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Warren, MI, United States
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On March 26, 2018 at 9:00am, I decided to shop earlier to bypass crowds and waiting in long lines. Upon checking out, many self checkout machines weren't working properly. I asked one of the store cashier clerks if she's able to assist with getting the machines up and running to continue with check-out. I was told, go to customer service instead for help. When speaking to the clerk at customer service about food and supplemental merchandise I was replied to in a rude manner as if the clerk was having a bad day or if I was being mistakened for someone else. I decided to put items back and exchange for other items my card would cover. I was told Michigan EBT cards doesnt pay for certain items in grocery stores. I said okay, Thank you, may I have my item that EBT doesn't cover to choose a different item that it does in nutritional form instead of supplemental form. I needed the box to remember exactly what I had picked up. The clerk stated why? EBT doesn't cover your item ma'am and went on a rampage and lied while stating I threatened her at krogers in Warren, MI. I stated I didn't threaten you and asked for her name and ID# to report her. When police were called.. I decided to stay to speak with police officers and was over talked and taken to jail for disorderly conduct.. I was also told I was drunk and I DO NOT drink.. I figured everything was a joke and I was being punked because nothing wasn't making any sense. When speaking to the judge later on that day between 10:00am and 2:00pm she stated this is written incorrectly. Basically stating something isn't right with the situation being presented to her concerning me and what actually happen at krogers.. A Long story short someone who went to kroger's the previous day arrived at the same kroger's or somewhere nearby kroger's and the police tried to pin something the previous person subjected itself into doing off on me. I was mistakened for someone else that wasn't me.. I'm in the process to filesuit against those who've caused me a problems, racially profiling me to being someone else without doing an investigation and causing major distress. I was told by police not to purchase from that particular grocery store any more and not to go back there.. I thought that's fine I don't shop there anyway's however, you are not going to tell me where I'm going to go and where I'm not going to go... I always travel to nice places with nice, respectful employees not into some place or city who've tried to cause problems and try to damage me... I wasn't born nor raised around people of that hostile nature.. However, the grocery store itself didn't harm anyone the employees hired in uneducated have tried to cause life problems to many. So if you live in Warren, MI or thinking about travelling in parts of the city be safe the people here are brainwashed and some are trying to moveout to better places while they can. I've never had such nonsense in my life to take place at a grocety store. How kidish.. Kroger's around the world should start to fire many people and hire in better well-developed people..
Thank you,
Citizen In Michigan

Oct 16, 2018

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