Kroger5this time deli but pharmacy has issues also

Stood at deli counter for 5min waiting while the lady helped other people. Then when they finished they continued to ignore the fact we was standing there. I asked if they was still open and another girl told me "YES, they can help you". She told them we need something and then another older lady told MARIA to come help us and Maria refused to help us. All of a sudden they was closed. Told us to go out to a shelve to get what we wanted and of course it was empty. Some yucky looking sliced turkey is ALL that was there. Wouldn't have paid a dime for the looks of it! We got sent away empty handed! This was at 8:30pm on Sunday evening. Not sure if that matters. But maybe the first 2 ladies shouldn't have said they could help if they was closed! I have officially now been treated like crap by your Deli and your Pharmacy! Think I am done shopping at your store here in Dodge City! The service is awful and the employees and your black pharmacist are rude as hell!!! Guess Wal-Mart's would appreciate the 100's of $ I spend weekly instead!

Jul 29, 2018

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