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rude front desk with harassing closing announcements

The club has the poorest customer service of any place i have ever been. The front desk has the attitude that they are doing you a favor by being there. Every week night evening as early as 8:45 they announce the time and the time they are closing and instruct the members to plan their workouts accordingly.They do this no less than 4 times an hour and every 5 minutes near closing. There is one particular woman named Tamara who is obnoxious. She commenced with the usual harassment and announced at 9:45 9:50 and there after every 5 minutes and at 10:02 she proceeded to announce at top volume " the club is closed closed closed lease the club leave" repeating herself in a continuous loop until as i was walking by i asked her if she knew how annoying that was. She then replied " I don't care. I don't get paid for the extra 5 minutes so you can walk out slowly" I replied " but you know your ruining the last 5 minutes of every ones day" she said " I don't care you need to leave it is 10:05 and the gym closed at 10" after which i tried to reply but she continued to yell at me till i asked her name. I then said thank-you and left. Keep in mind there were no less than 15 people still in the gym.

The night before they blared a high pitched whining noise over the speakers every couple of minutes..

  • Mo
    moe3 Oct 19, 2011

    I agree. The front desk staff is the worst I have seen in years. After I get off from a long day at work I want to come to the gym to unleash tension. Not have a front desk staff give me attitude. I go to the La Fitness in Pasadena, Md & Amanda N. is the most diabolitical, duck face, ignorant human being I have ever had to deal with. I love the Latin Heat class with Sharon R. who is fabulous!! but because of the poor customer service I always encounter from Amanda N., I will not be coming back to this location. There are plenty of La Fitness gyms that are opening up in Maryland that I don't have to deal with a imp like Amanda N.

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  • He
    heated1 Jun 13, 2019

    Well why are you there after 10 p.m when you know the gym closes at 10 p.m the workers wanna go home to their loved ones too so have some respect for their private life. You would be pissed too if you had to spend 20 mins everyday after your shift is over telling GROWN men and women to leave the gym when they all know what time the gym closes and not get paid for the extra time walking around playing hide and seek with inconsiderate people who dont care how long someone stays after their shift.

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  • Fr
    Frustratedformeremployee Sep 09, 2019

    You come to the gym to release tension these employees are human beings with lives just like you. If they don’t get paid after a certain time you should respect that. As a former employee I’ve had to stay as late as 11:30 because people refused to get out of the gym. Respect other people’s time and they will respect you.

