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There are many positive reviews about Kogan but my experience was not so great.
I have ordered an item from and received the wrong one. All I wanted was to get a replacement but I could not reach customer service. People say that Kogan is a great place and that they have a great customer support service, but I don't see any!
I tried to call and emailed them numerous times, but no one ever replied. There are only two options: people writing positive reviews are fake or Kogan just decided to ignore me for who knows what reason.
Will not buy from them again.

Jul 13, 2016
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  • Mi
      Aug 12, 2018

    My situation is the same, no contact. Going to the ACCC now, this is the only solution.

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  • So
      Aug 12, 2018

    @MikeDrone Let me know how this goes Mike, I'm not sure how to go about this or what they can do for me. Presumably multiple complaints to them might make some sort of difference. All i know is that even though Kogan is an MNC, we're still covered under Australian Consumer laws... I hope!

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  • So
      Aug 12, 2018

    Same with me, I received an inferior product to the one I paid for (paid for an iPad 2018 and received the 2017 model). It's been a month since I sent my first support request.

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  • Je
      Oct 24, 2018

    I have written to ACCC about my experience, (Paid for 4K HDR smart TV and got a product that won't display properly). I think eveyrone needs ot do this because if we don't KOGAN will just keep [censored]ing on the consumers in thsi country. KOGAN will refund, but we have to pay return postage (what ano-brainer that is)

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  • An
      Jan 01, 2019

    I agree with you. I think that their favourable reviews are probably fake.
    My TV was faulty from DAY ONE. No 'GUIDE' button happening so have to scroll through all channels to know what's on.
    I complained and they asked me to confirm my name, delivery address, serial number of TV, Invoice details...which I did. THEY DID NOTHING when I sent them all this info.
    Then I was asked to make a video of the issue?? Which I did and sent it to them.
    Then I was asked to download links onto a USB stick (which I don't possess), then once that was done, insert stick into TV and attempt a reinstallation process???

    Talk about making their customers jump through hoops, and I am quite elderly so just making the video was a big deal for me let alone buying a USB stick and doing all the other things.
    They obviously want you to just give up.

    NO 'PHONE NUMBER TO RING. Well they'd be flooded with calls wouldn't they, and let's face it they don't want to assist their customers they want o sell, sell, sell and hope you go away.

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