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Had a discrepancy on my receipt. On monday, july 16th around 6pm. Tried to work it out with the manager on duty. Scott (atlanta, georgia?)

I purchased 6 of the chicken milanese (cold) from the deli at 0.99/each, but rang up as $23.60 for 6.
I used my fresh perks card. I used my foodshare card as well.

I have been able to purchase them (cold) before with the foodshare card, as with any other cold prepared food from the deli. But if thats not the case anymore, i understand.

My issue was with the way Scott, the manager on duty I believe, and the way he handled it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT
He quickly got agitated, and tossed my receipt at me when I tried to explain what it does and does not cover, and that I bought the item recently this way no problem.

It eventually got handled by (Jullia?) I believe her name was. Ive never had a problem with anyone else at this store ever, theyre all great, I just dont think Scott handled that situation well at all. He would be a reason for me not to shop there anymore.

I mentioned I used to do his job for some years prior, so that I could relate with him that I understand the pricing issue wasnt his fault. His response, "Want the job back?!"

Im not one to send complaints, but his attitude and demeanor shouldnt be acceptable. Not sure how they do things in Georgia, but Monroe should be better than that.

  • Updated by John K Q, Jul 16, 2018

    This was the Monroe, Wisconsin location if I have not already made that clear

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    Manager on duty*

Jul 16, 2018

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