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Resolved illegal behavior

In this are my reasons for canceling with LA Fitness that I feel you need to be informed about. It is a real horror story that I fear will happen to more members presenting LA Fitness with trouble and a major lost in trust for the company. In October 2009 Both I and my fiancé wanted to join LA Fitness at the monthly membership fee of $30.00 a month. After much thought and consideration we decided to go in to sign up. We were nicely shown the premises by a staff member and found the facilities satisfactory.
Then we were quickly sat down at a table and talked to about the membership. We flatly said we just wanted a regular monthly membership nothing more. Then we were asked our goals for getting in to shape. I said my plan was to actually try to put on weight and mussel bulk because I have a very lean and tall frame . My fiancé just wanted to tone up nothing drastic. We were then quickly made to feel that there was a lot wrong with our bodies so our self esteem would be lowered. The membership process quickly turned into a negotiation that we should sign up for personal trainers. Before we could say anything another man sat down who was The training general manager (if you would like his name I would feel free to tell you)and started estimating monthly payments for personal trainers. We were baffled at how astronomical the prices were and quickly said no .He continued to say that our work outs and goals would be worthless without help from a trainer.
Since I was pretty serious about reaching my goal for an ideal body I finally let my guard down and became more interested. He made lots of promises that I would be so satisfied with my body that any price would be worth it. I was still very hesitant about the price and wanted to leave .He then wrote down and showed me that he could give me an “amazing” offer but only if I took it right away. I still basically said no thank you. Then he said what is it because you do not have the enough money ? I dumbly said with out thinking, Yeah I have money I’m waiting for a huge check actually. His eyes then turned to dollar signs I was just too naive to notice it at the time. He then offered me another deal and after much sweet talking I agreed to think about it. Since I hadn’t received my check yet it would have to be a couple days till I signed up for a trainer anyway. But then I received calls on my cell phone from the training general manager bluntly asking if I had received my check yet… because he would get in trouble from his boss for the “great” deal he was going to give me. He said I could pay a portion of the down payment right away so I could still get the deal that way he wouldn’t get in trouble. If this happened to me now I would say why the heck is it any of your business when I get my check. At the time though I didn’t want the guy to get in trouble because of me. So I went in and paid a portion of the down payment. While I was there I was then again asked if I had received my check or when I would. The calls also persisted until the day I actually did get my check and finished the down payment for the personal training sessions.
I was then rushed through the contract, he barley even let me touch the thing and just read what he thought was important . Also I found out that he only explained half of the truth about the cancellation and that the contract is very poorly written. I found this out when for some reason I received a call from a woman with LA Fitness 3 days later asking if I understood the terms of the contract and if I knew that I would have to pay 50% of the remaining balance to get out of it(50% of balance = a couple grand). I said no actually I did not know that, but that’s just great you tell me when I already signed.
Everything was down hill after that …I had training sessions canceled by the trainer even though they were made prior according to my busy schedule. The trainers were to lazy to bother to write down my work out routine in my issued La Fitness trainers notebook for my reference as well for the other trainers .Every time I went to a session I was handed off to a different trainer who had no prior knowledge of my fitness routines or goals. When I wanted to stay with one certain trainer they would try to plan the sessions for when was convenient for them not me. I was also told very many things by many different trainers about how long it take me to gain the mussel weight every thing from 3 months to a year. I was ignored on the parts of the body I wanted to work out. I also feel I was told to do work outs that would purposefully make my goal take longer so I would need the training longer. My favorite thing that happened was that guy who was so persistent in keeping track on me for when I got my check forgot to schedule me for a session I made with him prior… he was just to lazy to remember to write me in. When I told other people who belonged to other gyms how much I was paying they laughed. I was seriously paying half of my income and I never saw much result I was becoming more tone but not gaining bulk which was the whole point .I became so depressed and broke in fact I stopped going to the gym all together even though I was paying tons of money just because I resented it so much. It truly was one of the worst decisions of my life even though it should have been one of the best. The people knew they were taking advantage of a young couple because they thought we were gullible not because they actually wanted to help us in any way. I take responsibility for the decision I made and I had to pay for that decision by throwing thousands of dollars away for nothing .I hope LA Fitness cleans up there act before someone takes action a lot harder then me and it’s just a matter of time before someone does.

  • Wa
    Wayne May 14, 2011

    I was asked the same question: "You don't have anough money?" at the gym here in Bristol, Connecticut when I told him I wanted to think about it. It must be part of their sale's pitch. I thought it was RUDE! I am on social security disability and I have to think hard before spending my money.

    I hope they change their sale's tactics soon!

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  • Ju
    justafairhuman Dec 07, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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I have tried and tried to enjoy my training experience but each time I train I can't function normally for 3-5 days afterwards. I have told them and switched trainers but that doesn't help. They say age doesn't matter, I am 51. I guess I am hardheaded will do exactly what they make me do and even fell a couple of times just to hear, "keep going" your doing great!!! Well the last time I couldn't walk right for 4 days, now once again I don't want to go near the gym. They won't let me out of the contract and wont take it easier on me... So what should I do other than closing my bank account?

Resolved abusive service

I absolutely hate this personal trainer at the LA Fitness at the Pasadena, CA location. He is rude and he needs to realize that he is there to service the customer, not his inflated ego. Here's my story.

So I start doing Deadlift's. When I get to 175 pounds, everything is going great and I start to lose my grip in my right hand on my third rep, as I'm going down. I have a physical deformity on my right middle finger that really *** up my grip. I feel my back start to round out and instead of risk hurting myself, I let the weights go.

