Kroger / buying wine

Franklin, TN, United States

So today at 10:30 PM I was denied my alcohol sale by the employee named Leslie. The reason being is because my Alabama license was vertical rather than horizontal. I'm a 22 year old bartender in TN with an ABC license and I know for a fact that this is not against the law. I have never had a problem with my ID downtown or anywhere else I have purchased alcohol. She had an inexcusable attitude towards me and was rude the entire time. She tried to make me feel inferior and say she knows the law but I deal with this kind of thing every day at work. So I challenged her and she eventually proceeded with the sale but needless to say I'm never coming here again to buy a bottle of wine. I'll just go down the street if incompetent employees are going to tell me that my ID, that doesn't expire until 10/24/2018, isn't valid. That's absolutely ridiculous.

Oct 23, 2017

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