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Today September 14th 2017 at approximately 8:30 p.m. I shop that the Smiths food drug store here my hometown Los Lunas New Mexico tp fill perscriptions at the Smith's Pharmacy in Los Lunas, NM. I'll get right to the point because I'm tired and I feel like customers need to know what is going on with outgoing into detail. The Pharmacist, Edwina, is the rudest person I am ever ran into in retail. She Cursed at me. I talked to her Manager Christine Archibeque and explain to her what happened. She took the pharmacist side. And now I will be contacting Corporate office in Salt Lake City and possibly Cincinnati Ohio tomorrow. The Assistant Manager Christine Archibeque referred to me as being rude to her employees and I have to say that I am not. I am a loud person and somewhat blunt and say what i have to.say without being rude. If I say something I'm going to say it direct I'm not going to candy coated. I call a spade a spade and people can't understand that this is a business not a non-profit then they need to work somewhere or where there is more tolerance for employees rudeness. in the business profit world, you need to be polite and courteous always and understand that customers have other choices by other stores other pharmacies and customers don't have to put up with rude service. This pharmacist is rude and refuse to process my insurance payment which is very difficult and she didn't want to do the extra steps to follow the insurance policies and rules for payment..If this is a major problem with employees, then they are in the wrong line of work. It comes down to this I don't have to beg for service or be polite when I am going there for service to begin with. I am there as a customer to do business not to socialize or make friends. If I spoke to the Assistant Manager those were my words so as a result of this I am going to contact corporate office and write letters to make sure that this Assistant Manager Christine and tge pharmacist employee Evelyn understand that customers are there for service. they are there to serve us the customers. We don't work for them or have to tolerate there sarcasm, rudeness or their obnoxious behavior etc. I don't need to be justified I don't need to be told that I disrespected employees. It doesn't matter We live in a world that people have no respect for customers no more. I have seen at that store in Los Lunas customers being treated very badly by employees. It seems like customers are a bother to certain employees. But not all managers and not all employees act this way but there's a lot more and that store is definitely not conducting themselves right. They need to train or reinforce good customer service skills they lack big time on customer service skills the store is located in Los Lunas New Mexico.

Sep 14, 2017

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