Low and behold, right after I dropped the weight, this *** douche bag personal trainer comes up to me and starts to chastise me on how "This isn't that kind of gym and if you can't handle the weight then you should be doing lower weight"

I politely start to tell him that my grip is already bad to start off because of my finger and I that I didn't want to hurt my back because I felt it start to round. He proceeded to repeat his earlier statement, "This isn't that type of gym, you just can't throw your weights, if you want to do that you can do that elsewhere"

I was so shocked by the customer service I was receiving I didn't know what to say. After the fact I know exactly what I should have told him and what I told to the manager of the store and to the district manager.

So this isn't the type of gym where the customer's well being is valued over the dropping of the equipment??? Or is this the type of gym where I'm not allowed to lift heavy weights because of a physical deformity in my finger that I have no control over? Or is this the type of gym that only guys that are 6 foot 2 and over 200 pounds can do heavy lifts because they can "handle" it.

The worst thing about it is that right after some douche bags doing dumbbell bench presses (They weren't even doing them right...) dropped their dumbbells on the ground and he had nothing to say to them.

It really made me feel that just because I have a physical deformity and a thin frame that I have no place being in his gym

He walks around the gym like he's the big man on in the gym, but he's just a *** personal trainer. DON'T SUPPORT THE PERSONAL TRAINERS AT THIS LOCATION.

  • Ni
    Nilesh Tiwari Jul 27, 2011

    I joint LA Fitness in june'2011 at Keller, Texas location. After 2 weeks I injured my ankled and couldn't go to the gym for 2 weeks. Once I started feeling better, I went and asked for 2 weeks credit. the member service manager, Jack L., refused to give me any credit. So I asked him to when did my membership expired. He said tomorrow i.e. july' 27th. He lied to me. My membership was expiring in on Sept.' 27th. I asked him to reimburse my money for the remaining months as he was cancelling my membership. He said I can't give you the money and I can't give you the access to gym as you already said you want to cancel your membership. Basically, LA Fitness took away my money and didn't let me work out. This is stealing and I really want the head quarter office to take some action on this guy who was not only rude but arrogant and provided a disgusting customer service.

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  • Me
    meech123 Jan 07, 2012

    This is a comment for Nilesh Tiwari.
    So let me get this straight, you injured yourself and then didn't go to the gym, and then you expected the gym to credit you because you didn't go?
    That sounds a little foolish to me.
    Perhaps if you had a doctor's note they could of done something, but if they just credited you without one, everyone would take advantage of them.

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Resolved horrible to work for

I'm currently a sales counselor for la fitness and i am sad to say its a bad thing.I feel good about...

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Resolved personal training staff

I had been putting off my "free fitness assessment" since i signed up for my membership 3 months ago because I knew it would just be a scam to make me sign up for personal training sessions. However, when i was working out on my own a week ago a trainer approached me and told me i was doing it all wrong and told me to skip my spin class because he'd give me an even better workout.

So i said, okay whatever. Well I skipped my spin class and waited for 20 mins for him. He told me to go do a 5-6 mins warmup on the bike and 20 mins later he yelled up to me from downstairs. Seriously? he couldn't come talk to me like a human being? So I go down and im not sure why i even warmed up because then we just sat down at a desk for an hour.

After telling me awful things about myself, and making my weight situation so much worse than it actually is and telling me that i'm in the bottom 1% of the population (even though i work out 5-6 days a week). He did a quick weight training workout with me. While that part was good and valuable then it got down to the selling time.

When i told him i'm a full time student and i couldnt afford training sessions at this time, he suggested my boyfriend or parents pay for my sessions. I'm an adult, I can't believe he would suggest that i convince someone else to pay for my overpriced sessions. They charge up to $60/HALF HOUR! After I cried for an hour about how awful he made me feel about myself I realized it was not even worth being upset over. He was suggesting that I needed to get to 15-17% body fat, and when I came home and researched I found that women are supposed to be between 20-25%. He was doing anything he could to lower my self esteem to get me to pay for training. NO WAY! i'm half tempted to switch to 24 hour since its just as close with better hours.

