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KSRTC / Poor reservation & cancellation!

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KSRTC (Karnataka) is minting money, unlike any other transport companies across the country. Their bus charges are very high. For a distance of 380 KM, the neighboring state RTC (APSRTC) charges around Rs 210, while KSRTC charges Rs 250 for the same distance. It seems KSRTC is making multiple crores of rupess by increasing bus fare by 10 per every 100 as insurance charges while the claims for the same by the customers are quite rare. And even BMTC fares in Bangalore are very high.

And coming back to the actual complaint, the reservation cancellation system is very shady. We had made one reservation for traveling at night 11 PM on sunday (09/03). As we had to go to a different location suddenly, we went for cancellation at 5 PM on sunday. But the reservation counter declined to cancel the ticket as the bus starting point is different, and it starts by 4 PM itself so the ticket can't be canceled. This is ridiculous. How should the passenger know the starting point of the bus? He is most interested when he can board the bus. And there are no proper details about the cancellation timelines wrt the departure any ware - not even behind the ticket. Unnecessarily we need to forego the ticket, losing close to Rs 400.00. There are many such cases, one more of minting money.

And the reservation charges are also high - Rs 15 per head, it is very exorbitant. Hope KSRTC comes down from the money-greeding-stance to make public transport better and affordable.


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  • Pr
      27th of May, 2008

    I guess the problem is not with the corporation but the people employed there...This week i was travelling to palghat by KSRTC Airavat...I booked a ticket online and the Selected the DL as my id proof. The DL number was not mandatory in the system and i did not put the number...When i tried to board the bus...this ign0rant conductor who didnt understand what the mandatory fields did not accept my ticket stating he needed the DL number on it...First i tried arguining which made this guy even more stubborn...then had to give up and ask sorry for no mistake of myne...for which the conductory asked to write the DL number on it using my pen(very good way of preventing fraud, thats what he things)...once i wrote it he didnt even bother to check the number and asked me to get in...i guess he was trying to make money on the extra seat or trying to sleep...thats how the attitude of these conductors are who think they are the rulers...and dont understand public is paying their salaries

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  • Su
      15th of Jun, 2009

    I totally disagree with Praveen. I am a regular Airavat passenger. Till now I have not faced any issues with the reservation system nor with the bus employees.

    The order given to the conductors regarding the online ticket is to cross check the id card number written on the e-ticket with the id card, which simply validates the ticket.

    Now, as the ticket produced by Praveen didn't have the id card number, the conductor rejected the ticket, as there is no proof that the print out is a valid reservation. If some one comes for inspection, the conductor may loose his job as well. For Praveen, its just a matter of Rs. 300-600, but for the conductor, its his life. He did'nt want to risk his life, its as simple as that!

    People, think of others as well, not only about you, your money, your time.

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  • Mo
      14th of Jan, 2011

    Its given in the site that 25% of basic fare is charged on cancellation till before 2hours of departure. My ticket basic fare was 582 and total amount was 636. The amount refunded is 464, which is more than 25%.

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