LA Fitnessrude front desk with harassing closing announcements

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The club has the poorest customer service of any place i have ever been. The front desk has the attitude that they are doing you a favor by being there. Every week night evening as early as 8:45 they announce the time and the time they are closing and instruct the members to plan their workouts accordingly.They do this no less than 4 times an hour and every 5 minutes near closing. There is one particular woman named Tamara who is obnoxious. She commenced with the usual harassment and announced at 9:45 9:50 and there after every 5 minutes and at 10:02 she proceeded to announce at top volume " the club is closed closed closed lease the club leave" repeating herself in a continuous loop until as i was walking by i asked her if she knew how annoying that was. She then replied " I don't care. I don't get paid for the extra 5 minutes so you can walk out slowly" I replied " but you know your ruining the last 5 minutes of every ones day" she said " I don't care you need to leave it is 10:05 and the gym closed at 10" after which i tried to reply but she continued to yell at me till i asked her name. I then said thank-you and left. Keep in mind there were no less than 15 people still in the gym.

The night before they blared a high pitched whining noise over the speakers every couple of minutes..

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  • Mo
      Oct 19, 2011

    I agree. The front desk staff is the worst I have seen in years. After I get off from a long day at work I want to come to the gym to unleash tension. Not have a front desk staff give me attitude. I go to the La Fitness in Pasadena, Md & Amanda N. is the most diabolitical, duck face, ignorant human being I have ever had to deal with. I love the Latin Heat class with Sharon R. who is fabulous!! but because of the poor customer service I always encounter from Amanda N., I will not be coming back to this location. There are plenty of La Fitness gyms that are opening up in Maryland that I don't have to deal with a imp like Amanda N.

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  • He
      Jun 13, 2019
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    Well why are you there after 10 p.m when you know the gym closes at 10 p.m the workers wanna go home to their loved ones too so have some respect for their private life. You would be pissed too if you had to spend 20 mins everyday after your shift is over telling GROWN men and women to leave the gym when they all know what time the gym closes and not get paid for the extra time walking around playing hide and seek with inconsiderate people who dont care how long someone stays after their shift.

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  • Fr
      Sep 09, 2019

    You come to the gym to release tension these employees are human beings with lives just like you. If they don’t get paid after a certain time you should respect that. As a former employee I’ve had to stay as late as 11:30 because people refused to get out of the gym. Respect other people’s time and they will respect you.

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