Resolved poor etiquette in dealing with an injury

I was working out at the gym that I have been to many times before. I went to the standing calf machine and as I put my hand to reach for the weight pin a 15 pound weight (which later I realized had been stuck up on top came crashing down pin my hand causing it to swell up and bleed. I asked for immediate help from a trainer who nonchalantly directed me to the front desk. As I walked up to the front desk girl I asked her for help and then I started to feel faint from the pain so I tried to go to the nearest chair and before I knew it I had stumbled and run into the side wall.

A fellow gym, member came to see what had happened and prompted an LA fitness employee to help and call 911. I was given ice water to drink and eventually an ice pack. My fiancé was called and he came immediately. It took 2 hours to fill out an incident report. They tried to say that nothing was wrong with the equipment and then the incident was "suspicious" as if to say I was at fault and deliberately hurt my self.

My fiancé then called for a manger that refused to even apologize for what happened maintaining that I should have been paying better attention to the equipment. I assured them that I was not looking for any trouble or payout-simply some human decency and sense of customer service. I finally got up to say something and explain he situation, and Shawn, the manger who was incredibly rude, kept arguing with me about the incident. LA fitness should be embarrassed to have these employees. I am a long standing member and deserve to be treated with some respect.

I was absolutely flabbergasted at the whole thing.

Resolved rude manager and weird club joining policy

I went to LA fitness to use their 2 week trial pass. Told them that I was planning on changing clubs from Life time to LA and would like to try LA for 2 weeks before cancelling my Lifetime membership. The manager rudely tells me that they can't accept other club members. I immediately walked out from the club. I have never heard of someone telling me that I can't be a member at 2 clubs simultaneously.

  • Be
    bethzalie Apr 22, 2011

    Very rude operations manager in Holmdel Nj, His name is Mike and if it was a way to report him directly to the company, I will do it, but I think the company knows what kind of people they hire because there is no way to cimmunicate with them, ven if they are right they dont have to treat you like they are nobody, being an operations manager for the club I will think they have more education and respect, at the end I can only say LA fitness is like any other "sales " association where their employees work on commision so they would promess anything to make su sign and after that they simply dont care, somebody should investigate their business because I didnt expect so many complaints, and while I was there waiting I saw another customer being treated nasty. To LA FITNESS a big hands down.

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  • So
    Someone23 Jul 03, 2011

    I completely Agree - the HOLMDEL NJ center has horrible managers. They dont care one bit about you once you join. The first major turn off is the scam orinentation which is really a push to get you to use a personal trainer. If you dont use a personal trainer there is NO ONE willing to help you. Ur lost in this vast sea of equiptment, there is no strategy to how the machines are set up -- no book or guidline to follow - ur lost they they like that so u feel the need to use a personal trainer...they have 8 people that just sit on their a s s at their desks doing nothing for the most part while people are out there...HERE IS AN IDEA FOR THE CORPORATE ###S. GIVE THE MEMBERS A BOOK TO FOLLOW, NUMBER THE MACHINES TO IDENTIFY WHAT U SHOULD OR COULD DO... and get rid of all the people in this place they do NOTHING.

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Resolved refuse to refund

My wife purchased me a membership and personal training sessions at LA Fitness in Denton, Texas on December 7th, 2010. At that time she was charged as follows:

*$146.12 for initial membership fee

*$222 for personal training set up and first month

She was then billed for these additional sums:

*$32.46 on January 5th, 2010 for another month of membership fees.

On January 14th, 2010 I visited the LA Fitness in Denton for my first trainer session which was to include a fitness assessment. When I arrived for my appointment the trainer was sleeping. I woke him up at his desk and he took me over to begin working out on weights. I asked him for a tour since I had never been to the facility. He took me on a tour. He did not know the locker policy for the facility. He then took me over to do some free weights. I told him that I should receive a fitness assessment first. He said he could not do the assessment, and that the proper trainer to do it was not there. He then said I needed a trainer booklet, but could not locate one to give me. He said, "That's corporate fitness for you. Corporate fitness ***." I asked what he meant by that. He stated, "LA Fitness fired me from the Lewisville store. The Denton facility was opened too early and we don't even have a scale to weigh you on for the assessment, or the booklet you are supposed to receive." He then was given permission to give me thefitness assessment on my next visit, even though he stated that he was not officially allowed to administer assessments. When I arrived home, I contacted his supervisors and spoke with them about getting a refund as I did not feel comfortable patronizingLA Fitness in Denton after this experience. My wife spoke with 'Angela' and 'Issac, ' both fitness trainer supervisors. Both indicated that they would not refund any money.

