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I have beeen going to this gym for about 6 months and when they signed me up, I was signed up with my son who at the time was only 12 years old. Which i told the guy at the time of signing up and it was the only reason why I was trying to with him because he was getting out of shape. The guy said it was fine but just say he was 14 years old I thought nothing of it and went along with it, but the lack of service and helpfullness in this gym my son got hurt in the cycling room by one of the bikes.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bristol, CTThey made me fill out an accident report and that was the end of . Now 4 months later they are saying the my son can no longer go there because he is to young and was not supose to be going there at all. The manager that was working handled it very wrong and it was a big scene in the gym. He didn't handle the problem he just kept walking away from me saying he will look into it and call me another time instead of just solving the problem. I will not reccommend this gym to anyone the people are rude there and you do not feel welcome there at all.

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  • Ni
      Feb 10, 2009

    On behalf of LA Fitness I apoligize for the incompetance that is our Bristol Location. I'm guessing you dealt with ED (Otherwise known as ### to our members). Each club is run differently and Bristol is one of the worst. I'm not suggesting you to come check out a different team or club, as I'm sure your experience with us would prevent that. I would like to stress that the other clubs in your area, S.Windsor, Newington, are actually staffed by people who care about their jobs. Some of us do actually go the extra mile for our member's do not pressure our appointments and are still very succesful within this company. I truly apoligize for what happened to your son and wish your family the best. Unfortunately I can not post my name or title for obvious reasons. It just saddens me that in some locations the best we can offer our members is a team of shady used car salesmen.

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  • Im
      Mar 03, 2009

    I recently joined at this location and had the misfortune of dealing with ED. I almost didnt join just to spite him. I have never encountered such a pushy sales person in my life - and i do purchasing for a living! The gym is nice, but the people who work there leave alot to be desired! The trainers seem to be just as slimy...

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  • Yd
      Jun 04, 2010

    Your [censor] son probably got hurt because he's an idiot. Where were you when he was injured? Don't expect the gym to babysit for you. Also, your grammar is terrible.

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  • Sh
      Jan 17, 2011

    First of all- you should not have let your underage son work out there in the first place. This person who signed you us was wrong to break the rules but so were you. It seems to me you were both at fault. However at the end of the day, as the mother, you should have been more sensible.

    As for the person speaking on behalf of LA Fitness, are you a representative of the center, if so, not a professional one or good one for that matter First you do not bad mouth others when you don't even know if this person "Ed" was the individual who helped this woman. You should have just apologized and left it at that. I recently joined the Bristol location and so far I found the staff to be very professional, understanding and helpful. Kudos to Derek and Jeremy.

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  • No
      Jan 21, 2011

    This is the Worst club I have ever joined. Customer service is rude and uneducated. They do not solve complaints and no one takes responsibility for being in charge of the facility. The group exercise classes on the evenings and weekends run 50% of the time. The other 50% the instructor doesn't show up to teach the class. Join at your own risk because if you wish to cancel, for being treated rudely and not getting services promised, you already paid a hefty registration fee in addition to monthly dues. If you call corporate to complain about the conditions of the club they "apologize" and then state that they cannot contact someone locally to address your concerns or give you a refund.

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  • Me
      Jul 02, 2012

    I totally understand and relate on the service at that specific club. I'm not going to mention my name fully just because we are still members and don't want to have anymore problems with them. When we signed up, it was with Derrick. We went in to just ask questions about the club. We were looking into a family plan for all of us to join. We have a 20, 19 and 14 y.o. twins that were to join up w/us also. He painted such a great picture of the gym. He said that we could all go w/o any problems and that we were all going to have the same monthly rate, if we referred anyone else to the gym that they'd also rcv the same price we were paying, if we wanted to stop going all we had to do was let them know, if we wanted to take someone off of our account and replace them w/someone else at the same rate we could and also mentioned that our account would be compensated for signing referring people to our gym. He also said that those being referred by us would also be signed up w/the rate that we were paying. NONE OF THAT HAPPENED! When I signed my family & myself up, there were 5 of us. So, when tried to replace someone on my account w/a different person, he then said that it couldn't happen. He said that we could remove them and add someone else BUT, they'd have to be added w/the new, more expensive rates that were going. When we referred 4 different friends of ours, all we went back and asked why our account was never compensated accordingly. Derrick's response was, "I never said that your account would be compensated!" He then offered us a lanyard as compensation for referring everyone. THEN!! Had the nerve to NOT give the people WE REFERRED, the same price!! After we had told them they'd rcv the same price because that's what DERRICK told us. WE WERE NOT HAPPY! AND STILL AREN'T. The only damn reason we stay there is because it's the only gym that we know of that has a pool. So, as of today, everyone else have dropped their memberships and we are only 2 left remaining in the gym. And yes, the service sucks. Not just saying that to complain,'s true. The guys that were there last were more worried about the chics in the gym then attending & greeting us at the desk. We walked in and no one was at the front counter. We had wanted to ask a question re:our account info and never spoke to anyone because no one ever went to the desk the 1hr & 1/2 we were there. As we were leaving we saw someone blond guy w/pimples talking to a girl. nice job guys!! and the women's b/rm is always disgusting!! The scales are out dated and there should be better representation. There should be people who know what they're talking about and lie to people just to get them to sign up.

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  • St
      Sep 12, 2014

    I purchased a year of personal training sessions for $40 each week. I only get 25 minutes for $40 which is fine but my trainer never starts on time but always finishes on time. I have to wait fofor him to eat a power bar or make phone calls and it's eating up almost $2 per minute. Management needs to train their employees to start on time!! I will not renew my sessions at the end if the year.

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  • Ho
      Sep 19, 2014

    I am going to LA Fitness since it open in worden and England .
    Today I asked a question about one Machine from one of their trainer
    And he didn't answer it because he had a client that paid him and was waiting
    For him. Even for one question you have to pay them to answer it. Which is not
    right. The first place they will try hard to get in people in the gym and after they don't
    Care about you. Well I am really disappointed today.
    Very bad service.
    Houma A

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