Kroger / salmon quality and shrimp origin.

Lafayette, IN, United States

The last bag of wild caught pink salmon I bought was inferior quality and higher priced. I checked point of origin on last bag, and it was China, whereas the other I had been buying was from Chile. The Chinese product was soft, and fell apart when grilled, while the Chilean product was firm. Lower quality, but higher price. I incorporate lots of seafood, mostly salmon, in my diet for the omega 3. I also buy shrimp trays for family dinners, but after reading how seafood farms operate in Asian companies, I will no longer buy shrimp unless it is raised in safer conditions. So I have an 80 count shrimp tray I am returning for a refund. Thelma Bice, 504 Anchor Dr. Apt. 102, Lafayette, IN. 47905

Jan 9, 2017

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