*$172.00 on January 19th, 2010 we were billed for another month of trainer fees.

*$32.46 on March 1st, 2010 when my wife received threatening phone calls requesting that we pay for another month of membership or we would be have 'credit problems.' My wife stated, again, that she wanted the membership cancelled and our money refunded.LA Fitness refuses to refund ANY moneys.

  • 10
    101nosaj Mar 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost my job, every other company I deal with made concessions except for LA Worthless (what makes them so special?). I go to the Vista, CA gym. The people are good and have knowledge of what they are doing. It is the management that are cold hearted [censor] and [censor]es. They are willing to put a freeze on the account, great - Thank you very much!!! What happens after if I am still not working. If they treated their customers fairly from the start, I am sure they would have a higher rate of return. I know if they had let me out of my PT contract. When times got better, I would have gone back, not now.

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Resolved liars

I Signed up for this gym specifically because I wanted to use the racquetball court. I also wanted to bring...

Resolved bad customer service

This club lacks basic customer service skills. We prepaid for two years before the club even opened. Our membership expired on a weekend and I came in the following monday to workout and explained that my husband would be in to pay for our renewal that evening. They were rude and tried to demand that I pay $15 to work out that day. I finally had to speak to the manager about it and she tried to say the same thing. After a long explanation about how I felt I was being treated unfairly I got to work out. Then when my husband came in to pay they back dated our renewal to the original date so technically Im out 5 days. Also they are supposed to give a free month for renewing but we didnt get that because we went past the renewal date yet they have no problem back dating our renwal and stealing five days from us!!! I also referred four people to that gym! All of this could have been avoided with some basic customer service skills. I will not go back to this gym after our next renewal unless new management is brought in and things drastically improve including the check in staff member in the morning who is very rude most of the time and when he does smile it is half hearted. The corporate office needs a serious makeover as well which is another story in itself!

  • Re
    Really? Feb 25, 2010

    Why shouldn't they back date your membership? You said you went to the gym after your membership expired and before you joined again.

    Don't complain because you allowed your membership to expire. Your fault.

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  • Jo
    joy snyder Jul 23, 2011

    I have had some serious problems with the Pittsburgh, Robinson center concerning poor customer service and breach of promise. When I joined they told me a fitness instructor could see me around work hours whenever necessary but now no one is available. I called to get an appointment today before work. I called last week and then called to check on the appointment this morning. No record of any call or any appointment.

    Please advise me of the address of the corporate office. I can get no information from the Fitness Center Employees as to whom to complain.

    Thank you, m

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Resolved political nonsense

As of this week all of the Televisions didn't have FOX NEWS on them and only displayed ESPN along with...

Resolved sarah kraft la fitness seattle

I went over the head of the operations manager, Sarah Kraft at my LA Fitness in Seattle and complained to corporate. She took me to court to try to get an antiharrassment order against me. She thought going over her head was harrassment. The company actually paid money to hire an attorney to help her. The judge dismissed the case and told her that customer complaints were part of her customer service job and "deal with it".

  • Ka
    karma:) Aug 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sarah Kraft he life is a mess, lost everything, got arrested for DWI, could not even pay for her mortgage, got fired from Spears Inc.

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Resolved pool heater broken

I joined LA fitness specifically to have access to a pool. After one week into my membership, the pool heater broke. Apparently, the pool heater at the Gresham and Pearl location are also broken. I was told that it was going to be repaired last week and nothing happened. Today I was given the "we have no idea when it's going to be repaired. Corporate needs to buy a new heater and we have no control over when they do that. It may be weeks before it's repaired." This is completely unaccaptable. Corporate should not hesitate to buy new heaters for its paying customers.

