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I am a regular Kroger customer and spend up to a thousand dollars a month in Kroger. I especially love the pharmacy at the Kroger in Dacula, Braselton Hwy. However, I am very disappointed in the treatment of employees. In 1999, I also tried working at Kroger and it did not work out. My Son has worked for Kroger 3 times since 1999 and it never worked out.

Despite the good prices on food and merchandise, I have noticed that some of the employees are often mistreated., My son, began his job there each time, letting it be known that he had a physical and mild mental disability and that he would need breaks. He rarely got breaks and they were never long enough to re-charge. He worked at the Kroger at Riverside Parkway last year. While bringing in buggies in the rain (it was pouring) he was sent a message to hurry up, He could hardly see in the rain. He also could only bring in a few at a time due to his back. (Which he made clear when he was hired.) The problem seems to be that no matter what one tells the management when they are hired, it is soon forgotten. Then that person cannot keep up with the demands and is treated as a failure. That incident was 2017. Jared Harris is his name. I would like to suggest better training and perhaps someone to oversee employees who need extra help. Maybe your turnover rate would drop with a few changes. Kroger always seems to need help. Your courtesy clerks are mostly teenagers and older people. There does not seem to be much of an incentive. Especially since most people pay for their groceries with credit and there usually is no cash for tips. I am just kindly asking that you make working and staying at Kroger more pleasant and fair. Also, please ask your younger workers to treat the older workers with more respect and not in a condescending manner. I have witnessed that on more than a few occasions because as I said, I shop in Kroger a lot. Surely, Kroger management is aware of the many options in the Atlanta area for shopping. Your competition problem is not your prices. It is your customer service and the respect you do not show for your employees.

Respectfully yours, Carol Lynn Harris [protected]

Nov 16, 2017
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      Nov 16, 2017

    The employee in question (your son) needs to address these issues with a human resources representative or store manager. Unfortunately your feedback does not have much value as you are his mother and are naturally going to support him with or without the full story. If they are not making accommodations that he needs for his disability, this should definitely be reported as they are legally required to under the ADA.

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