walking around naked taking pictures of themselves. They are trying to signal they are gay and ready. If a guy take long in a restroom full of other guys then thats a sign right there.

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  • La
      May 21, 2019

    @PFyI8 Proof? Lol

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  • Pl
      Jan 10, 2019

    This guy Theo Mouawad is so full of himself its pathetic. The kind of true douchebag who likely spends at least 3 hours in front of the mirror everyday trying to admire himself and practice making faces.

    Him and that guy above Joseph were caught in the shower atthe gym playing with each other. Theo Mouawad goes to several gyms in the area. Gym staff talk bad about him behind his back and laugh at him.

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  •   Jan 12, 2019

    @Pli674 If you know all this about him, then how obsessed are you?

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  • Mi
      Jan 12, 2019

    Sounds like Mrs Beans is mad that someone called this douchebag out. This is what happens when someone calls someone out like this, the friends and peopel like them start saying that someone is "hating" or "obsessed".

    The original person who posted this noted that all people can do is say that someone is "hating" when they get outed. Then there are the other people who posted about this guy Theo Mouawad. Then it seems like this Mrs Bean got mad and is liekly one of those pathetic people who go to the gym to hook up.

    Multiple people obviously know this guy is just one of those stupid peopel who have no life and spend hours at the gyms wasting time. I know guys like this who have no life and they use the gym to make up for their insecurity. How do I know this? I actually work out myself and am in shape, but I dont make the gym my obsession and life. I actually have a life outside the gym.

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  •   Jan 13, 2019

    @Mish6T Or it sounds like this poor soul is being blamed for things he can't control in his life.

    You apparently do make this guy your obsession since you are writing how long he stares at the mirror, what he does with his face time and what he does in the shower.

    Get help.

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  •   Jan 13, 2019

    @Mrs Bean I'm not even on the same coast as you all are!


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  • Ju
      Jan 13, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    Don't know why there is an idiot defending this douchebag Theo Mouawad. Who is defending that poor old man that is in his underwear changing in the locker room that deserves some privacy, he actually has a right to privacy? There is a reason it is an invasion of privacy to take pictures in the locker room.

    So someone go and tell that old man that he was in some douchebags picture in his underwear. This guy obviously has no respect for anyone and is a self centered piss ant. Anyone defending this guy is likely just as cringy as he is and feels threatened by the truth of Theo Mouawad being a douche like all the other people on here were saying.

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  •   Jan 13, 2019

    I don't know why there are people on this site attacking this poor soul. Live and let live. Go to another gym if he exaserbates you so much.

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  • Ha
      Jan 14, 2019

    Theo Mouawad takes pictures of himself and gets old guys in the background in their underwear half naked who are just minding their business trying to get dressed after a work out. Thats 100% invasion of privacy right there and is against the law.

    Theo Mouawad is a self-absorbed douchebag, no dobt about it. He was in a relationship with some ho and got dumped like a chump and it scarred his ego so much that he uses the gym as a way to try and recover his ego. He gave the girl he was with the gift that keeps on giving so he got left .

    This is why he is at gyms all the time. He is trying to make up for his lack of self esteem by going to the gym and hooking up with other hos like him who also have self esteem issues. This is why people like him go to gyms for 2, 3 or 4 hours.

    Theo Mouawad lives off his parents credit cards and uses them to front like if he is someone. Really he is just an all around loser with an over inflated ego.

    Theo Mouawad is basically a male THOT who is self centered and egotistical that spends his time admiring himself and taking different than the female social media THOTS craving attention.

    But, hey. He's a "poor soul" who is getting attacked on here according to some idiot who defends him. That idiot says basically if you dont like being around a douchebag then go to another gym.

    Uh...NO. How about he goes to another gym because no one likes a douchebag. The truth hurt someone so much that they felt the need to come on here with some BS and defend this clown. Sounds like you are just as pathetic as he is. Many people dislike this douchebag and its easy to see why. The other people posting are right about this dummy.

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  •   Jan 14, 2019

    And are any of you taking these pictures to the administrator?

    What do you hope to accomplish from these whining posts? Most of the companies showcased here have no idea that this site exists. Most have no idea that there is anything wrong because no one let's them know. They come here to pitch and moon about whatever and then they pitch and moon about how nothing is done about their problem.

    So how about standing up for the random men in the background of his pictures and go to administration with them?

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  • Jo
      Jan 15, 2019

    HaidarH64 pretty much got it right. This guy Theo Mouawad is a typical gym douchebag with over inflated opinion of himself. There are tens of thousands of these little losers like this across gyms here in the US and they all think they are the best, basically legends in their own minds.

    They always surround themselves with like-minded losers who will give compliments all day to enforce their ego. That is what social media does and that is why they post so many pictures. Its a constant need to fill that hole they have of not accomplishing anything so a "like" or a "share" becomes their little pitiful form of validation. Its extremely pathetic.

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  • Jr
      Apr 21, 2019

    This guy Theo Mouawad is a straight up loser and male THOT attention whore.

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  • La
      May 21, 2019

    Who has proof he’s gay?

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  • La
      May 25, 2019

    Theo Mouawad was caught with that guy Joseph in the locker room at the gym. They tried to play it off but were caught red handed. Theo tried convincing some guys that saw him to not say anything. he was embarassed as hell. They go back there and take selfies and do other stuff together.

    That guy Joseph is always miring Theo and Theo is up for it.

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  • Un
      Jul 13, 2019

    Theo Mouawad is a loser who hangs out with homos and also has been caught getting it in the rear at the gym. Look at the video, the gy behind the camera tells him he is "glowing" then theo says "awww"...SMH!

    I dont know about you, but I dont know any straight guy that tells another straight guy that they are "glowing". These guys are 100% closet cases. Thats why their whole life revolves around the gym. MASSIVE insecurity issues and a need to overcompensate.

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