Resolved billing nightmare

The facility is great, but customer service is bad. Dealing with billing is a nightmare!

I have been a member for 1 year, spending over $2, 000 in a year. At the end of the year I inquired about personal training contract renewal. The manager called me within a few days and informed me that they can offer to me personal training membership for $20 (the original rate was $30). I specifically asked if there are any additional fees associated with it. He informed me that since I am already a customer, there will be no additional fees or account set up fees. I also asked if I need to do anything else, e.g. sign contract, and he assured me that all I needed to do is to authorize transaction over the phone.

February comes and I look at my credit card statement and I see multiple charges. I called the LA Norwalk office and it turns out here how transactions break down:

1. $150: $92 dollars for training membership (new discounted rate) + 50 dollars processing fee (which I was not informed about)

2. $31 and S31 - monthly membership for 2 people (no complaints here)

2. $127 - training membership fee at original rate

Person informed me that charges are correct because I have two training accounts set up, one for me and one for my husband. I responded that it is impossible since my husband rarely goes to the gym and if he needs proof, he can check attendance records. I told him how my training membership was renewed and he repeated multiple times that these charges are my fault because I never cancelled my first training membership. I emphasized that I was told my account was being “renewed” and I never agreed to establish a second training membership. I asked to resolve this issue and provide a reimbursement. He replied that I have to cancel my membership to not incur further charges, but he cannot do anything about reimbursement since this is my fault. I asked to speak with the owner and was told that someone will give me a call back.

Is this how a person should be treated when I pay over $2, 000 a year? I understand errors occur, but I am totally taken aback that they are reluctant to address the issue and imply taht the issue is my fault.

  • Ni
    nicksettle Mar 22, 2011

    What happened here is that there is no such thing as "Renewing" a training membership, since it goes on a term contract. (your regular gym membership is a month to month, and can be renewed, cancelled etc.) so therefore, when you thought you were "renewing your training" what so-and-so did over the phone was add another training account! This new training account extends past your previous account. Your training account is just like a cellphone plan. You have to send in a notice of cancellation for the contract to be terminated, otherwise your billing will be continued to be taken out every month. You should ask for a refund because the sales was misleading and say you would not like to keep your new account. And notice verbally is just as good as the magic dragon saying he is you on the other end of the phone line saying, "charge my card to this number!"... no, you did not sign (so nothing here is legally binding) check the facts on your state, but yes, your sales-trainer will get a big no-no for this, you haven't signed for anything. Cancel your first training membership, and you can do that through your operations manager (who knows everything about the club) and say you would like an end of term cancel. (unless you are done with LA FITNESS altogether, and then you can do a buy-out) (a buy-out is the one out of two ways to cancel your training account, which is paying off 50% of what is left on your contract) Good Luck!

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Resolved money

Hi my name is Maria, been a long time customer with La Fitness(sheridan and 52nd ave)to be exact... there wa...

Resolved poor management

I am a member of LA Fitness South Elgin and enjoy working out there...when the club is actually open during its business hours. Today, February 15th, the club failed to open at opening time for the second business day in a row. I, along with many other patrons, waited in the parking lot from shortly after 5am until after 6am, but no LA Fitness staff member with the ability to open the club showed up during that time. On Friday, February 12th, I waited until approximately 5:50am and, again, the club failed to open before I left. I personally experienced the club opening significantly late twice around Christmas time and once in late October/early November.

On Friday, I called LA Fitness Corporate to inform them of this situation. It obviously didn't do much good if the club failed to open the following Monday on time. I plan to call again today to report this situation.

As mentioned, I generally enjoy my local LA Fitness and feel that the group class instructors are excellent. However, management seems to have some difficulties...managing. Besides the early morning staffing issues, there seems to be a lot of facilities issues (broken equipment, horrible heating/cooling issues) that the local management blames "corporate" for. Whatever the situation is, local management needs to get there act together, particularly regarding staffing issues, before members start leaving in droves to the many other health club options we have in our area.

