Kroger / chicken

Southaven, MS, United States

Tonight (10/17/2018), I purchased a package of chicken thighs from kroger at 465 stateline rd southaven ms. Got ready to prepare to cook and the meat was spoiled. I took them back to the store immediately (9:05 p. M.) to only be told by a woman (no name tag) working in uscan that customer service was closed and I would have to return the meat in the morning. I asked for a manager and she said no manager was on duty. I immediately called someone I know that is a manager at kroger and she said a manager is supposed to be there and to ask for the grocery manager. I did and she told where to go. I spoke with the person in the meat dept and was told to get a package of chicken. I left the spoiled meat on the counter in customer service and i'm quite sure it's still there. This makes the third time i've purchased bad meat from this store on two other occasions. I was told that i'm supposed to get my money back and the product which I did not. This store is never stocked in the dairy dept. Always have to ask someone to get orange juice or milk. I never see a manager but I will return to the store tomorrow to make a complaint with the store manager, if someone is in. This store is horrible and not efficiently operated.

Oct 17, 2017

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