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I purchased a mower from Kogan. This mower stopped working on the second use. Kogan insisted I send it their supplier for repairs instead of back to them. I was sent a recommend courier service to use who wanted a information for the delivery person's name, phone number and email address. Kogan never gave me this information even tho I requested it three times even sending them the form I had to fill in. After all this time I was upset and angry at their lack of help so asked for a full refund on the faulty mower, this request was completely ignored. So I used another courier (grass was/is getting too long by this time) and sent it this so far had taken four weeks. Got a reply after the mower was received fault found and fixed mower tested ready for pick up. As there was a fault I pointed out to Kogan that they were responsible for transport costs. Sent receipts as requested. Sent courier back to pick up mower, the supplier told courier they knew nothing about a mower repair to be picked up. I got a message from Kogan saying that to pick up the mower photo I.D. required ??? Couriers need to show photo I.D. or do they expect a 70 year to drive all the way to Sydney to pick up a mower they sold and was faulty in the first place. So all I have now is long grass.

Nov 2, 2018
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  • Ir
      22nd of Mar, 2019

    KOGAN - THEY SELL MOBILE PHONE PLANS BUT HAVE NO TELEPHONE SUPPORT FOR THEIR RETAIL SALES CUSTOMERS!! THEIR EMAILS APPEAR TO BE COMPOSED BY ROBOTS. KOGAN CANNOT BE CONTACTED SO IF YOU HAVE A FAULT WITH A PRODUCT PURCHASED FROM THEM, THERE IS NO BACKUP WHATSOEVER. THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF ANYTHING ELECTRICAL FROM THEM!! I bought a split system air conditioner from them which only lasted 3.5 years. These are expensive to install and you would think that they would have some sort of back up service somewhere in Australia. It would appear that they don't. Regardless of warranty, a product such as this should be expected to last at least 8 years and if they fail they should be repairable - not have to be thrown out!

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