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i have work for kroger for a few years, they are a company that demand to much out of it's worker they try to work us like slave the pay is
very low but they bring in billion and billions a year i can see why this company profit are large, the manager do not care for the work all they care about is their bonus they are going to get we do all the work to make them look good where is the bonuses for the worker that make them look so good they never say to us job well done all they do is try to find more work for us to do all they do is make our job harder and what us to smile and be friendly to the customer when we can hardly feed our family off of the pay we get where is the uncover boss when you need him he need to come and do what we do in a week and if he have a heart he would come in and fit it beca
use they demand so much work on a few worker we can keep up i used to love my job but with so many rules our work place feel like a slave camp someone out their please send us some help out here in decatur il store j250 maybe the uncover boss.

Mar 4, 2014
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      4th of Mar, 2014

    For heaven's sake grow up. No matter where you work you will have similar problems. There will always be managers and they are the boss. It is up to the employees to do what they are told, and do it properly. For your information all grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants/fast food places pay about the same wages. This wage is either $7.25 an hour or a little more. $7.25 an hour is the minimum wage. Why do you think there is so much on the news about raising the minimum wage? Do you honestly believe that the program Undercover Boss is real? I don't know if is or not, but I don't believe any of those reality shows. Nothing would change if your store was visited by an undercover boss because the government is going to have raise the minimum wage before wages will go up. As for the rest of your complaint you just have to remember no matter where you work there will always be bosses, and you should be thankful you have a job. Maybe if you would go to school and learn how to punctuate, use proper grammar. etc., you could obtain a job where you could work your way up to a managerial position.

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