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I have been a member of LA Fitness in Dallas TX on Walnut Hill Ln and Skillman for the past 6 months. During this time period, I kept in a locker a radio with a headset and a towel. When I initially joined I asked if this was a safe practice to keep items in the locker, with a combination lock. I was told by the staff there has never been any trouble with theft in the gym.

I arrived at the gym recently and all combination locks were removed along with all contents. When I questioned what happened I was told the fire department, upon inspection, cut all locks as this is a fire hazard. All the contents were given to 'charity' within one week of this incident. I contacted the Lieutenant of Investigations with the Dallas Fire Department and was told they would never go into a gym and cut off all the locks.

The Lieutenant suggested I take this up with the Dallas Police Department, in case this was ordered for an unknown reason. The Dallas Police Department said that they did not, nor would ever go into the gym or order someone to go into the gym and cut all locks, unless there was a specific report of a dangerous item in a locker. Should that have been the case only the specified locker would have been broken into.

Upon returning to LA Fitness to speak with the manager I was initially told the fire department came in, after their inspection, requested that all locks be removed and the fire department cut all locks. After further discussion with the manager, I told him that I had been to the fire department and gave him the information given to me by the fire department and the police department. He suddenly changed his story and stated that he was ordered by LA Fitness Corporate office to cut all locks immediately as this is a fire hazard.

All contents were given to charity, stated by the manager. There were 75 bags of contents gathered. He said there was a sign posted for 3 days to pick up your items. Unfortunately, if you were not at the gym during this time period, all items were given away. The reason these items were not stored is unknown. The reason members were not notified by email, mail is unknown.

According to the Dallas Police Department, this is theft and it is now in the hands of the Police and Fire Departments.

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  •   Jul 22, 2008

    We are senior individuals (60 and 55) and just joined LA Fitness. They said we had to take an 'orientation' to learn about the club. Unfortunately, due to business travel my wife did this on her own. The 'orientation' turned out to be a high pressure sales pitch for personal training.

    When I called, my wife was distraught and said she signed for 12 personal fitness sessions for $ 550 and we would lose 50 % of this if we canceled. The wife took one session and decided it was too much and she would have a hard time doing two/month for six months. I told her to cancel and take the hit.

    Upon my return from business, I had a letter from LA Fitness stating that 'I' had 8 personal fitness sessions scheduled per month for 6 months. I got my wife to produce a copy of the contract she had signed (but apparently not read), and realized they had signed her for 48 sessions at a cost of $ 2549, $ 549 of which had already been billed. (By the way... These automatically renew!!)

    These contracts are written tougher than you would get from a used car salesman, and once LA Fitness has you, apparently their business model is 'no mercy'. By the terms of the contract, LA Fitness was 'nice' enough to allow us to cancel for another $ 1000. On April 7, my wife canceled both the membership and fitness training sessions, figuring to cut our losses.

    I called tonight (April 9) to see if I could reason them down to a lesser amount since $ 1550/ hour seems a ridiculous amount and found that they had not canceled either as instructed, although on April 7 they said they had. The telephone operator told me they needed $ 1000 from me BEFORE they would accept my cancellation!! He said he could accept an over the phone payment. Until this amount was received, I would continue to be billed and he was trying to save me money by avoiding future billings.

    I told him that I wouldn't pay except after receiving a written invoice from him for the amount they felt was fair and confirmation that I was no longer bound by the contract. He stated that their accounting structure could not invoice and insisted on a complete phone payment first or they would continue to bill. I then informed him that the credit card he has on file for me is no longer valid (I have killed it), and if he wanted payment of any sort, he had better learn to invoice.

    We ended agreeing to disagree...

    I have no idea where I am on this now but will certainly be talking with an attorney. Health clubs (at least in this area) are very competitive. I know my wife was stupid to have signed a contract without reading it, but anyone who picks this health club had better be really wary!

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  • Pr
      Aug 06, 2008

    The exact same thing happened to me.

    I joined LA fitness December 07 and had my free personal training session where that idiot of trainer told me to lose 10-20 pounds...Im 5'8" tall and 125 pounds...WTF!
    I yelled at him and told him that I will never come back again, because one of my best friends nearly died because of an eating disorder.

    So, the next day they called me to ask if I was alright and I said no and that I wanted to cancel the membership immediately.After trying to convince me to stay they finally agreed to send me the form. I never received anything, so I called them and they said I should go online. I did, but i didn't wanna set up an account so I called them again and the lady told me that the problem will be solved. they will call me back.
    because I was graduating I didn't have the time to follow up with them.

    when I canceled in MAY(!!!) my Swiss credit card they started calling me non stop. then I realized that they have been using my card all the time, because I was so stupid to slide my card once over there!Since then I was sent from one place to the other and apparently all their printers are out of order...sure, but they still can print out applications!!!

    I'm working for a PR guy and he discovered in 1989 a major scam with the parking meters in LA where the city had to pay over 15 million dollars back to the people that got parking tickets at manipulated parking meters. He is very well connected and we are going to the media now. If you want to be part of it let me know.I'm trying to collect as many angry people as possible!

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  • Pe
      Aug 07, 2008

    LA Fitness is a big lier and cheater. They keep charging your credit card even after they have received your cancellation letter. Here is my most recent experience with them: I will be in the college on August 25. I sent them a formal concellation letter on July 20 and they received my letter on July 23 and cancelled my membership. But on July 26, I found out they are still charging my credit card. I call their customer service center, they told me "there was no record showing that we have received your cancellation letter". I went back to my local club, they pulled out my account information which shows the cancellation letter was received on July 25. Right now, I am fighting with them to get my money back. I will NEVER NEVER do the business with LA Fitness again. Trust me, DO NOT JOIN LA FITNESS.

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  • Tr
      Nov 27, 2008

    my husband and i went to fitness experts here in terre haut indiana we were going to join but before our 1st month payment was due i had a attack in one of the classes i was taking to the hospital by ambulance. we tried to cancel before our membership went int effect but they said we could not cancel the only way was if we were moving 20 miles away and brought in proof our sent them proof..but they pet one membership amount on my credit report and a joint account on my husbands credit is all a scam, they try to make you due what they due and they have been doing it for years and teaching classes 2-3 times a day...and it was our first time... tracey burke terre haute indiana

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  • Ni
      Sep 27, 2009

    LA fitness does not allow overnight storage at any facility I know of. Do not leave belongings overnight or more than your workout time.

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