Resolved forged signature

I signed up for a membership and was talked to by a trainer/manager/salesmen/???-too many titles but no scruples. I verbally agreed to Training with him-he gave me a few sessions then asked what price i would want to pay-I said, "no more than 120$ a month for training-he said he could train me with four One hour sessions a month for that price-he also told me he had credentials for physical therapy as i have a disability-I never signed any agreement for the training-When Mr??? left that location several months later I asked if any other trainers were available with physical therapy credentials and no one could step forward but I was told I have a 12 month agreement-so another manager (I think everyone there is!) looked up my training contract-one i had never seen or signed and i had him print it out-The signature is so different then mine a 10 year kid could forge their parents report card signature better!
I am now awaiting credit card dispute process-thanks to all the people who complained about LA FITNESS corporate I went straight to my credit card with it-oh not to mention -it's fraud!
This company should get their act together and fly straight

Resolved rude to costumers

there is an employee at the la fitness in grand prairie on I 20 that is rude to people. he yelled at a ladie for no reason.someone else wanted to know the cost for membership and he acted rude about it at the end he didn't even give him the cost for membership. so later on he got fired but now he is back working again. i don't think they should have hired him back for rude behavior and attitude torward the costumers.
the employees name is JOHN . i think he should be fire and not let him go back again.
that is my complaint.

  • Ka
    katherine r Mar 21, 2010

    I have had a membership at LA for 2 years now from the Grand Prairie location and have had nothing but great experiences with the club and the staff. The GM of the club is friendly and actually shows an interest in his members. I have even seen the staff as well as management out in the club picking up trash and putting weights away when inconsiderate members do not follow proper gym etticate and put away their own weights. I recommend LA Fitness to anyone interested in excercising at a beautiful facility for a reasonalble price. The worst club I have ever worked out at is 24Hr Fitness. They could care less about you or their facility.
    Kudos to LA Fitness for putting out a great product.

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Resolved cancelling membership

I think that LA Fitness is a relatively good place to work out. They have good equipment and lots of fitness programs.

I joined there in October of 2008. This has nothing to do with anything, but my wallet was stolen on my very first visit. Then they tried to get me in on their "coaching" which would have added up to an additional $160 to my monthly bill. I did see the light and refused that.

ANYWAY...I wasn't using my membership enough, so I decided to cancel it in July of 2009. I went in to cancel and they said you can't cancel here, you have to send in written cancellation and it will take a couple of months. That should have been my first clue.

I got the form, and sent it off. I also learned this, keep a copy and send registered mail!

Everything I do is electronic. I don't get paper copies of any bills to try and be more green. I rarely use my credit card anymore, so when I logged on to check it the other day, I noticed that LA Fitness was on there and had been all of the previous bills.

I called immediately...and gee, guess what they said? Oh, it looks like we never received it.

I hate dealing with dishonest people. I played their game and did as I was told. They are the ones who got my letter and pitched it in the garbage. Why not? It wasn't registered, so I can't prove that I sent it.

Sometimes it is really embarassing, or maybe just depressing to know that companies like this exist.

I know I have no way to get back my fees for the past seven months. What I am really hoping is that someone will read this and realize they are dealing with a dishonest company and take their business to someone who is trying to do a service rather than steal money from their customers. The people that run the individual clubs were great. It is just the people who call the shots that I am so disappointed with.

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    MEJAZ2575 Nov 09, 2011
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    I too have had a similar problem with LA Fitness here in Tucson. I had a shoulder injury that required me to end a trainer contract and membership. Same old story--lost your paperwork, your physician statement did not indicate that you were permanently disabled, etc. etc. Even though I am having surgery in 3 weeks to repair my shoulder. I have four months of trainer expenses and membership fees that they will not reimburse me for as well as the membership fees. I have not used their facility since sending in my notice. They keep just giving you the run around. Repeated stories all say the same thing. Don't waste your money. Go to a smaller facility. Their sign on to get you to use a trainer is manipulative and not all the information is clear about how to end your contract. I am reporting them to the better business bureau!!!

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    MEJAZ2575 Nov 09, 2011
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    What a dishonest company!!!

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